4th International VDI Conference - Autonomous Trucks

The conference will take place online on November 3-4, 2020. You will receive a voucher of EUR 250 by booking the online conference.

  • Listen to international expert presentations on latest autonomous trucks technology
  • Get informed about new business models and use cases for logistics
  • Prepare for the next step on the road to autonomous driving
  • Meet internationally well-known specialists and experts from TuSimple, Waymo, MAN, Embark Trucks, other major OEMs and suppliers
Autonomous Driving

On November 3-4, 2020 our 4th international Autonomous Trucks conference will take place online. Future truck innovations, autonomous transportation and the usage of new business models are only some of the topics that the truck industry is concerned with. Autonomous trucks extremely influence ports, mining and especially logistics. At our 4th International VDI Conference Autonomous Trucks, one focus will be on applications in the logistics value chain and last mile. Further, we will more deeply dive into truck technology for autonomous driving – Automation, Connectivity, and Electrification – and evolving business strategies. Moreover, the horizon for the next decades, including current use cases and the regulatory framework and political environment for autonomous driving will be covered.

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The Future is Imminent – Autonomous Trucking and its Industry Implications
Author: Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, Stephan Keese und Dr. Walter Rentzsch, Roland Berger

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The future of trucks

The future of trucks has already begun: New market players change and somehow define the truck landscape all over, but especially in the US and China. Therefore, the question arises of how to keep up with their pace and ideas yourself only being very small or very static. At our 4th international VDI Conference Autonomous Trucks we will deal with major business models and involve innovative start-ups in the program to discuss solutions for an autonomous future of trucks.

As Association of German Engineers, we always take up the technical perspective. For this reason, truck technology will not be forgotten here. Automation, Connectivity, Electrification are only some topics we will target. Unfortunately, it is not only Uber as new kid on the block. Regarding software, the truck industry is also confronted with new players and influencers. Will their business models be successful, and can the rest of the truck industry compete?

Conference Topics, Speakers & Agenda

Participants will profit from innovative ideas, best practice examples, new business models, tech presentations and interactive discussion rounds!

2020’s focus topics will cover:

  • Horizon 2030: Advanced Truck Technology meets New Business Models
  • Digital Transformation and AI‘s Impact on the Transportation Industry
  • Perspectives on Autonomous Trucks in the USA, EU and China
  • Progressive Platooning Systems towards Level 4 Trucks
  • Autonomous Electric Trucks on Public Roads

Selection of confirmed speakers for 2020:

  • Chuck Price | Chief Product Officer, TuSimple
  • David Watson | Chief Architect, Embark Trucks
  • Vijaysai Patnaik | Product Lead Trucking, Waymo
  • Charlie Jatt | Commercial Lead Trucking, Waymo
  • Robert Falck | CEO, Einride
  • Niklaus H. Waser | Senior Vice President, MAN Trucks & Bus SE
  • Lisa Brückner | Strategy Development Transport & Logistics, Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Gernot Hasenbichler | Senior Product Manager ADAS Truck & Bus, AVL List GmbH
  • Thomas Laux | Head of Business Development Advanced LIDAR Solutions, Continental US

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address
Dr. Gerhard Nowak, Partner, QVARTZ, Germany


The Future of Autonomous Trucks

  • Autonomous trucks will commercialize before autonomous taxis
  • The importance of long-range vision in highway driving
  • The role AI plays in autonomy

Chuck Price, Chief Product Officer, TuSimple, USA

I. Horizon 2030: Advanced Truck Technology meets New Business Models


Digital Transformation & New Business Models - Quo Vadis Transport & Logistics Industry?!

  • Readiness of the truck and transport industry to address upcoming opportunities and challenges through digitalzation and AVs
  • New technologies disrupting existing business models?
  • New technologies = new business models = new industry player(s)?

Niklaus H. Waser, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, MAN Truck & Bus SE, Germany


AutoFollow: Advanced Platooning Systems for Viable On-Highway L4

  • Leveraging the lead truck to restrict the ODD of an automated follow truck
  • Reducing perception and mapping requirements for L4 with human drivers
  • Simplifying handling of off-nominal use cases for broader applicability

Stephen Boyd, Founder and CEO, Peloton Technology, USA


Bringing the Waymo Driver to Trucking

  • Self-driving technology can make trucking stronger, safer and more efficient
  • Custom-built sensors & advanced self-driving software developed together under one roof
  • Rigorous simulation, closed course, and public road testing in diverse areas

Vijaysai Patnaik, Product Lead Trucking, Waymo, USA




Interactive World Café
During this session, we invite you to directly engage with other experts in small round table discussions. Identify challenges within your sector as well as problems, needs and solutions. Decide what exactly you would like to discuss and introduce your own experiences and cases.

