ELIV 2017 Review

The international VDI conference ELIV (Electronics in Vehicles) is continuing to grow. 2015 saw a new attendance record and now it’s time for the conference to bid farewell to Baden-Baden.

The newly completed World Conference Center in Bonn was chosen as the new location and also saw a record number of participants at this year’s session, which successfully concluded on the 19th of October 2017. Over 1,700 visitors and 145 professional exhibitors came to ELIV 2017.

New themes - interactive visitor participation

ELIV 2017 also saw a great deal of interactive participation from visitors. At the beginning of the conference, the participants were asked to use an app to vote on what they thought were the most important themes and challenges in the industry. The results were broadcast in real time as a TED (teledialogue) on to video screens and discussed.

One result was particularly surprising: autonomous driving may well be one of the most pressing issues (69%), but cyber security is becoming increasingly relevant as well (57%). A clear majority (57%) believes that this will also become one of the greatest challenges in the next five years.

The question of when a vehicle will begin to take over the majority of the driver’s functions is posed often. A majority of participants voted that this would be likely between 2025 and 2030. It comes as no surprise, since the electric car is expected to have overtaken the internal combustion engine by 2030. Those who voted were also agreed (by a margin of 85%) that the decision to move ELIV from Baden-Baden to Bonn was right.

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