International VDI Conference - Battery Production

  • Gain insights into current developments and future trends in battery production
  • Learn about the entire product cycle, from the mining of raw materials and cell production to applications and future recycling
  • Discuss sustainability challenges and the future optimization of battery performance and efficiency with a wide range of international specialists and experts
  • Expand your professional network at an exclusive get-together and with our speed networking event as part of the conference
Battery Production | VDI Conference

The VDI Battery Production Conference is an ideal opportunity to learn more about the current state of battery design and manufacturing. You’ll obtain an overview of future trends, developments and what the industry needs to consider in terms of raw materials, modeling, simulation and diagnosis as well as cell performance, durability and safety. This event is essential for professionals working in a variety of battery-focused areas such as electromobility, raw material supply, and battery manufacture, but also research, development and design.

Taking charge of future innovation

New developments in mobility are moving fast. And they’re powered by the rise of electric vehicles. This has been made possible in part thanks to the steadily increasing performance, reliability and innovation in batteries. The modern battery is highly dependent upon lithium, to the point where around 46% of global production is used in batteries. This then begs the question of how future demands for this valuable raw material will be met and the corresponding sustainability and supply chain challenges.

Furthermore, there are issues to consider when it comes to the efficiency, performance and actual production of battery cells and batteries for future uses. The VDI Battery Production Conference will look at these and other issues in detail and provide you with an interactive forum where you can exchange ideas with other engineering professionals, engage with international experts and learn about recent innovations leading to better use of batteries and advances in electromobility.

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September 10-11, 2019

Raw Materials

  • Global market demand, supply and an outlook for raw materials
  • The future of mining, extraction and production steps of the raw materials for battery technologies

Engineering & Design

  • Thermal management & battery pack design
  • Cell production and the combination of cells into batteries and systems
  • Electrode materials and electrolytes
  • Design development, chemistry and battery design for various technologies

Modeling, simulation and diagnosis

Cell Performance, Durability, and Safety

  • Manufacturing and applications
  • Charging, validation and testing
  • Battery management

Areas of battery application

  • Portable applications
  • Electric vehicles and public transport
  • Other applications such as space travel, air travel, submarine and marine

If you have any questions or need further information please contact Dr. Maria Georgiou-Smith.

Target audience for the conference

The VDI Battery Production Conference is specifically designed for managers, specialists, experts and professionals working in the following areas, amongst others:

  • The metal industry, including raw material suppliers, miners, processors and producers of metal products
  • Automotive and other OEMs
  • Battery, capacitor and fuel cell manufacturing
  • Component manufacturing, including electronics and electrics
  • Battery management system supply
  • Testing, including safety certification, crash safety engineering, validation, conformity services and compliance consulting
  • Research and development, including universities, academic institutions, government research facilities, as well as OEM research and development departments

Your Conference

Chair Dr. Falko Schappacher, Managing Director, MEET – Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology, Münster University, Germany. Dr. Schappacher focuses on the aging of lithium ion batteries, scanning electron microscopy and EDX, X-ray diffraction and Mößbauer spectroscopy.

Additional Benefits

Take advantage of the wide variety of experts at this event to expand your professional network. In addition to an exclusive evening get-together, you will be able to make contacts at our speed-networking event, allowing you to get to know other participants in short, one to one meetings.

Accompanying and complementing the conference, we also offer two international workshops: “Digitalization in Battery Cell Manufacturing” and “Security Systems in Battery Production and Recycling Plants”. Visit the conference and the satellite workshops and benefit from a discounted package price.

Are you interested in promoting your company and products at the VDI Battery Production Conference? Contact Schwarzvdide for more details.

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