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2. - 3. Februar 2015

Führen in Matrixfunktionen

2. - 3. Februar 2015

Grundlagen Techn. Akustik/Lärmminderung

3. - 4. Februar 2015

EMV in Theorie und Praxis

3. - 4. Februar 2015

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3. - 4. Februar 2015

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4. - 5. Februar 2015

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4. - 6. Februar 2015


4. - 5. Februar 2015

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4. Februar 2015

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5. - 6. Februar 2015

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10. - 11. Februar 2015

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10. - 11. Februar 2015

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10. - 11. Februar 2015

Grundlagen der Kaltmassivumformung

10. Februar 2015

Abnahme RLT-Anlagen gemäß DIN EN 12599

10. - 11. Februar 2015

Spritzgießen 2015

10. - 11. Februar 2015

Effiziente Produktentwicklung

10. - 11. Februar 2015

Gießtechnik im Motorenbau 2015

10. - 11. Februar 2015

Energieleistungskennzahlen entwickeln

11. - 12. Februar 2015


International VDI Conference - Sewage sludge treatment

June 18-19, 2013

The international VDI Conference “Treatment of Sewage Sludge” will cover:

  • Conditioning (Desintegration, Flocculation)
  • Drying (Mechanical, Thermal, Solar)
  • Energetic (Anaerobic Digestion, Incineration, Co-Firing)
  • and phosphorus and mineral recovery of sewage sludge

Experts from policy, leading research institutes and environmental experts will open the conference with presentations on EU legislation, political and economic aspects, potentials of sewage sludge and its agricultural usage.

In the second conference section industry leaders will discuss various methods of conditioning and drying of sewage sludge: mechanical drying, solar drying, thermal drying and new developments in flocculation.

The third section will cover the usability of sewage sludge as a source of electricity and district heating. Anaerobic digestion, the production of biogas, as well as incineration and co-firing will be discussed in detail. The conference will close with a section on the recovery of phosphor, demonstrating recovery potentials, costs and technological developments in this field.  Expect best-practice examples from operators, suppliers and plant manufacturers.
Conference Special: Participants of the conference have the possibility to visit two plants at the afternoon of the 17th of June, 2013.

The conference aims to encourage an international exchange of experience on sewage sludge treatment technology and to be a showcase for the latest technologies in this rapidly growing market.

Contributing companies are:

Andritz, Austria; Ara Bern AG, Switzerland; Asser, The Netherlands; BAMAG, Germany; Colsen, The Netherlands; European Federation for Agriculture Recycling (EFAR), France; Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany; HeidelbergCement, Belgium; Huber SE, Germany; SDEA, France; University of Paderborn, Germany; Torkapparater AB, Sweden; Ultrawaves, Spain; WRc plc, UK; VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland.

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