International VDI Conference - Battery Recycling

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  • Profit from cutting-edge practical examples from internationally renowned companies, such as Umicore.
  • Take part in presentations at the VDI conference “Efficient WEEE Recycling” taking place at the same time at no additional cost.
  • Make high-quality contacts from both conferences at the evening get-together.
Battery Recycling | VDI Conference

The VDI conference “Battery Recycling” will give you a comprehensive overview of the newest technical, economic and legal developments in the recycling of batteries. International experts and renowned representatives from top industry players will show you, which solutions are working successfully in practice. This knowledge will help you to gain strategic insights for your own company and develop business models.

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A Systemic View of the Evolution of Electric Vehicle markets and EV battery recycling – case Finland
Author: Dr. Jarkko Vesa, Not Innovated Here – Laboratory of Creative Destruction

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Reuse batteries, reclaim resources

The battery market is growing rapidly. In addition to computer products, electric cars will be the key drivers of this development in the future. The need for raw materials for battery production will increase substantially, whilst the number of used products will increase as well at the same time. That’s why recycling batteries in terms of a circular economy is vital to prevent a shortage of already scarce raw materials.

At the VDI conference “Battery Recycling”, battery manufacturers, users and recycling companies will discuss possible solutions, technical innovations and new business models. Conference presentations will cover the entire life cycle of batteries – from raw material extraction to recycling. Some of the topics covered will include safety aspects when dealing with poisonous and explosive raw materials, new developments in facility construction and second use scenarios that look at the reuse of old batteries from electric cars in electricity storage systems.

The conference will look at:

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Thursday, June 14 / Friday, June 15


  • European laws and worldwide trends
  • Strategic perspectives and market developments
  • Innovation Drivers
  • Environmental regulations and Frameworks
  • Integration into circular economy and urban mining concepts

Areas of battery application

  • Electric vehicle batteries
  • Consumer electronics

The interplay of technology and Business

  • Markets
  • Second use
  • Battery life cycles
  • The quality of recycled batteries and raw materials
  • Sorting and safety aspects in recycling

Raw Materials

  • Lithium
  • Cobalt

Facility construction

  • Strategies for innovation in technology, facility construction and facility optimization
  • Artificial intelligence in battery sorting
  • New business models and practical examples

2 conferences plus optional Workshop

The chairman of the conference “Battery Recycling” is Dr. Falko Schappacher, Managing Director of MEET (Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology) at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster.

The VDI conference “Efficient WEEE Recycling” takes place at the same time. You can switch back and forth between both conferences at any time. That makes this event format unique, in combining two recycling topics that are innately connected. We also recommend that you book the workshop “Digital Transformation and the Recycling Industry”, as it is the ideal accompaniment to both conferences.

Speakers at the conference include:

  • Dr. Christian Hagelüken, Director EU Government Affairs, Umicore
  • Michael Tamlin, Chief Operating Officer, Neometals 
  • James Frith, Energy Storage Analyst, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • Holger Gritzka, CEO, TerraE
  • Robert Sonnenschein, Managing Director, REMONDIS Industrie Service
  • Claude Chanson, Recharge Batteries

Who should take part in the conference?

The VDI conference “Battery Recycling” is aimed at professionals and managers at companies, organizations and scientific institutions that are working in the areas of development, manufacturing, recycling or reuse of batteries and raw materials..

Amongst others, this conference is ideal for:

  • International experts
  • Battery manufacturers
  • Recycling companies
  • Metal technology companies
  • Organizations in waste management and battery Recycling
  • Consulting companies

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Participants‘ comments

Abner Abee,
BatterySafetySolutions BV

Good congress, great speakers!

Ivan Mathieu,
EverZinc Belgium

Presentations were very informative!

Abner Abee,
BatterySafetySolutions BV

Good congress, great speakers!

Ivan Mathieu,
EverZinc Belgium

Presentations were very informative!

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