International Conference for Commercial Vehicles Engine Technology

Baden-Baden – homeland for the CV community

The question, in which direction our indivdual mobility is developing cannot just be answered by simply specifying the type of drive. The central question of CO₂ reduction up to the neutrality has been intensively discussed on the International Engine Congress in Baden-Baden (Germany) 2017. Among all possible technology approaches the internal combustion engine, represents operated a practicable and at the same time sustainable approach with hydrogen-based, synthetic fuels.

To develop diesel and gas engines for commercial vehicles, to make them more efficient and reduce their emissions, the key factor remains as in car development. The high energy density of liquid fuels will contribute significantly to ensuring the suitability of commercial and passenger vehicles for today´s long-distance traffic especially in combustion engines.

Apply for a presentation until 16 June 2017!

Don´t miss the opportunity to become an active part of the conference program for experts from the commercial vehicles industry. Apply for a contribution to one of these topics:

  1. International Markets: Legislation and OEMs
  2. New Engines
  3. Design and Mechanics
  4. Charge Exchange and Combustion
  5. Emission Concepts / Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment
  6. LNG and CNG Engines
  7. Electrification
  8. Emission Validation in Practice (OBD/EGA)
  9. Virtualization in the Development Process

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A highly qualified scientific advisory board supports the organizers.

Chairman of the conference is Prof. Dr. Christian Beidl, Technical University Darmstadt. Members of the advisory board are: Michael Aschaber (STEYR Motors, A), Dr. Peter Heuser (FEV), Peter Krähenbühl (FPT Motorenforschung, CH), Jürgen Lehmann (Daimler), Thomas Nickels (MAN Truck & Bus), Roland Nipp (Isuzu Motors), Erik Versluis (DAF Trucks, NL), Dr. Markus Schwaderlapp (DEUTZ) and Lukas Walter (AVL List, A).