Digital Infrastructure and Automotive Mobility

  • 16 international specialist lectures from the automotive, telecommunication and IT industry
  • Several discussion rounds
  • Free admission to three specialist conferences on “Automated Driving“, “Automotive IT Security“ and “Automotive HMI & Connectivity“ with a total of more than 45 expert lectures
  • Free admission to the exhibition “ConCarExpo“ held in parallel, with more than 100 exhibitors, start-up area and activity spots
  • Comprehensive networking opportunities during break times and at the evening function
Digital Infrastructure Automotive Mobility - Conference

Digitization has swept across the automotive industry over the last few years like a giant wave. The sector has been thrown into a whole new world where new rules and challenges have to be faced.

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Along with that there seems to be a shift in mindset and all of a sudden the automotive sector - traditionally strongly dominated by automotive engineering – finds itself in new territory that has little in common with the familiar field of mechanical engineering. It remains to be seen which role the automotive industry is going to adopt in this new “game“. What needs to be done is to clearly define core competencies, make ties with new business fields and prepare for the future customer who shows a different mobility and consumer pattern.

Automating the Vehicle – make driving safer

The core requirements that go along with the realisation of the digital world are determined by an appropriate information and communication structure. At the end of the day, the automation of vehicles and enhanced road traffic safety can only be optimised with comprehensive, reliable and rapid information processes between vehicle and vehicle infrastructure. Therefore telecommunication providers, automotive industry and public authorities are likewise called upon, to structure and straighten up this rampantly growing market. Consequently, a commitment in communication technologies, standards and role definition of the different stakeholders is inevitable. 

Challenges to be faced in the Implementation

Automotive engineers und telecommunication representatives see themselves faced with a host of unresolved issues:

  • What is the common language to be agreed upon amongst automobile manufacturers in order to ensure a reliable Car-to-X communication?
  • Which DRSC technologies will be preferred in future and how do vehicles have to be prepared accordingly? 
  • Where are the data being processed? In the vehicle itself? In the backend?
  • How can investments be refinanced? A reliable method is needed here.

International experts from the automotive and telecommunication sectors are going to shed light on the above questions at the International VDI Conference “Digital Infrastructure and Automotive Mobility“ on 5 and 6 July 2017 in Berlin.

Who will be attending?

The conference addresses a target audience made up of international experts with an automotive, IT or telecommunication background. In particular, it is aimed at those experts, project and department heads as well as representatives from medium-tier and senior management who are involved in the following fields of work:

  • Business Development
  • Product Management
  • Marketing
  • Electronics
  • Software Development
  • Driver Information Systems
  • Driver Assistance Systems
  • Connectivity
  • Communications Engineering
  • IT-Architecture
  • IT-Security

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