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The rise of the Internet of Things results in many new challenges but also offers great chances for all industries. The IoT development allows for many new business models and gives room to industry newcomers. New concepts and innovative ideas have the potential to disrupt current products and businesses and to change the existing industry structures. This phenomenon can affect anyone of us and should therefore be considered!

Join CESIS and:

  • Check out the latest trends concerning IoT startups
  • Obtain strategic information on the most innovative startups
  • Notice potential collaboration interfaces
  • Network with other industry experts in the startup environment
  • Exchange ideas with bright minds & innovation advocates
  • Change your attitude regarding innovations
  • Trace the industry development for your own business

Meet and get to know the most innovative startups at CESIS 2018

The following startups joined CESIS 2016: 

  • Soley
  • relayr
  • Quantitec
  • MainTool
  • Myoctopus
  • Gideon Smart Home
  • Schutzengel
  • Lemonbeat
  • DevicePilot
  • Altizon Systems
  • Zeetta Networks
  • Bestmile

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Join CESIS 2018 and gather information on the latest product developments and start-up companies in the IoT and IIoT environment. We can promise you a wide-ranging colorful spectacle where different fresh companies will present their brand new ideas and solutions.

Use this platform as a networking option and learn about potential disruptors of your own business! We are looking forward to seeing you in the startup session!