4. International VDI Conference - Automated Driving 2017

Your benefits

  • 19 expert presentations and a panel discussion on latest challenges and existing solutions for automated and autonomous driving
  • Meet internationally renowned specialists and experts from OEMs such as BMW, Volvo, VW, Toyota ITC, Porsche and many more
  • With 1 conference ticket you get admission to 4 international conferences on “Automated Driving“, “IT Security for Vehicles“, “Automotive HMI & Connectivity“ and “Digital Infrastructure” with a total of more than 50 expert presentations
  • Free entrance to the Trade Fair “ConCarExpo“ running parallel to the conference, with more than 100 exhibitors, a start-up area and networking hotspots
  • Extensive networking opportunities during breaks and at the evening reception
Automated Driving 2017

Automated driving and autonomous vehicles represent a major disruptive innovation for the automotive industry as we know it and lead to new mobility concepts. Car OEMs are defining their strategic position on autonomous cars. However, other actors like automotive suppliers and software providers as well as innovative mobility providers or companies such as Google or Apple are also preparing for a world with self-driving cars. Even though this disruptive innovation is still in the making, all players involved have to answer key strategic and technological questions and need to deal with competitive forces as well as governmental regulations.

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Program of the Conference

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Registration & welcome coffee


Opening Speech ConCarExpo at the ConCar Forum Stage: Autonomous Driving, Digital Infrastructure & Mobility Solutions as Key Drivers for the Automotive Industry

Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer, Volkswagen AG, Germany


Chair´s welcome and opening address

Dr. Andre Hohm, Head of Lighthouse Program Automated Driving, Corporate Systems & Technology, Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG, Germany

I. Future Mobility and Driverless Cars


The Future of Urban Mobility

  • The concept of mobility faces enormous changes
  • Car ownership and usage patterns will soon look different
  • Ride sharing enabling potentials of autonomous driving

Roland Werner, Head of Government Affairs & Policy DACH, Uber Germany


Towards permanent Deployments with shared Autonomous Vehicles

  • Shared autonomous vehicles
  • Sensing, navigation and control
  • Permanent deployments and semi controlled environments

Sjoerd van der Zwaan, M.Sc., Chief Technology Officer, 2getthere, The Netherlands


AI – The Solution to Self-Driving Vehicles and Transportation

  • AI and DeepLearning software development
  • AI computing and software platform for automated to self-driving vehicles
  • Testing and validation in virtual and simulated environment

Serkan Arslan, Director Business Development, NVIDIA GmbH, Germany


Networking & coffee break

II. OEM Perspectives on Automated and Autonomous Driving


Environment Model for Autonomous Driving – The upcoming Challenges

  • Central sensor fusion for autonomous driving
  • Challenges on meeting safety goals
  • Test and validation of the environmental model
  • Computing platform for sensor fusion and scene Interpretation

Dr. Hariolf Gentner, Senior Manager, Environmental Model, Driver Model, Sensor Related Software, co-author: Dr. Michael Manz, both BMW AG, Germany


Cooperative Automated Driving

  • The role and design of V2X in addressing current challenges
  • Case study: Cooperative mapping, perception
  • Importance of V2X standardization for automated driving applications

Dr. Gaurav Bansal, Senior Researcher, Network Division, Toyota InfoTechnology Center, USA


Lunch & visit of the accompanying trade fair ConCarExpo

III. The Future of Self-Driving Cars Session chair:

Dr. Gerhard Nowak, Vice President, PwC Strategy& (Germany) GmbH, Germany


Driverless Cars – Revolution or Evolution from  Automated to Autonomous Driving?


