Program “Alternative fuels” – International Engine Congress 2019

The topic "alternative fuels" has become the centerpiece of the International Engine Congress in Baden-Baden as the connecting technical brace between the technical programs for car and commercial vehicle engine development.

The need for technically replace on this subject, is great. Mobility to be understood as "transport of persons and goods" does not work except fuels. However, the important question is with which fuels will this be successful? A huge challenge is to minimize emissions of pollutants to the neutrality. The fuel - especially synthetically produced fuels - are the key to solving the problem in order to develop the internal combustion engine.


Call for Papers

Take the chance and actively participate in the program. Apply for a presentation by June 29, 2018. For more details, please check the Call for Papers.

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Call for Papers


Main Topics 2019:

  1. Fuels from am „Whell-to-Wheel” Perspective
  2. Sustainable Fuels for ICEs
  3. Application for sustainable fuels
  4. Requirements relating to future lubricants
  5. Provision and qualification

A highly ranked advisory board supported the organizers by preparing the conferenceprogram. Conference Chairman is Wolfgang Maus, former founder of Emitec, today Managing Director of WM & Engineering GmbH. The members of the board are: David Bothe (Frontier Economics Ltd.), Dietmar Goericke (FVV e.V.), Prof. Dr. Kurt Kirsten (APL Landau GmbH), Prof. Dr. Georg Wachtmeister (TU München), Dr. Wolfgang Warnecke (Shell Deutschland GmbH) and Dr. Werner Willems (Ford Europe GmbH).