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Technische Dokumentation mit MS Word

29. - 30. Januar 2015

Industrie 4.0 Rechtsfragen IT-Sicherheit

30. Januar 2015

Führen in Matrixfunktionen

2. - 3. Februar 2015

Gefährdungsanalyse und Risikobeurteilung

2. - 3. Februar 2015

Technik der Messung hoher Temperaturen

3. - 4. Februar 2015

Grundlagen Techn. Akustik/Lärmminderung

3. - 4. Februar 2015

Tech. und kaufm. Betriebsführ. und Inst.

3. - 4. Februar 2015

EMV in Theorie und Praxis

3. - 4. Februar 2015


4. - 5. Februar 2015

Projektingenieur VDI - Modul E

4. - 6. Februar 2015

Trocknung Prozessindustrie

4. - 5. Februar 2015

Kompaktwissen Lichtsteuerung für LEDs

4. Februar 2015

Ganzheitlich Führen Modul 3

5. - 6. Februar 2015

Compoundiersysteme im Vergleich

10. - 11. Februar 2015

Effiziente Produktentwicklung

10. - 11. Februar 2015

Spritzgießen 2015

10. - 11. Februar 2015

Abnahme RLT-Anlagen gemäß DIN EN 12599

10. - 11. Februar 2015

Gießtechnik im Motorenbau 2015

10. - 11. Februar 2015

Grundlagenwissen Elektrotechnik

10. - 11. Februar 2015

Grundlagen der Kaltmassivumformung

10. Februar 2015


International Conference on Gears 2013

October 7-9, 2013

The International Conference on Gears 2013 in Germany is a broad platform for equipment manufacturers and producers and researchers of gear and transmission systems to present new solutions and their latest research results.

Supported by national and international associations the conference will show, what the transmission and drive train industry can contribute to increase energy efficiency. Gears are vital in the efficiency of different applications. They transmit and vary torque between prime movers and applications. There is still room for improvement, which will be demonstrated by the presenters. New concepts for drive trains of energy supply systems provide answers to the increasing demand for energy worldwide. These concepts must be introduced to global markets more quickly. Therefore, new designs are necessary and will be presented at the conference.

The state-of-the-art of industrial applications will be demonstrated at an exhibition beside the conference. 

In four simultaneous tracks with 32 sessions and over 124 speakers we will discuss:

  • design, analysis and simulation of gears and transmission
  • research results of industrial applications e.g. for wind generators or transmissions for production machinery or in the automotive sector
  • manufacturing technologies to improve product quality or manufacturing processes
  • materials and influences of surfaces
  • new testing methods for lifetime, efficiency and noise behaviour

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FZG Forschungsstelle für Zahnräder und Getriebebau
Technische Universität München Garching

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  • Teilnahmegebühr
    1390.00 EUR zzgl. MWSt.
  • Teilnahmegebühr VDI-Mitglied
    1240.00 EUR zzgl. MWSt.