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29. Juni - 3. Juli 2015

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30. Juni - 1. Juli 2015

Autonome Systeme 2015

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3. Juli 2015

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Leichtbaukongress 2015

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7. - 8. Juli 2015

Grundlagenwissen Gebäudeautomation

7. - 8. Juli 2015


International VDI Conference - Biomethane Upgrading and Utilization

March 19-20, 2013

Since biomethane is chemically identical to natural gas, it can be used in the same efficient and versatile manner: for transportation, heat and electricity. Biomethane offers great potential as an alternative source of energy, especially in a time of high electricity prices and rising prices of natural gas. Also it offers an environmental friendly alternative to fossile fuels. As such biomethane takes an important role within the mix of renewable energy. In contrast to photovoltaic and wind power plants it is reliably available and can be stored.

The international VDI conference will discuss major issues for the biogas and biomethane markets in technical, political and business areas, drawing on leading experiences from all over Europe, Russia and China. The event aims to encourage an international exchange of experience on biogas and biofuel-research and development, upgrading methods, grid injection, manufacturing and installation, and to be a showcase for the latest technologies in this rapidly growing market. Topics of the conference are:

  • Framework conditions, sustainability and economic aspects of biomethane production and trading
    Hear from first hand from the European Commission about political targets for biomethane 
  • Current and emerging biomethane markets
    Learn from established markets, their various ways of utilization and hear about opportunities in new biomethane and biofuel markets.
  • Technology overview biogas upgrading
    Expect an overview and critical evaluation of various upgrading methods – new and established
  • Grid Injection and vehicle fuel
    Get best practice information on the grid injection, infrastructure of filling station, CNG and offgas treatment technologies
  • Best practice examples
    Biomethane plant operators share their knowledge about production methods, economics and large scale projects in Europe.
  • New developments, technologies and markets
    Hear about LNG/LBG, Power to Gas, new two-step-biogas-production technologies and the latest developments in an upcoming-market: China

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InterCity Hotel Frankfurt Airport

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  • Registration Fee
    1190.00 EUR zzgl. MWSt.
  • Registration Fee VDI-Member
    1090.00 EUR zzgl. MWSt.


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Beil,

Dr.-Ing. Bernd Krautkremer,