International VDI Conference - Additive Manufacturing

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  • Benefit from high class presentations and use cases by international top-speakers. 
  • Learn everything about the strategic aspects of a successful implementation of Additive Manufacturing.
  • Use this cross-industry platform to exchange experiences with international stakeholders and expand your professional network.
  • Register for the “Additive Manufacturing” conference and visit our parallel conference  on “Simulation in Automotive Lightweight Engineering” free of extra Charge.
Additive Manufacturing – Opportunities and Challenges

At the first international VDI Conference “Additive Manufacturing”, taking place in Amsterdam on April 25-26, 2018, you will learn everything about the current chances and challenges of Additive Manufacturing in a superordinate context. The conference provides a cross-industry platform for the management and experts responsible for Additive Manufacturing by encouraging knowledge transfer between participants and enhancing discussions about the impacts and strategic questions of the technology at corporate level.

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3D Printing, Now and Beyond
Author: Andreas Langfeld, Stratasys

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Additive Manufacturing: Disruptive technology and innovation Driver

The need for lighter and increasingly complex designs, which partly can solely be realised through Additive Manufacturing, is constantly growing. Joining the pioneers from the aviation industry, many other industry sectors like automotive, machine and plant engineering, construction or healthcare have already begun to implement the disruptive manufacturing technology into their process chains. On the way to a continuous product realization process, it is important to overcome various strategic challenges to ensure an efficient usage and application of the technology in the near future.

In how far has reality yet to be distinguished from the hype surrounding the opportunities of Additive Manufacturing? How strong is the innovative potential of additive technologies? How is Additive Manufacturing contributing to the revolution of product development processes, business models, job profiles and fields of application? Find answers to these questions at the first international VDI “Additive Manufacturing” conference.

Conference Topics

With inspiring presentations from internationally renowned experts the first international VDI Conference “Additive Manufacturing” will amongst others focus on the following topics:

  • From Hype to  reality: Chances, challenges and limitations of Additive Manufacturing as a global Technology
  • Production of the future: Additive Manufacturing in the context of industrialisation and digitalisation
  • How Additive Manufacturing is changing process- supply- and value-chains
  • Additive Manufacturing on the way to serial production
  • How Additive Manufacturing impacts business models
  • Economic, legal and social aspects of Additive Manufacturing
  • Innovative use cases

Chairman of the conference is Dr.-Ing. Jan T. Sehrt, Head of the Rapid Technology Center in Duisburg (Germany).

The framework programme – two conferences for the price of one

As a participant of the “Additive Manufacturing” conference you will be able to attend the parallel international VDI conference “Simulation in Automotive Lightweight Engineering”at no additional cost. The joint evening event on the first day of the conference is a perfect opportunity to establish new contacts and offers excellent cross-industry networking opportunities. Attendants and presenters from both conferences, “Additive Manufacturing” and “Simulation in Automotive Lightweight Engineering” will come together in a relaxed environment.

Also don’t miss to attend our international workshop “The Additive Manufacturing Landscape”, with a focus on key sector applications, standards, regulations and sources of project funding. In addition, you can participate in the visit of the MX3D facility in Amsterdam to see and learn more about their exciting projects, such as printing a fully functional stainless steel bridge to cross one of the most famous canals in the center of Amsterdam.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Registration & welcome coffee


Chair‘s Welcome and opening Address

Conference chair: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan T. Sehrt, Hybrid Additive Manufacturing, Machine Engineering Department, Ruhr-University Bochum

I. What is the real Value of AM? Innovative Power, Hype and Reality of AM


Innovative Power of AM and the Reality behind it

  • Industrialization of AM
  • AM applications for prototyping, limited repair and manufacturing of gas turbine components
  • AM as a game changer and value generated by AM
  • First field experience of additive manufactured components

Dr. Vladimir Navrotsky, Chief Technology Officer, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB, Sweden


