Program Passenger Cars International Engine Congress 2019

Climate protection targets and air quality legislation are changing our mobility. Electrification of powertrains is one solution, but it alone cannot address all of our mobility and transport needs. National and international markets require a multi-track approach. The International Engine Congress in Baden-Baden also showed in 2018 that a complete system consisting of internal combustion engines and synthetic fuels can provide CO₂-neutral mobility without additional air pollution. We would like to focus on this strategy once again in 2019. 

The 6th International Motor Congress on 26 and 27 February 2019 in Baden-Baden is therefore once again based on the three thematic pillars of passenger car and commercial vehicle engine technology and fuels. On the one hand, we can guarantee the necessary professional depth. On the other hand, we would like to continue to promote the systematic consideration of internal combustion engines and fuels with cross trains across all three lines of presentation and to find additional potential. This combination is unique in the world and differentiates the engine congress in Baden-Baden from other events in the industry. We will continue to develop this format to open the Congress to an even wider audience.

In addition to new engines, technologies and concepts, the development work on components and functions will be presented in the car and commercial vehicle engine program. In addition, we would like to discuss the changed role of internal combustion engines in electrified powertrains. The fuel program aims to assess the sustainability of new fuels. Focus will therefore be the provision of energy for the production of new fuels and their application and possible market introduction. When looking at the system, we will also look at the requirements for future lubricants.