Agile Project Management with Scrum

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SCRUM Workshop - VDI

The international VDI workshop “SCRUM – A Modern Way of Managing Projects” will teach you how to implement this innovative management and control process into your business. Cut through complexity and learn about the values, principles and psychology that are integral to Scrum and how they can make your business more agile, flexible and efficient.

Scrum makes sense

Scrum is an innovative, modern framework for effective team collaboration for complex products. In this two-day workshop, you will be presented with an overview of the key concepts behind Scrum and will learn about the language, team roles and processes that go with it.

Starting with product vision and ending with a potential finished product, you will experience the steps and methods of Scrum in this interactive workshop. Find out about the theory and the practice by working with your experienced trainer and gain insights into how Scrum can benefit your business with individual consultations.

Learn about the variety of leadership roles in Scrum, how self-organization can help you and how the psychology in meeting structures works. You’ll also see how to overcome the challenge of using Scrum at scale and how Agile can be incorporated into an organization. There will be a challenging quiz at the end of the workshop where you can put your new skills and knowledge to the test.

In a series of agile exercises and discussions in small groups, the international VDI workshop “SCRUM – A Modern Way of Managing Projects” will show you how to make the most of this method for the success of your Business.

Workshop content

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1. Day 09:00 until 17:00 / 2. Day 09:00 until 17:00

Core Agile Concepts

  • Core agile concepts overview
  • Traditional Project Management Methodologies
  • Drawbacks of Waterfall Methodologies

The Agile Approach

  • Agile and traditional Project Management
  • Choice of methodologies/frameworks
  • Importance of all stakeholders sharing an agile perspective

The Agile Manifesto

  • The Agile Manifesto overview
  • Manifesto contributors
  • Manifesto values
  • Manifesto principles

Scrum Methodology Elements and Terminology

  • Overview
  • Project (product; release) initiation
  • Scrum planning
  • Scrum sprint planning and executing

Project Initiation

  • Overview
  • Provide value-driven delivery 
  • Write Project Vision Statement and create Project Charter
  • Identify stakeholders and form project team

Scrum Teams & Team Space 

  • Overview 
  • Scrum Master/Coach
  • Product Owner/Customer
  • Development Team/Team Members
  • Team and physical space recommendations

The Agile Planning Process 

  • Overview
  • Epics, stories, tasks and subtasks
  • Creating and estimating stories 
  • Prioritizing stories and product backlog
  • Product Roadmap and Release Planning

The Logic and Psychology of a Sprint 

  • Overview 
  • Iteration planning meeting 
  • Daily standup meetings
  • Progress and velocity tracking
  • Using the Scrum Board
  • Backlog grooming
  • Sprint reviews

How to make Scrum big in your Environment

  • How to scale Scrum with multiple teams?
  • How to incorporate Scrum and Agile Practices into the organization?
  • How to overcome decisive impediments in an Agile Transition Process?

Who is this workshop for?

The international VDI workshop “SCRUM – A Modern Way of Managing Projects” is focused on project managers and agile team members who want to understand the Scrum framework and how it can be implemented into their business. Amongst others, this workshop is ideal for:

  • Project managers working in an agile Environment
  • Product owners, scrum masters and agile team members
  • Leadership staff and external Consultants

Your workshop chair: Valentin Nowotny

Valentin Nowotny is a psychologist and media scientist with an MBA who works around the world as an operating trainer and consultant. He is specialized in working with companies with a global reach. Nowotny has written of over a dozen business books and offers state-of-the-art training as well as cutting edge team workshops. He lives in Berlin and runs international training and consulting company NowConcept Group® Perfect Training Results.

Use Scrum to your Advantage

Do you want to learn about the core philosophy of Scrum and how it can benefit your business? Are you interested in what mechanisms and processes make things work? Do you want to implement Scrum into your organization and make your business more agile? Then secure your seat at the international VDI workshop “SCRUM – A Modern Way of Managing Projects” workshop now.

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