International VDI Conference - Autonomous Trucks

  • Listen to expert presentations on latest autonomous trucks technology
  • Discuss how trailers have to be equipped at level 4
  • Get informed about logistics models for autonomous trucks
  • Prepare for the next step on the road to autonomous driving
  • Meet internationally well-known specialists and experts from OEMs and suppliers
Autonomous Driving

On March 27-28, 2019 our 3rd international Autonomous Trucks conference will return, this year located in the Rilano Hotel in Munich. Future truck innovations, autonomous driving and the usage of new business models are only some of the topics that the truck industry is actually concerned with. Autonomous trucks extremely influence ports, mining and especially logistics. At our 3rd international VDI Conference Autonomous Trucks, one focus will be on applications in the logistics value chain and last mile. Further, we will more deeply dive into truck technology for autonomous driving – Automation, Connectivity, Electrification – and evolving business strategies. Moreover, we will discuss how to connect tractor unit and trailer at level 4 and the regulatory framework and political environment for autonomous driving in Europe and United States.

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Commercial vehicles paving the way for connected automated driving
Author: Bastiaan Krosse, Dehlia Willemsen, Maurice Kwakkernaat, TNO

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Press a button- Get a load: Can we keep pace with Uber and the other new kids on the block?

It seems that the future of trucks has already begun. New market players such as Uber change and somehow define the truck landscape especially in the US. Therefore the question arises of how to keep up with their pace and ideas yourself only being very small or very static. At our 3rd international VDI Conference Autonomous Trucks we will deal with major business models and also involve innovative startups in the program to hopefully find some solutions.

As Association of German Engineers we always take up the technical perspective. For this reason truck technology will not be forgotten here. Automation, Connectivity, Electrification  are only some topics we will target. Unfortunately, it is not only Uber as new kid on the block. In regard to Software, the truck industry is also confronted with new players and influencers. Will their business models be successful and can the rest of the truck industry compete?

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair‘s Welcome and Opening Address

Dr. Gerhard Nowak, Vice President PwC Strategy& (Germany) GmbH, Germany

I. Truck Technology & Connectivity


5 Progressive Technologies and Concepts

  • Technology development and challenges for the CV industry
  • Focus on automation, connectivity and electrification.
  • Vera - The next generation of transport solution

Torbjörn Holmström, Senior Advisor Research and Development and Sasko Cuklev, Director Autonomous Solutions, both: Volvo Group, Sweden


AI - Transforming Autonomous Trucks and the Transportation Market 

  • Autonomous trucks and buses will increase road safety, improve efficiency and new mobility services
  • NVIDIA is enabling the transportation industry to develop safe and automotive grade vehicles
  • Accelerate autonomous software development by transferring learnings from autonomous cars
  • Status of R&D with NVIDIA Truck OEM, Tier 1 and transportation partners

Tri Huynh, Director of Business Development and Serkan Arslan, Director Autonomous Driving and Ecosystem, both: NVIDIA, USA & Germany


Scalable Brake Solutions

  • Technology transition
  • Automation and electrification enabler
  • Open architecture
  • Partner and customer collaboration
  • Virtual integration

Ir. Edo Drenth, Vice President - Global Vehicle Dynamics, Haldex AB, Sweden


Autostream - Map Delivery for Autonomous Driving

  • Enabling vehicles to build a horizon for the road ahead
  • Providing a full solution to autonomous driving system developers
  • Flexible configuration of the data streams

Ir. Robin van den Berg, Product Manager, co-authors: Duc Toan Nguyen, Tomaso Grossi, all: Business Unit Automotive, TomTom, The Netherlands




Corporative System Approach to offer Level 4 Automation for Trucks

  • L4 highly automated driving (HAD) functions offer positive business case
  • To take up the “vertical system technology challenge” Continental and KnorrBremse formed a cooperation
  • Current major technological challenges and outlook

Fabian Stambrau, Vice President Business Development & Operations, KNORR-BREMSE Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH and Dr. Thomas Olbrich, Director - Division Interior, Continental Automotive GmbH, both: Germany

II. Digital Trailer


Perspectives on Connected Trailers 

  • Smart trailer world
  • Digital trailer - More than location
  • Trailer IoT - Connecting with logistics

Andreas Schmitz, CEO, Schmitz Cargobull AG, Germany


Panel Discussion: How has a Trailer to be equipped at Level 4?
Invited Panelists:
Torsten Klein, MAN Truck & Bus AG, Germany
Trailer OEM - tba
Tier 1 Supplier - tba


Networking & Coffee Break

III. Examples of Practice


Creating collaborative Ecosystems for the connected Truck 

  • Accelerate development through a collaborative approach
  • Taking advantage of  standards for connectivity & electronic diagnostics
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with data analytics
  • Fimware over the air update and remote diagnostics
  • Use cognitive services as a foundation for new business models

Mario Ortegón, System Strategy & Innovation Management, DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH, Germany


Automated Yard Operations

  • Driver assistance
  • Driverless operation
  • Sensors and actuators ready for automatisation

Mark Mohr, Head of Development Commercial Vehicle Technology, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany


