International VDI Workshop - Automotive Cyber Security

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Automotive IT Security

The VDI “Automotive IT Security” workshop will help you understand the mind frame of hackers and data thieves and give you insight into the way they work – allowing you to verify and optimize your systems to resist attacks. Boost your IT security by experiencing live hacking sessions and best practice examples.

Knowledge is power – learning about hackers and data thieves

Any connected device is technically vulnerable to hacking. This applies as much to a computer at home as it does to an electronic system in a vehicle. With increasing automation, it’s more important than ever to understand the mindset of hackers and data thieves and how they operate to keep vehicles safe.

The VDI “Automotive IT Security” workshop will give you an overview of the main issues facing professionals in the automotive industry in terms of IT security and give you insight into hacking from the hacker’s point of view.

You’ll also find out about solution-based approaches, such as secured by design, over-the-air networked updates and key management. The basics of embedded software and legal frameworks will be covered as well.

Live hacking sessions, practical exercises and detailed briefings about norms and standards for automotive projects will support your learning and allow you to optimize the security of your systems.

Workshop Content

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1. Day 09:30 until 17:00 / 2. Day 09:00 until 16:00


  • Hacking out of curiosity
  • Value creation through cyber crime
  • Financial damage record
  • The illusion of safe Software

The meaning of norms and laws

  • Vehicle-specific norms (ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN 50128, etc.)
  • IT security laws and IT standards (ISO27001, etc.)
  • The modus operandi of professional hackers

Network hacking

  • Ethernet for business and industrial applications
  • LAN, WLAN and mobile interception security
  • SSL security, Heartbleed and other attacks
  • Targeted compromise of CAN Networks
  • Targeted use of the OBD II interface in vehicles

++++ Exercise: Mileage clocking

Embedded software

  • Code examples (malicious code and unsafe programming) 
  • Design rules for secure software 
  • Reverse engineering approaches
  • Fundamental techniques to read Memory

Hardware analysis of embedded devices

  • Chip platforms from the point of view of security and safety
  • Reverse engineering approaches 
  • Advanced techniques to read memory

Technical solution approaches

  • Security by design 
  • Segmentation and isolation 
  • Secure hardware (TPM, security processor) 
  • Certificate and key Management
  • Security over-the air (OTA) networked up-dates 
  • Forensics and evidence preservation

Practical experiences

  • Best practice 
  • Exercises – Live hacks 
  • Prospects

Who is this workshop for?

This professional workshop is ideal for engineers and managers at manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive, mobile machines, trucks, rail and aviation industries. Particularly those working in the following departments:

  • System Engineering
  • Software architecture
  • Software and hardware development
  • Electrics/electronics
  • Safety engineering and functional

Workshop Chair - Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Belz, Managing Director, PROMETO GmbH, Germany

Jürgen Belz is CEO of PROMETO, which provides solutions for infrastructure, methods and processes within the embedded domain. Belz studied electrical engineering and started his career at KUKA robotics in the drive engineering and power supply department. Before his time at PROMETO, Mr. Belz was globally responsible for the engineering methods and infrastructure at tier 1 automotive supplier Hella KGaA Hueck & Co for over 7 years.

He was the first to achieve SPICE Level 3 in the automotive domain and presented the first prototype AUTOSAR-ECU built into a vehicle. Mr. Belz also managed system and software development for hybrid vehicles at Continental and was awarded for “Forward-looking Software Initiative”.

Learn about the threats to automotive IT security in an innovative way

Do you need to know what motivates hackers and data thieves and how they operate? Are you interested in optimizing your automotive IT security systems and experiencing how they can be hacked in real time? Woul you like to find out about embedded software and legal frameworks? Then book your space at the VDI “Automotive IT Security” workshop now.

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