International VDI Workshop - Digitalization in Battery Cell Manufacturing

Digitalization in Battery Cell Manufacturing | VDI Workshop

The international VDI Digitalization in Battery Cell Manufacturing Workshop will introduce you to the current state of technology in lithium ion cell manufacturing and give you an overview of how digitalization, artificial intelligence and other innovations are driving the industry forward. You will learn about how digital technology will improve process stability and product quality and will also find out how resource-efficient design reduces operating costs. This event is ideal for technical professionals involved in the fast-moving battery sector and will provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities current technologies and future developments bring.

The battery as the motor of technological development

Europe has lagged considerably behind in the battery cell manufacturing industry in the last decade. However, the industry is now on the rise and making headway into this competitive, fast-moving and future-oriented market. This international VDI workshop is uniquely geared towards looking into the challenges and opportunities for a successful European battery cell manufacturing industry and the prospective GigaFactories that would go with it.

Your workshop chairs from the Center for Battery Cell Manufacturing at the Fraunhofer Institute will guide presentations and discussion on the requirements and limitations of individual process steps and interconnected chains in battery cell manufacturing. Furthermore, you will learn about the possibilities presented by digital technology, such as artificial intelligence and find out about the actions that are necessary to improve process stability and quality. Additionaly, topics like data security, user acceptances, twin-based simulation models and the construction/operation of cell factories will be covered during the workshop.

If you work in the fast-moving field of battery manufacturing or in other industries that are increasingly becoming dependent on high-quality batteries, then this event is a must in order to stay at the cutting edge and to prepare yourself and your company for the future.

09. September 2019, 09:00 - 16:00

Introduction to state of the art Li-ion cell manufacturing

Process and product quality requirements and limitations

Introduction of in-depth digitalization of battery cell manufacturing

Enabling technologies including a method for prioritization

Assets and drawbacks related to data security and user acceptance

Envisioning the digital twin based simulation methods and their use in the design, ramp-up and operation of energy and resource efficient battery cell manufacturing factories

Workshop Themes

The VDI Digitalization in Battery Cell Manufacturing Workshop will consider how digital technology, such as artificial intelligence and other innovations can make for more efficient and effective battery cells.

Target Audience for the Workshop

The VDI Digitalization in Battery Cell Manufacturing Workshop is ideal for decision makers and management at OEMs as well as manufacturing and quality engineers and all other professionals involved in the manufacture, application and operation of a wide variety of battery technology.

Your Workshop Board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai-Peter Birke, Dipl.-Ing. Max Weeber, Michael Oberle, M.Com., all from Center for Battery Cell Manufacturing, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA, Germany

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This workshop will take place on the day before the international VDI conference Battery Production 2019. Take advantage of the reduced package price when booking both events together!

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