Serkan Arslan (NVIDIA), Roland Werner (Uber), Gaurav Bansal  (Toyota ITC), Chan Lieu (Venable), Sjoerd van der Zwaan (2getthere)


Networking & coffee break


The Future of Self-Driving Cars – A US Perspective

  • Overview of industry development efforts of self-driving vehicles
  • US Department of Transportation’s Federal Automated Vehicle Policy Guidance
  • Timeline for regulations, standards, and effects on deployment

Chan Lieu, Senior Legal Advisor, Venable LLP and former Director of Government Affairs, Policy and Strategic Planning at NHTSA, USA


Thinking Outside the Box – Autonomous Tractors

  • Autonomous vehicles in agriculture and concept vehicles
  • Driverless vehicle challenges in agriculture
  • Autonomous vehicle’s place in agriculture

Frank Rabusic, B.Sc., Product Manager – AutoGuidance, Product Development, CNH Industrial, USA


Chair´s remarks

17:45 Evening Keynote on the ConCar Forum Stage:

Volvo Cars development of Autonomous Vehicles, in cooperation with Uber and Zenuity

Kent Melin, M.Sc., Senior Technical Leader, Electrical System Design,  Volvo Car Group, Sweden


End of conference day one

Get-together with Participants of all parallel Conferences

At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

IV. Mapping Technologies and Traffic Data

Chair: Dr.-Ing. Ahmed Benmimoun, Technical Expert Driver Assistance Systems, Automated Driving Europe, Ford Research & Innovation Center Aachen


The Autonomous Driving Big Data Loop

  • HD maps as “superhuman memory” in autonomous driving
  • Precise localization with the help of map attributes
  • The data cycle connecting car and cloud

Willem Strijbosch, M.Sc., Head of Autonomous Driving, TomTom, The Netherlands


Towards HAD-map-change Detection on Backend Server

  • Publicly funded project Ko-HAF (Cooperative Highly Automated Driving): Summary and detailed information on backend server activities
  • Fleet sensor data based aggregation for HAD maps
  • Backend server based map representation

Dr.-Ing. Lukas Klejnowski, Research Engineer, co-authors: Dr. Markus Rausch, Dr. Artur Quiring, Dr. Holger Mielenz, all: Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany


Traffic Data in the Service of Delegated Driving

  • Prospects for using the autonomous vehicle in real traffic conditions
  • Exploring historical traffic data
  • Adding a new experience level with data science to the car manufacturers in order to maximize promises to the Drivers

Philippe Goudal, Director Quality & Innovation, Mediamobile, France


Networking & coffee break

V. Sensors and Information Technology


LiDAR Augmentation Techniques for Autonomous Driving

  • Calibration-less, Synchronisation-less Sensor Fusion
  • Augmented Perception through live 3D Mapping
  • Map-less Segmentation

Raul Bravo, CEO co-founder, DIBOTICS, France


Automotive 3D Reconstruction based on Multi Pixel Headlight Systems

  • Structured light outline
  • Characterization of autonomous structured light
  • Simulation environment structure and preliminary depth measurement

Christian Schneider, M.Sc., Development Engineer, Driver Assistance – Platform/Systems, Porsche AG, Germany


Humanlike AI for self-driving Cars

  • Artificial intelligence and driverless cars
  • Computer vision for automated driving
  • Understanding state of mind of road users

Sid Misra, CEO, Perceptive Automata, Sam Anthony, Harvard University, both USA


Lunch & visit of the accompanying trade fair ConCarExpo


Multiple ADAS Systems Towards a Safe Autonomous Ride

  • Autonomous Driving with radar, vision, lidar technologies • Vehicle sensor Fusion
  • Higher level perception and mapping in the autonomous vehicle
  • Object classification

Davide Santo, Product Line General Manager at Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors, NXP Semiconductors, German

VI. Security, Safety and Standards


Secured & Failsafe Over The Air Upgrade of ECUs

  • Secured data transfer over the air of the ECU firmware
  • Delta upgrade of firmware image files
  • Efficient OTA upgrade methods -Enabling normal ECU function execution  during  firmware programming
  • Failsafe OTA upgrade methods – Effective handling of disruption during upgrade/download of firmware files or download of corrupted firmware files

Annie Smitha Paul, B.E., Manager, Transportation Business Unit, Tata Elxsi, India


AUTOSAR for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles –  The AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform

  • Overview and achievements
  • New challenges and use cases
  • AUTOSAR adaptive platform
  • New cooperation model

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Scharnhorst, AUTOSAR Spokesperson, AUTOSAR Development Partnership, co-authors: Simon Fürst and Rinat Asmus, all: BMW AG, Germany


Safety for Automated Driving – From Practical Application Experiences to a New, Hazard-driven Acceptance Framework