Digital Disruption: How Digitalization will change the AM World

  • Linear evolution vs. exponential Revolution
  • “Software is eating the world, in all sectors”
  • AM as a key driving force towards digital factories
  • Algorithms and AI to find the sweet spot for applications and bring AM towards an industrial level

Gero Corman, M.Sc., Head of Additive Manufacturing, Group Digitalization, Volkswagen AG, Germany


Beyond the Hype: How to take 3D Printing from Niches to the Main Stream

  • AM is a bearer of disruption
  • Understand the usage of the technology to foresee disruption
  • Despite age and technological progress, direct manufacturing remains a niche affair
  • Co-creation is a key driver for direct manufacturing
  • Taking AM to the mainstream requires interactions with other emerging technologies (e.g. IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning)

Thierry Rayna, Ph.D., Professor of Innovation Management, École Polytechnique,
co-author: Dr. Ludmilla Striukova, Associate Professor, SKEMA Business School, both: France



II. Status Quo & Future Road: AM affecting Business & Markets


AM – Market Development and Challenges of Technology Implementation

  • Growth rate analysis for the AM market
  • Market analysis with a focus on metal AM
  • Challenges of technology implementation

Dr.-Ing. Christian Seidel, Head of Department, Fraunhofer IGCV and Management
Consultant, GoAdditive Management Consulting, Germany


The Roadmap to high-end AM

  • Key success factors for AM excellence
  • Implementing quality monitoring solutions
  • Introducing certification programs to get ready for high-end manufacturing solutions

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Gregor Reischle, Program Manager Additive Manufacturing,
TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH, Germany


Selective Laser Melting Technology on the Way to Mainstream Manufacturing, what it can do and where the Limits are

  • Description of SLM technology, parameters and Performance
  • How does integration into the whole production process of metal parts work
    today already
  • Applications and case studies for the main industry areas
  • Future development of the technology and outlook

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Ritt, VP Global Marketing and Communications, SLM Solutions
Group AG, Germany


Networking & coffee break


Blueprint for Innovation: How AM is transforming Business Models

  • The current sentiment on the potential impact of AM
  • How should companies approach the benefits of AM?
  • How to easily segment the business benefits of AM and apply to different parts of your enterprise

Andreas Langfeld, M.A., VP Sales and EMEA, Stratasys GmbH, Germany


Let’s talk inside AM – Opportunities, Challenges and Requirements to successfully leverage AM

Andreas Langfeld, VP Sales and EMEA, Stratasys Gmbh
Dr. Vladimir Navrotsky, Chief Technology Officer, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB
Willem-Jan van Loon, Founder, Beamler
Gero Corman, M.Sc., Head of Additive Manufacturing, Group Digitalization, Volkswagen AG


End of conference day one

Thursday, April 26, 2018

III. Is AM ready for Production? Industrialization, Digitalization and Adapted Process Chains


Opportunities and Risks in the Adoption of AM

  • Overview of the opportunities in AM and what deters adoption
  • Finding the value in AM and reducing risk, by design
  • Getting real: Using AM in production
  • Future trends in exploiting AM

Andrew Triantaphyllou, Principal Research Engineer, Manufacturing Technology Centre, UK


Industrial 3D Printing – The Future is digital, the Future is integrated

  • Industrial 3D printing solutions will be integrated – physically and digitally –
    into smart shop Floors
  • Automated, seamless data and part flow is a prerequisite for the factory of
    the future
  • Built of AM know how is the biggest hurdle for deployment of industrial 3D

Thomas Weitlaner, Director Business Development & Sales Management, EOS GmbH, Germany


AM is not an Island – Adapting the Process Chain for AM

  • Drivers for industrialization of AM
  • AM process chain
  • A structured approach to AM process Contro
  • Inspection and post-processing
  • Developing industrial AM processes

Marc Saunders, M.Eng., Director – Global Solutions Centers, Renishaw plc., UK


Shaping a new Industry Value Chain with AM

  • AM within the overall production value chain
  • Striking common principles of traditional manufacturing
  • Use-case: How to integrate AM in organizations
  • Use-case: How to accelerate AM potential
  • Leveraging human creativity

