International VDI Workshop - Autonomous Service Truck Opportunities

Future service trucks might be designed for a specific function, or be designed in a modular way so that hardware and software can be added from the truck app store. These future autonomous trucks might be able to automatically provide services such as cleaning kerbs and gulleys/drains, maintaining parks and grass or many others. The workshop chair will present interesting new service ideas and will discuss their potential.

Find the Truck Service of the Future

This interactive workshop will provide an overview of recent developments in autonomous trucks and autonomous service vehicles and then explore the wide variety of opportunities that they offer to perform and provide services in a manner that is not possible in the current human driven paradigm.

From existing services like waste disposal trucks and snow plows, to the future services that will possibly be accessible via an autonomous truck app store. New service business models can be explored in discussions and their attractiveness as avenues for development can be assessed. Autonomous trucks will essentially be wheeled autonomous robots – How will we put these new robots to work for us? Join interesting discussions about potential future services concerning:

  • Self-loading trucks 
  • Self-erecting high mast lighting for events or security
  • Automated parks and grass maintenance
  • Automated house garage pod transportation (a business model leveraging the fact that people may own less vehicles and convert their house garages)
  • Automated tow trucks
  • Automated energy storage (batteries)
  • Automated energy generation (self-erecting solar panels)

And many more...

Topics of the Workshop

The Workshop “Autonomous Service Truck Opportunities“ will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of autonomous truck and service vehicle developments
  • Overview of future autonomous service trucks
  • Exploration of existing service vehicle uses suited for automation, future hardware related truck services, future data related truck services and the idea of the autonomous truck app store
  • The future of autonomous truck business model opportunities

If you want to discuss a specific topic, please send us your suggestions prior to the workshop. The workshop chair will try to include your suggestions in the workshop and answer your questions.


We are currently preparing the final program for you. You will soon be able to download it here.

Who should attend this international Workshop?

This workshop on Autonomous Service Truck Opportunities is directed at innovation management, product management,  business development, engineers, technologists and specialists from truck manufacturers, users and solution providers as well as suppliers and IT companies.

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