End of Conference Day One

Get together
At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Thursday, March 28, 2019


Chair‘s Welcome and Opening Address

Stephan Keese, Senior Partner, Roland Berger, USA

IV. Platooning


ENSEMBLE: Making multi-brand Truck Platooning happen in Europe

  • Pre-standards for platooning between trucks of different brands
  • Demonstration on public roads of multi-brand platoon driving
  • Enable harmonisation of legal frameworks in EU
  • Potential to improve road safety, reduce emissions and increase transport efficiency

Dr. Marika Hoedemaeker, Coordinator ENSEMBLE, TNO, The Netherlands


Platooning in a real Logistics Process - A Practice Report

  • Development of a platooning system for professional truck drivers 
  • Integration in a real logistics process
  • Monitoring of truck drivers during platooning

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Völl, Research Automated Driving / Project Manager, MAN Truck & Bus AG, Dr. Chung Anh Tran, Head of Autonomous Driving Freight Transport - Road, Schenker AG, both: Germany


Human Guided Autonomous Convoying: A Safe, Intermediate Step towards full Autonomy

  • Making the life of autonomy easier through advanced multi-vehicle coordination and precise kinodynamic motion planning
  • Challenges of human-autonomy interaction in human-guided convoys 
  • Safety from ground up: system architectural design, development process, testing and validation

Dr. Çetin Meriçli, Co-founder and CEO, Locomation, Inc., USA


A Consumer-centric View of Platoon-based Transport

  • Understanding of business and operational needs
  • Analysis of transport and location data is a key step
  • Identifying high-throughput transport clusters or strategic routes for economic viability
  • Orchestration of platooning requires special attention
  • Multi-brand and inter-fleet platooning for broader adoption

Dr.-Ing. Amol Naik, Product Manager, co-authors: Dr. Radu-Florian Atanasiu, R&D Manager, Dr. Sebastian van de Hoef, Software Engineer, all: HERE Technologies, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break

V. Safety & Regulations


Is Regulation Driving or Stopping Safer Trucks?

  • EU Truck Design regulation for 2025-2030
  • Municipal improvements for the safety of heavy duty vehicles
  • Support and obstruction of different stakeholders for road safety 
  • An overview of EU policy in the field of improving vehicle safety

Samuel Kenny, Freight Policy Officer, Transport & Environment, Belgium


Autonomous Trucks in China: Market, Product, and Regulation

  • Overview of current Chinese AD progress and market situation
  • Technology and product progress
  • Regulation by local government and differences with Germany 
  • The next steps in China

Dr. Zhang Tianlei, CEO, TrunkTech, China



VI. Logistics Value Chain & Last Mile


Automated Freight Matching

  • Dispatcher evolution
  • Supervised Machine Learning will create tour planning for the whole fleet 
  • Better utilization of assets and higher EBIT margins as result

Sebastian Sorger, CEO, LoadFox GmbH, Germany


Future of Logistics from a CEP Service Provider Point of View



Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan 

  • Urban logistics in European towns: Problems and methodology
  • From Urban Consolidation Center to the “virtual consolidation model/agency” 
  • Awarding platform, minihub, and ITS systems in small towns
  • Future by innovative vehicles and 3D with respect to the delivery services

Giorgio Ambrosino, General Manager, MemEx srl, Italy


Challenges and Opportunities of Digitization and Automation in LastMile Delivery

  • The new oil: real-time data in last-mile logistics
  • Opportunities & challenges in last-mile autonomous delivery scenarios
  • Last-mile delivery developments in Southeast Asia

Michael Löhr, Michael Loehr, Founder tiramizoo GmbH, Germany and Joanna Pawluczuk, Managing Partner 2Market Global, Singapore


Conference Chair‘s closing Remarks


End of Conference

Who should attend the conference?

The Autonomous Trucks Conference is aimed at the management:

  • of truck manufacturers
  • of major suppliers (brake systems, sensors, environmental perception, software and others)
  • of automotive IT companies
  • Logistics companies & further users of truck technology
  • of startup companies focused on autonomous trucks

In addition, truck research institutes are addressed as well.

Take the opportunity to exchange technical expertise

The conference offers you a unique platform to exchange expertise with international experts from all over the world. The third edition of the conference “Autonomous Trucks” will offer an interesting mixture of technical presentations from major OEMs, suppliers, research institutes as well as interesting customers. The most important aim is to generate a worldwide picture and not to have a unilateral focus on one country only.

Supporting Experts

  • Axel Gern, Technical Project Lead Autonomous Trucks, Daimler AG, Germany
  • Dipl.-Inform. Torsten Klein, Senior Vice President Research, MAN Truck & Bus, Germany
  • Ir. Ron Borsboom, Board of Management, Director Product Development, DAF Trucks NV, Netherlands
  • Torbjörn Holmström, Senior Advisor Research and Development and former Executive Vice President  & CTO, Volvo Trucks, Sweden
  • Serkan Arslan, Director, Autonomous Driving and Ecosystem, NVIDIA, Germany
  • Stephan Keese, Senior Partner, Roland Berger, USA
  • Dr. Gerhard Nowak, Vice President, PwC Strategy & Germany GmbH

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