Save the date: 6th International Engine Congress - 26 and 27 February 2019 in Baden-Baden (Germany).


5th International Engine Congress

The future of e-mobility is the future of the combustion engine – a contradiction?

The 5th International Engine Congress Baden-Baden underlined again the importance of the development and introduction of new synthetic fuels for mobility as a whole. The 2050 climate targets will clearly be missed without rethinking things. The future of electrification will go hand in hand with efficient and clean internal combustion engines over the coming decades. This is the only way to ensure mobility. The realisation is dawning in policy as well that e-mobility has to be subject to a well-to-wheel approach – and synthetic fuels are a necessary building block here. Against this background, the future of e-mobility is the future of the combustion engine!

The 5th International Engine Congress on 27 and 28 February 2018 in Baden-Baden was based again on three equally important thematic pillars again: Consideration of the entire system of passenger and commercial vehicle engines and fuels. This creates a professional and thematic depth that clearly distinguishes this congress from other events. The aim is to make targeted use of the synergies with regard to fuels, their characteristics, and the new approaches emerging in engine development. We wanted to continue the promotion of the exchange of ideas within the multi-day congress through the close interlinking of passenger and commercial vehicle engine developers and fuel experts.

The right fuel makes the difference

The issue of how our personal mobility will evolve cannot be answered in terms of the type of engine alone.

The International Engine Congress in Baden-Baden, jointly launched by VDI Wissensforum and ATZlive, showed in 2018 that not only electric engines can be operated largely CO₂neutral through regeneratively produced electricity; combustion engines can also do this when synthetic hydrogen-based fuels are used. The key factor for the further development of the petrol and diesel engine is to make it less polluting and more efficient. The high energy density of liquid fuels will contribute significantly to ensuring that today’s long-distance reliability of passenger and commercial vehicles will continue tomorrow.

Automotive industry in upheaval - 5th International Engine Congress 2018 offered exciting discussions and expert answers in keeping with the pulse of the times!

Statements are coming out almost daily. People are talking about a “red alarm vehicle crisis”. Particularly explosive was the simultaneous court ruling in Leipzig on driving bans with diesel engines in cities, which was exclusively discussed live with relevant experts.

  • What’s behind all of this?
  • Is the combustion engine as evil as general opinion says? Can it be optimised? Or does it simply have to be taken off the market?
  • How can we save the automotive industry, especially engine Technology?
  • Is e-mobility really the solution, and if so how do we get there?

Over 450 experts from all over the world discussed such and further hot Topics openly and critically.

VDI and ATZlive wanted to provide a forum where this can be discussed intensively. After all, it’s not just about technology, but also about the value the technology provides for the consumer and about a hundred thousand jobs. It’s also about Germany as a place for industry. An extensive professional exhibition complemented the lecture programme. The scientific director of the International Engine Congress was Dr. Johannes Liebl, publisher of ATZ | MTZ | ATZelektronik, Prof. Dr. Christian Beidl, TU Darmstadt was again the head of the commercial vehicle engine technology programme and Wolfgang Maus, managing director of Emitec for many years, was heading the fuels Programme.



Why to take part in the international Engine Congress?

International Networking event for experts from the PC and CV industry as also fuels 

Book 1 event and get 3 

Trends of the combustion engine technology today and in future

Intensive exchange of expertise at the highest level

Unique and holistic discussions about the combustion engine

Networking in Baden-Baden: Meeting place for the engine community!

Meet other colleagues in Baden-Baden. The evening of the engine community in the Kurhaus Casino invites you for a great networking evening. In addition, the exhibition will be a great place to contact other experts from all over the world. To help you to organize your individual program and find the person you would like to talk to – we will offer a special event-app.

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