3. VDI Conference - Automated Driving

International Conference Automated Driving

Technology developments of autonomous and automated driving continue to advance steadily. Because of this progress, technical challenges and achievements in environmental modelling and mapping, intelligent sensors and cameras and data management need to be discussed. Moreover, many questions related to insurance and liability issues are still unanswered. The most important technical and legal aspects of automated driving will be subject of this conference.

Challenges on the way towards fully autonomous and automated driving

Already today many drivers’ assistance systems are standard in vehicles. These systems help drivers to reach their destination in a safer and stress-free way. They warn of traffic jams, help with parking maneuvers and regulate the distance from other cars. These systems are the basis for automated driving and pave the way for safe, cooperative and accident-free autonomous driving. Besides the technical questions related to automated driving, the automotive industry must pay attention to other challenges such as risk, liability and insurance questions and the human factor in automated driving.

Your benefits

  • Exchange international knowledge and experience
  • Hear about new technologies and best practice solutions
  • Discuss insurance and liability problems
  • Exchange views with experts of the industry
  • Learn more about driver expectations and acceptance
  • Take back a comprehensive overview of all fields relevant to automated driving

Topics of the Conference

The 3rd International VDI Conference Automated Driving 2016 will cover the following areas: 

  • Latest experiences with autonomous and fully automated drives
  • Developments in environmental modeling and mapping
  • Sensor and Information Technologies
  • Challenges of Human Machine Interface (HMI) design
  • Insurance, liability and responsibilities

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Wednesday, June 29


Registration & welcome coffee


Opening Speech ConCarExpo at the ConCar Forum Stage
The new Era of the Automotive Industry – Digital Revolution
and fully Automated Driving

  • Changes in the automotive industry over the next years
  • The way to fully automated driving
  • Common challenges for the automotive, CE and IT Industry

Dipl.-Inf. Elmar Frickenstein, Senior Vice President Electrics/Electronics
and Driver Environment, BMW Group, Munich, Germany


Chair´s welcome and opening address

Prof. Dr. Lutz Eckstein, Director & Chair, Institute for Automotive
Engineering (ika), RWTH Aachen University, Germany


Suppliers and Car Manufacturers – How do Roles evolve due
to Automated Driving?

  • From assisted to automated driving
  • Requirements, cooperation and business models
  • Perspectives

Dipl.-Ing. James Remfrey, Director, Systems & Technology, Chassis & Safety
Division, Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG, Frankfurt, Germany


Autonomous Driving – Technical and Institutional Challenges

  • Outline of autonomous driving development
  • Deployment and market milestones
  • Technical and institutional challenges for deployment
  • Driver and public acceptance

Takaaki Sugiura, Group Leader & Senior Researcher, ITS Business Group,
Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., Tokyo, Japan


Challenges and Research Needs on Automated Driving

  • Vehicle Intelligence
  • Driving experience and control concepts
  • Connectivity, security and evaluation methodology

Dr.-Ing. Adrian Zlocki, Head of ADAS Department, Driver Assistance,
Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrtswesen mbH, Aachen, Germany


Lunch & visit of the accompanying trade exhibition ConCarExpo


A Revolution for the Eco-System of Mobility

  • Autonomous driving stakes
  • Renault vision
  • French industrial plan for automated driving

Remi Bastien, Alliance Global Director, Prospective Autonomous Driving,
Division Alliance Technology Development, Renault – Nissan, Guyancourt
Cedex, France


Toyota’s Automated Driving Technology Development under
the “Mobility Teammate Concept”

  • Integrated safety concept and Toyota safety sense
  • The Teammate concept
  • Toyota´s history of automated driving technology development
  • Technical challenges, highway Teammate and future prospects

Jack Norikazu Endo, Project General Manager, BR Intelligent Vehicle
Development, Toyota Motor Corporation, Susono Shizuoka, Japan


Automated and Cooperative Driving in Practice:
Truck Platooning

  • Concept goals and approach
  • EU Truck Platoon Challenge
  • Next steps towards long run tests on public road

Menno Beenakkers, M.Sc., Project Leader, Product Development,
co-author: Ir. Albert van der Knaap, Dr. Ir. Rudolf Huisman, all DAF Trucks,
Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Networking & coffee break


The Road towards higher Levels of Automation

  • Technology challenges facing higher levels of automation
  • The need to consider the consumer´s expectation and use cases• Issues with existing Human Machine Interfaces

Alain Paul Dunoyer, B.Eng., MSc., PhD, Head of Safe Car Division, SBD
Secured By Design Ltd., Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


 HMI for Automated Driving

  • Motivation “Automated Driving”
  • HMI development approach, requirements for AD
    as well as concepts and solutions
  • Automation levels and challenges

Dipl.-Psych. Guido Meier-Arendt, Principal Technical Expert HMI, Division
Interior – Interior Electronics Solutions, Continental Automotive GmbH,
Babenhausen, Germany


Chair´s remarks


End of conference day one & Get-together

At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the
relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with
other participants and speakers.

