6. International VDI Conference - Automated Driving 2019

  • Expert presentations and interactive sessions on latest automated and autonomous driving topics
  • Meet internationally well-known specialists and experts from OEMs and suppliers
  • With 1 conference ticket you get admission to 2 international conferences on “Automated Driving“ and “Cyber Security for Vehicles“
  • Extensive networking opportunities during breaks and at the evening reception
Automated Driving 2019

Save the Date! On July 09-10, 2019 our international VDI conference on Automated Driving will return, this year located in Dusseldorf. Automated and autonomous driving are technologies of key importance for the automotive industry and future mobility. However, there are still many technical, legal and ethical questions that need to be addressed.

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Solving the storage conundrum in ADAS development and validation
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Autonomous vehicles are already a reality

Autonomous cars represent a major innovation for the automotive industry – Yet, their potential impact is still vague with regard to timing or uptake. However, the impact autonomous vehicles could have on mobility, economy, and society as a whole will be far-reaching. It is unlikely that any on-road vehicles will drive fully autonomously in the short term, even though in some areas with controlled environments, such as mining or agriculture, autonomous vehicles are already a reality. First on-road autonomous vehicles on public roads will probably be trucks, followed by vehicles for parcel delivery and automated drones. OEMs, suppliers and other mobility innovators are currently working intensively on smart and autonomous cars for the future. On the road towards autonomous driving, many technical, infrastructural and legal challenges still need to be faced. Discuss these key issues with international experts at our 6th international conference Automated Driving next July in Dusseldorf.

The following topics will be covered in 2019

This year’s focus topics will cover:

  • Perspectives on Autonomous Driving
  • AI and self-driving Cars: Hype vs. Reality
  • Simulation, Valdiation & Verification of AV's
  • New Mobility, Business Models & Smart last Mile Concepts
  • OTA, Sensor and Perception Technology

We have listened to your needs and have added a session on simulation, validation & verification as well as some insights into new mobility solutions and las mile delivery. Also we will once again prepare an interactive world café session four you - for even better networking opportunities!

Accompanying and complementing the conference we also offer two international Workshops, taking place on July 11th at the same venue:

Book both, the conference and one of the Workshops to benefit from a discounted package price.


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Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome & Opening Address

I. Perspectives on Autonomous Driving


Evolution of the autonomous vehicle to Multi-Robot Systems with distributed Intelligence

  • AV‘s as full-service mobility systems
  • Addressing user experience and new mobility business models
  • AV architectures as modular robotic systems that use distributed intelligence
  • Incorporating more intelligent behaviors to solve complex mobility problems

Marc Crawford, Chief Engineer Autonomous Driving Systems, American HAVAL Motor Technology, USA

 II. AI and self-driving Cars: Hype vs. Reality


AI Planning for intelligent Vehicles
Dimitar P. Filev, Henry Ford Technical Fellow - Control & AI, Research & Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company, USA




Challenges of AI in the Automotive Industry

  • Creating a ML classifier for automotive product development
  • Awareness for AI challenges and how to avoid them
  • Test and validation of ML algorithms for AD
  • Test miles, annotated images and effort investment in test and validation

Dr. Florian Baumann, CTO Automotive & AI, Dell EMC, Germany


AI and Big Data Management for Autonomous Driving

  • Integration of real-time sensors, big data computing, data storage and data archiving in ADAS/AD systems
  • Implementation and operation of an efficient storage, workflow and management system for AD
  • Best practice case study

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Frank Kraemer, IT Systems Architect, IBM Deutschland GmbH, Germany


Interactive World Café Session
Actively engage with other experts im small discusion groups.

  • Future of sensor data fusion, Audi AG
  • How to achieve reliable training data for safe autonomous vehicles, Annotell
  • Safety architectures for environmental models, Baselabs
  • Safety and security in autonomous aircrafts vs. AV‘s, Stockholm University
  • tba., NVIDIA

Networking & Coffee Break

III. Simulation, Validation & Verification of AV‘s


How to validate Automated Driving – A structured Analysis and Survey of Approaches

  • Validation of open context systems
  • Safety of the intended function (SOTIF)
  • Data-driven methods and simulation methods
  • Design for validation

Dr.-Ing. Jan Stellet, Research Engineer Automated Driving, co-authors: Dr.-Ing. Tino Brade, Dr. Alexander Poddey, Dr. Wolfgang Branz, all: Robert Bosch GmbH,


Driver in the Loop Simulation to move from Level 2 to Level 3 Autonomy

  • Overview of track test equipment to perform ADAS testing
  • Testing more complex scenarios than current EuroNCAP ADAS tests
  • Need for driver in the loop testing
  • Performing similar tests on the track or in the simulator

Pim van der Jagt, Technical Director, AB Dynamics Europe GmbH, Germany


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as a Tool for the Safety Validation of Highly Automated Driving Functions

  • Safety validation of HAD through scenario-based testing
  • Requirements on data sets for scenario-based testing
  • Creating data sets from UAV images using computer vision algorithms
  • Presentation of current and upcoming public datasets