  • Application experiences with functional safety for automated vehicle prototypes
  • Extension of classical safety approaches for automated vehicles functions (SOTIF)
  • New hazard-based analysis methods (STPA, STAMP)

Hagen Böhmert, System Safety Engineer, Division Chassis and Safety Systems & Technology, Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG, 
Harald Günther, Product Manager Automotive, Global Competence Center Functional Safety and Cyber Security, SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH, both Germany


Farewell coffee in the accompanying trade fair ConCarExpo


End of conference

Program show

Automated and autonomous driving will revolutionize the automotive world

The wide adoption of fully automated cars in the future will cause a great change in usage, ownership and design of vehicles. In some areas with controlled environment, such as mining or farming, autonomous vehicles are already in use. On-road trucks will probably be the first vehicles driving (semi-) autonomously. In the short term, fully autonomous cars will not be found on-road. Nevertheless, many drivers’ assistance systems are standard in cars today already. They warn of traffic jams and help with parking maneuvers. These systems are the basis for automated driving and prepare for a future with safe, cooperative and accident-free autonomous driving. However, many technological, infrastructural and legal challenges still need to be solved. Discuss these key issues with international experts at our 4th international conference Automated Driving next July in the Estrel Hotel and Congress Centre in Berlin.

Don’t miss the following keynotes:

  • Autonomous Driving, Digital Infrastructure & Mobility Solutions as Key Drivers for the Automotive Industry
    given by Johannes Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer, Volkswagen AG, Germany
  • Volvo Cars development of Autonomous Vehicles, in cooperation with Uber and Zenuity
    given by Kent Melin, M. Sc., Senior Technical Leader, Electrical System Design, Volvo Car Group, Sweden

Further internationally renowned experts on the conference stage are coming from companies such as Toyota ITC, BMW, Continental, TomTom, Uber, 2Getthere, NVIDIA, Porsche, Tata, Robert Bosch and many more.

The following topics will be covered in 2017:

  • Listen to presentations and best practice examples on:
  • New mobility concepts, sharing of autonomous vehicles and the future of urban mobility
  • OEM perspectives on automated and autonomous driving
  • The future of self-driving cars
  • Mapping technologies and traffic data
  • Artificial Intelligence and self-driving cars
  • Sensors, automotive 3D reconstruction and information technology
  • Security, safety and standards

Networking is the key

Extra benefit for our participants: Register for the “Automated Driving” conference and visit our parallel conferences on “IT Security for Vehicles“, “Automotive HMI & Connectivity“ and “Digital Infrastructure” as well as our Trade Fair “ConCarExpo” free of extra charge.

Meet experts as well as participants of all events during the networking breaks and our evening reception. Get in touch with experts, business partners, specialists and investors from the international automotive and IT industry in a relaxed atmosphere. Use the networking opportunities and have interesting discussions about existing possibilities in the automotive market and the field of automated and autonomous driving. Do not miss out on this international automotive event in Berlin!

Who should attend the Automated Driving conference?

This international conference is directed at engineers and automotive experts from all over the world. Engineers, designers and specialists from car makers and suppliers of the automotive industry should attend this technical event, in particular those working in:

  • ADAS/Driver Assistance
  • Driver Information Systems
  • Prospective Autonomous Driving
  • Electric/Electronics
  • Connectivity/Connected Vehicles
  • Software and Car-IT
  • Active Safety
  • Business Development and Product Management

For those who want more: Workshops prior to the conference

We offer you to dive even deeper into topics related to our Automated Driving conference. Join our international workshops on July 4, 2017 in Berlin:

  • Impact of highly Automated Driving on Mobility Demand and Energy Consumption

  • or

  • Creating the Ultimate Parking Experience – A Design Thinking Approach

If you have any questions regarding the conference program or you want to become a speaker at the next event in 2018 contact Katharina Neumann.

Are you interested in promoting your company and products at the international VDI conference Automated Driving? Contact Mariya Petkova for more Details.

Advisory Board

Dr. Andree Hohm Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG / Frankfurt

Dr.-Ing. Frank Niewels Robert Bosch GmbH / Renningen

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Pim van der Jagt Ford Werke GmbH Research and Innovation Center Aachen / Aachen