6. International VDI Conference - Automotive HMI and Connectivity

  • Gain insight into the newest industry thinking about automated driving and vehicle connectivity in relation to HMI.
  • Learn about new HMI technology, including virtual and augmented reality as well as  artificial intelligence.
  • Find out about the road safety implications of these new technologies and external communication of vehicles
  • Expand your professional network at an exclusive evening get-together and discuss and exchange ideas with international experts in the field at the conference.

The VDI Automotive HMI & Connectivity conference will discuss the development of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) in relation to developments in autonomous driving, the interaction between driver and vehicle as well as the communication and connection between various vehicles themselves (V2X). By taking part, you will learn about a wide variety of innovation and technology in the areas of cockpit design, user experience, user research and testing, artificial intelligence, HMI control as well as road safety, amongst others. Be part of the future of mobility at this innovative VDI conference.

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Graphical and voice user interfaces: A mulit-modal challenge for drivers and researchers
Author: Philipp Reiter & Carina de Lopez, eye square GmbH

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Man and machine as one?

Autonomous driving is on the rise and we are starting to see increasing numbers of automated vehicles on the road. These so-called ‘mixed traffic environments’ require new approaches to the Human Machine Interface (HMI) as well as different ways of looking at information and communication flows. New developments in areas such as augmented and virtual reality provide for exciting new options in HMI by improving user experiences and increasing levels of digitalization in vehicles. Furthermore, user demands are constantly changing and manufacturers and developers need to keep pace with consumer tastes, trends and behaviors.

The VDI Automotive HMI & Connectivity conference will look at how the connection between man and machine can respond to these new technological breakthroughs and a constantly changing reality on our roads. From autonomous driving and increasing connectivity to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Vehicle Communication (V2X), this conference will look at the future of mobility and give you the opportunity to discuss, engage and exchange ideas with professionals and experts in the field.

Content of the Conference

The VDI Automotive HMI & Connectivity conference will cover the following areas, amongst others:

  • HMI under the influence of increased automated driving
  • Internal and external HMI
  • Increasing complexity and multi-modular HMI concepts – customization vs. standardization
  • New technologies in the cockpit (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality)
  • HMI & User experience
  • Artificial Intelligence for an enhanced UX
  • HMI controls and technologies: From hard keys to natural voice interaction
  • User research and testing
  • Road safety: Driver monitoring (DMS) and advanced driver assistance (ADAS)
  • V2X, V2V & IoT
  • HMI Software: Device connectivity and smartphone integration

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome and opening Address
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Meixner, Managing Director, UniTyLab, Heilbronn University, Germany

I. Cockpit Design and Technologies


Smart Glazings towards an integrated multimodal HMI

  • Automotive glazings enhancing the intelligent cockpit of autonomous cars
  • Information display use case and strategy
  • Interaction with drivers and passengers

Dr. Thibaut Heitz, Innovation and R&D Director, co-authors: Adil Jaafar, Innovation program Manager & Margaux Jouve, Development Engineer, all: Saint-Gobain, France


Transforming the Vehicle HMI with conformable and shapeable OLCDs

  • How smart surfaces support HMI trends driven by increased automation
  • Displays becoming the essence of a customizable automotive interior
  • A new glass-free flexible display technology can transform the vehicle HMI
  • Seamless integration of Organic LCD into curved surfaces
  • OLCD scaled to large sizes, while enabling high-brightness and long lifetime

Rouzet Agaiby, Business Development Manager, FlexEnable, United Kingdom


Interior Cocoon – How to create a new Mobility Experience

  • Interior Concepts are rethought
  • Knowledge about the situation in the vehicle
  • How software can increase comfort and safety

Lars Nikoleit, Business Development Manager, gestigon GmbH, Germany


New User Experiences in the Interior, HMI to create a new Magic
Marc van Soolingen, Global design manager seating, Faurecia, France




Interactive World Café Session
Actively engage with other experts in small discussion groups on different
topics. Discuss and identify challenges within your sector as well as problems
and solutions and introduce your own experiences and cases.


Networking & Coffee Break

II. User Experience now and in the Future


Critical Role of UX for the Cars of near Future

  • Navigation through a deluge of car features
  • Use of AI and adaptive learning to ease cognitive load
  • Mis-match of user expectations and technological abilities
  • UX ideas for building trust in autonomous vehicles

Narendra Ghate, Chief Designer, Tata Elxsi, India


UX Research for the ultimate digital Device – Automotive UX Research is Key!