Thursday, June 30


Cars that Peek around the Corner

  • Importance of HD maps and contextual, dynamic data
  • Vehicle localisation and efficiency
  • Connecting the vehicle to intelligent transportation infrastructure
  • Data sharing within and use case illustrations

Dr. Martin Birkner, Head of Product Management, Automotive, HERE, Berlin,


Towards Robust Vehicle Localization in Urban Environments

  • Urban automated driving (UAD)
  • Robust vehicle localization
  • Perception and maps for vehicle localization

Jan Rohde, M.Sc., Ph.D. Student, Corporate Research, Driver Assistance
Systems & Automated Driving, co-authors: Dr. Holger Mielenz, Dr. Frank
Niewels, Robert Bosch GmbH, Renningen, Germany


Networking & coffee break


Disruptive Changes in E/E and Software Architectures

  • Centralization of data processing in ADAS and
    automated driving domain
  • Use of Ethernet and software virtualization for vehicle control
  • Software complexity through manifold dependencies
  • Clarity through optimizing E/E and software architectures
  • Experience reports from the development of the AUDI zFAS

Dr. Kai Richter, General Manager & CTO, Symtavision GmbH,
Braunschweig, Germany
Dr. Karsten Schmidt, Project Manager, Development Data Transfer
Technologies and Security, Audi Electronics Ventures GmbH,
Gaimersheim, Germany


Supervision for Limited Autonomous Driving

  • IT infrastructure supporting limited autonomous driving
  • Synthesis of on and off-board data
  • Qualification of off-board data in compliance with functional safety
  • Recommendation of track clearance in IT backbone

Dipl. Ing. Uwe Beher, Senior Consulatant, Automotive Division, co-author:
Dipl. Ing. Thomas Weyrath, Division Missionssysteme, ESG Elektroniksystemund
Logistik-GmbH, Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany


LiDAR Technology for Active Safety and Automated Driving

  • Pros and cons of existing sensing technologies
  • Sensing requirements for highly-automated driving
  • SCALA: Sensor with unique capabilities
  • Next steps of LiDAR technology

Dipl. Wirt. Ing. Harald Barth, Product Marketing Manager, Valeo Schalter
und Sensoren GmbH, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany


Lunch & visit of the accompanying trade exhibition ConCarExpo


Deep Learning and Sensor Fusion: The Path to Autonomous Driving

  • Supercomputing is the new horsepower
  • Artificial intelligence is the key to autonomous driving
  • End-to-end deep learning in the cloud and on the vehicle will exceed
    the levels of human perception

Danny Shapiro, Senior Director of Automotive, NVIDIA Corporation, Santa
Clara, CA, USA


Ethics and Liability in the Age of Automated Driving

  • Automation of ethical decision-making and new forms of
    liability for manufactures
  • New design methodology to automate ethical decision-making
    and avoid new forms of liability
  • The embedded ethicist model

Dr. Jason Millar, Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Common Law,
University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Networking & coffee break


Legal Aspects of Automated/Autonomous Driving
– A European Perspective

  • The Vienna Convention
  • Liability schemes
  • Data and privacy

Nino Zambara, Policy Officer, Smart Cities & Sustainability Unit, DG
Connect, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium


Automated Driving, Liability and the Role of Insurers

  • Automated driving and liability: From negligence to nudging
  • Insuring automated driving - Motor vs. product vs. cyber liability
  • Automated driving and Big Data: Risks and opportunities
  • Next steps: Is there a need to change the legal framework?

Prof. Dr. iur. Ina Ebert, Leading Expert Liability and Insurance, Global
Clients/North America/Corporate Claims, Munich Re, Munich, Germany


Chair´s closing remarks


End of conference

Who should attend the 3rd International VDI Conference Automated Driving?

This international conference is directed at engineers from all over the world. Engineers, designers and specialists from car makers and suppliers of the automotive industry should attend this technical event, in particular those working in:

  • ADAS/Driver Assistance
  • Active Safety
  • HMI
  • Electric/Electronics
  • Connectivity

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You will have the chance to visit the international conferences HMI & Connectivity, Safety Systems, and IT Security for Vehicles as well as the new international trade fair ConCarExpo which are taking place at the same time. Benefit by meeting experts and participants of the other conferences during our networking breaks and evening reception.

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