Exemplary Topics:

  • Last Mile Delivery with Autonomous Vans, VanAssist Project
  • Challenges of V2X Testing for Automated & Connected Vehicles, Transpolis
  • Data Ownership around autonomous vehicles (open slot)

Networking & Coffee Break

II. Automated Trucks for Transportation and Logistics


First Autonomous Driving Electric Truck on a Public Road – Warehouse Traffic in Sweden

  • Pilot project between DB Schenker and Einride: Objectives & successes
  • Closer look at the piloting of the autonomous, electric pod in Jönköping
  • Evaluation and Outlook for other international pilot projects

Lisa Brückner, Senior Business Analyst, Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany


Deploying Future of Transport: Autonomous & Electric Transport System

  • Road freight transport is unsustainable and inefficient
  • Autonomous, electric transport has great potential to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and road safety
  • Software and services are the core of a new transport system
  • Pragmatic approach to infrastructure, regulation and public acceptance:
    Deployment first in less complex traffic environments, expanding from there

Robert Falck, Founder and CEO, Einride, Sweden


The Era of U.S. Political Volatility: Corporations at Risk

  • The drivers of instability: Social capital decline, growth-crippling government intervention & the discrediting of the elite policy consensus
  • The Divided Nations: This volatility combined with the rise of nationalism has made globalism a serious political liability for multinational corporations
  • In today’s political environment, corporations confront a far more unfavorable landscape than during the Great Recession

Jonathan M. Baron, Principal, Baron Public Affairs LLC, USA


Panel Discussion: Market Impact and Readiness

Chuck Price, TuSimple, USA
Niklaus H. Waser, MAN Bus & Trucks SE, Germany
Charlie Jatt, Waymo, USA
Robert Falck, Einride, Sweden
Serkan Arslan, NVIDIA, Germany


End of Conference Day One


At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the
relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other
participants and speakers.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Chair’s Welcome
Stephan Keese, Senior Partner, Roland Berger, USA

III. Safety is Core: Regulation, Verification and Validation


Race of Jurisdictions: Update on the Legal & Regulatory Framework for AVs in the US, EU and China

  • Due to new technologies we need a new legal and regulatory landscape
  • Legal and regulatory framework for prototype testing and series deployment
  • Strategic role of the legal and regulatory framework for the technology of automated driving

Nico Waegerle, Senior Legal Counsel & Governmental Affairs, AID GmbH, Germany


Innovative Validation Methodologies Integrated in the V&V Framework

  • How to generate the test content with only relevant test cases?
  • How to reach highest coverage?
  • What validation tools to choose?

Gernot Hasenbichler, Senior Product Manager ADAS Truck & Bus, co-authors: Dr.techn. Mihai Nica, Manager Reliability & Cyber-Physic. Syst. Testing and Dipl-Ing. Hermann Felbinger, Reliability Engineer, all: AVL List GmbH, Austria


Safely Developing Automated Trucks

  • Holistic safety concept for the development of automated trucks
  • Early stage technology testing
  • Engineering a safe platform for putting a safe and secured truck on the road
  • Ensuring operational safety during testing with safety drivers

David Watson, Chief Architect, Embark Trucks, USA


Networking & Coffee Break

IV. Generating Perception: Sensors and Localization


3D Maps for Autonomous Trucks

  • 3D Maps as a sensor for perception
  • Precise localization using High-Definition 3D Maps
  • Using 3D Maps as content for simulation in virtual validation

Henning Lategahn, Managing Director, Atlatec GmbH, Germany


Next Generation Sensors for Autonomous Trucks

  • Overview of next generation radar and cameras
  • Current developments for new LiDAR sensors
  • Capabilities of solid state LiDAR sensors

Thomas Laux, Head of Business Development Advanced LiDAR Solutions,
Continental, USA


Start-up Session
In regards to autonomous trucks and disrubted supply chains, there are many interesting industry newcomers that significantly influence the market. Listen to their presentations and get actively involved in the speed networking session. Use the chance and present your start-up free of charge! 

Confirmed Start-ups:
WhatToLabel, Switzerland
Xenomatix, Belgium



V. Cybersecurity and Newest AV Software


Satellite-based Navigation Cybersecurity: Lessons Learned from Spoofing Experiments

  • Overview of GNSS based navigation systems used in trucking
  • Regulus‘ experiments and research on hacking vehicle navigation systems systems
  • Presenting best practices for cybersecurity for trucks

Yoav Zangvil, Chief Technology Officer, Regulus, Israel


Implementing AI for Self-Driving Trucks

  • Current advancements of autonomous vehicle software
  • Deep learning, sensor fusion, and surround vision will enable a safe driving experience
  • Challenges of validating the performance of autonomous systems for improving road safety

Sergio Amaya, Director Automotive Software, NVIDIA, Sweden


Panel Discussion: Software and Safety for Autonomous Trucks

David Watson, Embark Trucks, USA
Thomas Laux, Continental, USA
Sergio Amaya, NVIDIA, Sweden


Conference Chair‘s Closing Remarks


End of Conference

If you have any questions regarding the conference program or want to become a speaker at the next event please contact Benedikt Rothhagen.

Who should attend the conference?

The Autonomous Trucks Conference is aimed at professionals, management and decision makers in the following areas:

  • Truck manufacturers
  • Major suppliers (brake systems, sensors, environmental perception, software and others)
  • Automotive IT companies
  • Logistics companies & further users of truck technology
  • Start-up companies focused on autonomous trucks
  • Research institutes with a focus on autonomous trucks and vehicles

Take the opportunity to exchange technical expertise

The conference offers you a unique platform to exchange expertise with international experts from all over the world. The fourth edition of the International VDI Conference Autonomous Trucks will offer an interesting mixture of technical presentations from major OEMs, suppliers, research institutes as well as interesting customers. The most important aim is to generate a worldwide picture and discuss the horizon of autonomous trucks.

Secure yourself a place

Do you want to find out about chances and challenges in the area of Autonomous Trucks? Would you like to learn about innovative truck business models and applications of autonomous trucks? Then secure yourself a place at the International VDI Conference Autonomous Trucks today.


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4th International VDI Conference - Autonomous Trucks

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4th International VDI Conference - Autonomous Trucks


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