  • Latest psychological research for the automotive industry
  • From explicit big-data surveys to implicit research
  • Needs of customers that are difficult to assess and often neglected

Philipp Reiter, Partner & COO, Carina de Lopez, Unit Lead User Experience, both: eye square GmbH, Germany


Why a successful UX in one Country can be a Disaster in another

  • An overview of the autonomy landscape, covering recent news & trends
  • The Golden Rules of good HMI & what to avoid
  • How intuition varies by region – examples from recent SBD testing, surveys, insights, global & local research and trends 

Andrea Sroczynski, Managing Director, SBD Automotive, Germany


The Future of Automotive UX

  • Incorporation of third-party apps and services into the connected car
  • A new approach to leveraging partnerships
  • Designers to take the lead in defining the future automotive UX

Derek Sellin, Vice President, Rightware, Finland


End of Conference Day One


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

III. Automated Driving and it‘s Impact on internal and external HMI


Humanizing Autonomy: How to design safe Hand-Over and Take-Over Scenarios for highly automated Driving

  • User Experience for automated driving
  • Components of the Continental Cruising Chauffeur HMI
  • Benefits of augmented reality in AD scenarios

Bettina Leuchtenberg, Senior Expert HMI, Ergonomics & Usability, Cross Product Solutions, Continental, Germany


Exploring Trust and Acceptance of semi-automated Passenger Vehicles: Results of a Field Study

  • Individual perception of semi-automated driving functions and exploration of interaction patterns
  • Focus on Level 2 vehicles: Lane assist and adaptive cruise control
  • Combining approaches from Human Factors and Data Science 

Norah Neuhuber MSc, Human Factors Researcher,
Dr. Alexander Stocker, Information Systems Researcher, both: Virtual Vehicle Research Center, Austria


HMI for external Communication: Insights into a novel Communication between Vehicles and vulnerable Road Users

  • Informal communication between vehicles and other road users
  • Presentation of a model for machine-to-human communication
  • Results of first user studies

Dr. Ina Othersen, Project Manager, Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break

IV. The Potential of increasing Connectivity and 5G


Automotive HMI powered by 5G: How Telecommunication might boost Interaction with the Car

  • AR/VR for immersive content
  • SDN/NFV based HMI platform architectures
  • Mobile edge cloud computing for applications and deployment

Sebastian Rettlinger, Group Lead HMI/ Creative Supervisor connected mobility, MAGNA Telemotive GmbH, Germany


Cellular 5G for cooperative connected automated Mobility

  • Maturity of cellular ITS standards, profiles and deployments
  • Interoperability between Road Authorities, OEMs and MNOs
  • Learnings from various V2X projects and initiatives
  • Business model considerations

Tim Wouda MBA MSc, Strategy Director Smart Mobility, Ericsson, The Netherlands



V. Automotive HMI – A digital melting Pot


The digital Car: More than a Smartphone on Wheels

  • Android is disrupting the automotive infotainment world
  • Seamless integration of the digital car experience
  • Voice is the new Touch
  • Being part of or creating digital eco-systems

David Holecek, Director Digital Experience, Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden


Energy Management in electric Vehicles: Qualitative and designoriented Studies

  • User understanding of electric vehicles
  • Conceptual models
  • Range anxiety
  • Regenerative braking

Prof. Dr. Cristian Bogdan, Associate Professor,
Dr. Anders Lundström, Post-doctoral researcher, both: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


The Human-Vehicle-Environment: Closed Loop for virtual HMI Experience

  • Full HMI evaluation of next-generation vehicles using VR, physic-based simulation and interactive prototypes
  • Creating customized digital test tracks and driving scenarios to test in realworld like conditions
  • Address human factors topics such as reachability, usability, workflow efficiency and visual ergonomics
  • Put the human in the loop with a steadfast and accurate method of testing driver interactions with your future product and HMI

Lionel Bennes PhD, Product Manager VRXPERIENCE HMI, Ansys Inc., France


Closing Remarks


End of Conference

Target audience for the conference

The VDI Automotive HMI & Connectivity conference is specifically designed for managers, specialists, experts and professionals working in the following areas, amongst others:

  • Automotive OEMs and suppliers
  • IT experts in HMI, UX, UI, Infotainment
  • (User) research institutes

Your Conference Chair

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Meixner, Managing Director, UniTyLab, Heilbronn University.

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