Julian Bock, Research Scientist & PhD Student, co-authors: Robert Krajewski and Dr. Adrian Zlocki, all: Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen mbH Aachen – fka,


End of Conference Day One


At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

IV. New Mobility, Business Models & Smart last Mile Concepts


Reinventing Urban Mobility for new Business Strategies

  • A systemic approach of the mobility challenges
  • Necessary dialogue between vehicles and infrastructure
  • Testing automated vehicles to face complex urban challenges

Stéphane Barbier, Chief Development Officer, Transpolis SAS, France


Smart Mobility Solutions – Autonomous Technologies powering driverless Vehicles

  • From prototype to turnkey business: Electrified and automated people mover
  • Fleet management of electric and automated vehicles
  • Automation solutions for various vehicle platforms and environments

Benedikt Sperling-Zikesch, Head of Business Development, co-author: Dr.-Ing. Arwed Schmidt, both: EasyMile GmbH, Germany


Digitization and Automation in Last Mile Delivery

  • The new oil: Real-time data in last-mile logistics
  • Opportunities and challenges in last-mile autonomous delivery scenarios
  • Last-mile delivery developments in Southeast Asia

Michael Loehr, Founder, tiramizoo GmbH, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break


Deployment of an integrated autonomous urban Transport System

  • Autonomous transport services at the core of smart mobility ecosystems
  • Integration of autonomous transport systems into public transport networks
  • Combination of scheduled mass transit with dynamic on-demand services
  • Scalable multimodal systems built on a common platform

Rodrigo Caetano, Business Development & Strategic Alliances Manager, Rutger Hörndahl, Sr. Technical Adviser, Buses & Coaches, both: Scania CV AB, Sweden


Future of Transportation – A modular self-driving Ecosystem

  • AV challenge: Increased traffic congestion due to lower ride hailing fares
  • Ubiquity, seamless journeys and flexibility with dynamic modularity
  • Optimizing occupancy rate, energy consumption and traffic footprint
  • Last mile delivery: Customizable, scalable and integrated, logistics, warehouse and delivery optimization

Dr. Tommaso Gecchelin, Founder and CTO, NEXT Future Transportation, Italy

V. OTA, Sensor and Perception Technology


Enabler Technologies fore Autonomous Driving

  • Challenges within the perception subsystem
  • Development of self-learning digital maps
  • System validation

Dr.-Ing. Mirko Mählisch, Head of Development Sensor Fusion / MapLearning autonomous Driving, Audi AG, Germany




Secured and Efficient Over-the-Air Software Updates

  • Current use cases and value of OTA updates in the vehicle lifecycle
  • Potential vulnerabilities in the OTA update process
  • How to achieve a reliable, efficient and secure OTA update of the entire car

Hadas Topor Cohen, Sr. Director, OTA Product Management, HARMAN, Israel

VI.  Legal Aspects, Policy and shifting Skill Needs


Prospects for US AV Policy in the current political Climate

  • AV START Act: Industry setback creating a potential regulatory vacuum
  • How the political makeup of Congress affects legislation and AV policy
  • The role of states and municipalities in shaping AV policy
  • Reassertion of NHTSA: What’s beyond issuing guidance?

Chan D. Lieu, Senior Policy Advisor, Venable LLP, USA


Progress on the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform for Intelligent Vehicles

  • Challenges and use-cases
  • The adaptive Ppatform release 19-03
  • AUTOSAR in the context of safety, security and AI
  • Processes and quality assurance

Michael Niklas, Chairman, AUTOSAR, Germany


Autonomous Vehicles and Shifting Labour and Skill Needs in Canada

  • New occupations and shifting skill needs of (non-)technical jobs
  • Regulation needs and role of AV‘s on the pathway to smart city development
  • Ownership vs. sharing as a new model for passenger vehicles

Alexandra Cutean, Research & Policy Senior Director, Information & Communications Technology Council (ICTC), Canada


Conference Chair‘s closing Remarks


End of Conference

Networking is the key

Extra benefit for our participants: Register for the “Automated Driving” conference and visit our parallel conference on “Cyber Security for Vehicles“ free of extra charge.
Meet experts as well as participants of both events during the networking breaks and at the evening reception. Get in touch with experts, business partners, specialists and investors from the international automotive and IT industry in a relaxed atmosphere. Use the networking opportunities and have interesting discussions about existing possibilities in the automotive market and the field of automated and autonomous driving. Do not miss out on this international automotive event in Dusseldorf!

Who should attend the Automated Driving conference?

This international conference is directed at engineers and automotive experts from all over the world. Engineers, designers and specialists from car makers and suppliers of the automotive industry should attend this technical event, in particular those working in:

  • ADAS/Driver Assistance
  • Driver Information Systems
  • Prospective Autonomous Driving
  • Electric/Electronics
  • Connectivity/Connected Vehicles
  • Software and Car-IT
  • Active Safety
  • Business Development and Product Management

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