Alexandre Donnadieu, Business Development Manager, 3YOURMIND, France


Networking & coffee break

IV. Economic, legal & social Aspects of AM


Value Chain Redesign for Advanced Manufacturing – A strategic Investors‘ Perspective

  • The mission of turning advanced manufacturing into reality
  • How to find and select strategic investments for advanced manufacturing
  • Co-operation with a world market leader in industrial 3D printing –
    The investor as intermediary
  • Strategic investment management – Much more than finance
  • Success stories and examples

Dr. Thomas Holzmann, Technology and Investment Management, AM Ventures Holding GmbH, German


The AM Ecosystem in Europe

  • Outstanding policy issues in the fields skills and standards‘ development
  • Fragmentation of the AM value chain in Europe
  • Industry R&D attention towards in-situ process Monitoring
  • Integration of AM into the factory
  • Supportive policy and research measures at European level

Filip Geerts, Director General, CECIMO, European Association of the Machine Tool Industries, Belgiu


Reinvented Manufacturing and economic Efficiency with AM

  • Uniquely strong materials development
  • Continuous fiber for strength
  • AM – Economic efficiency
  • In-process inspection
  • ADAM: Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing is an all new way to build metal parts

Allan van De Laak, Sales Manager, Mark3D Benelux BV, The Netherlands


Legal Challenges in AM

  • Protection of intellectual property rights and licensing
  • Product safety and reduction of product liability risks
  • Legal issues and risks along the supply chain
  • Technical regulations and international standardization

Anne-Sylvie Vassenaix-Paxton, Partner and Head of Oil & Gas Sector, DWF, France




The Upskilled Technician: Digital Transformations and the Future of Work in Additive Manufacturing

  • Elevating the role of the human through smarter and more timely workforce development
  • Data-driven decision-making through Digital DNA Diagnostics and Agile Workforce Planning
  • Five steps to better identify your key capability requirements and better manage organizational change

Eric Vazquez, PMP, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP, USA

V. Taking AM one Step further: Innovative Business Cases and Best Practices in affected Industries


Thinking outside of the Metal Box - The Manufacturing Story

  • Direct metal printing industry solutions
  • Future of direct metal printing as well as state-of-the-art Technologies
  • Wide range of applications

Dr.-Ing. Jonas Van Vaerenbergh, Chief Engineer Direct Metal Printing, 3D Systems, Belgium


AM helps improve Competitiveness

  • AM enables new ways of production
  • Digital manufacturing and company Efficiency
  • Examples of applications that take advantage of HP’s multi jet fusion

Xavier Llorens, MBA, Business Development and Applications Engineering Manager, Hewlett Packard Computing S.L., Spain


Launched by Disruption: On Demand Manufacturing at UPS

  • Disruption can be channeled into positive momentum
  • Investing in specific start-ups to keep with the pulse of Business
  • Distributed manufacturing as a threat and an opportunity for UPS
  • Integration of the AM company Fast Radius into the global logistics network
  • 3 key areas: Service/critical parts, customized products and on-demand solutions

Jean-François Mathieu, Europe Segment Marketing Manager Industry, UPS,France and Belgium


Conference Chair‘s closing Remarks


End of conference

Who should attend the conference?

With its cross-industry and strategic focus the international VDI Conference “Additive Manufacturing” is aimed at managers, experts and consultants from the following fields:

  • Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing
  • Design and Rapid prototyping
  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Advanced Materials (Technology, Testing and Development)
  • R&D
  • Virtual Design

The conference will also be of interest to all persons engaged and responsible for the implementation of additive manufacturing at corporate levels or its integration into the production process.

Secure your seat now

Would you like to exchange views on the strategically relevant aspects of additive manufacturing with international stakeholders and leading experts? Are you looking for an event that offers presentations from internationally renowned experts as well as excellent networking opportunities? Then secure yourself a seat right now at the international VDI “Additive Manufacturing” conference.

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