International Conference for commercial vehicles engine technology

Developers from all over the world discuss solutions to improve the combustion engine in commercial vehicles in Baden-Baden (Germany)

The question, in which direction commercial vehicles and the transport of goods and people is developing cannot just be answered by simply specifying the type of drive. The most important question about solutions to reduce CO₂ or for CO₂-neutrality was discussed in an intensive way on the last International Engine Congress in Baden-Baden 2017. Between all technological possibilities, the combustion engine operated with synthetic fuels is still the best way for sustainability.

The crucial factor to further development of Diesel and gasoline engines in commercial vehicles is to make them more efficient and to reduce CO₂. The high energy density of liquid fuels will contribute significantly to ensuring the suitability of commercial vehicles (trucks or urban transport) by the combustion engine.

The CV combustion engine in a diversified international environment

The International Engine Congress in Baden-Baden (Germany) shall therefore view the overall system made up of combustion engine and fuel types, in addition to the combustion engine development itself – in the same technical profoundness we have come to know.

With a view to the close linkage of engine developers of passenger and commercial vehicles, we will keep promoting the sharing of experience at the congress, which can be accomplished and enhanced by getting involved personally. Share the congress with your colleagues from abroad.

New fuels – solution for an emission free future!?

Fuel is elementary if you want to further development of engines in vehicles. We invite you to discuss technical and economically aspects of developing fuels and apply for a presentation. Wolfgang Maus, founder and long-standing Managing Director from Continental Emitec GmbH is Chairman of this special program. In parallel sections, we offer a program for experts from the automotive industry for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

You may change between the different presentations of the whole congress´ program. Simultaneous translation will be available: German – English. An exhibition will inform you about current products and projects of the automotive industry.

Prof. Dr. Christian Beidl, TU Darmstadt, is Chairman of the International Conference for Commercial Vehicles Engine Technology. A high ranked advisory board supports the congress organizers by offering a professional program, which is absolutely in the pulse of the time.

Baden-Baden invites you for best networking. We are looking forward to you!

Best Regards Your International Engine Congress Team from ATZlive and VDI Wissensforum