Big Data Technology in the Production Line

Your benefits

  • Learn about the utility of Big Data from the experts and find out how you can make the most of the information you collect
  • Hear from renowned speakers from around the world, including the USA, and see how data is handled by leading corporations
  • Find out about the newest developments in technology and how Big Data is used and analyzed internationally
Big Data Technology in the Production Line | VDI Wissensforum

Data is everywhere – every machine used in a facility and on a production line is capable of producing large amounts of detailed information. The key is finding out what is the most important and how best to use it. The VDI conference ‘Big Data Technology in the Production Line’ will shed light on the challenges and opportunities Big Data presents.

What’s the big deal about Big Data?

Technology now allows us to capture unprecedented levels of data about machines and technological processes. However, traditional data processing can often have difficulties handling the amount or complexity of the information. Big Data uses advanced analytics to create predictive models, for example, and determines which pieces of information are the most useful to achieve positive results on the production line.

The VDI conference ‘Big Data Technology in the Production Line’ will present the newest developments and technology in Big Data. You will also have the opportunity to network with colleagues and engage with renowned international speakers who will cover themes such as why data is important and how it is handled by leading corporations.

Conference themes

A wide range of topics and themes will be discussed, including:

  • Advancements in Big Data and how to stay ahead in a fast-moving field
  • Preventive maintenance for the optimization of production lines
  • Data analysis and evaluation in conjunction with new sensor technology and IT Systems
  • The future of Big Data and how current developments and technologies will influence data gathering and analysis in the future

Who this conference is for

The VDI conference ‘Big Data Technology in the Production Line’ is for professionals working in industry, automation, data analysis, product maintenance, IT, measuring, testing and monitoring, service and system technology and engineering. Amongst others, it will be interesting and valuable to the following people:

  • Machine Operators
  • IT specialists
  • Data analysts
  • Engineers
  • Software professionals
  • Data engineers
  • Data management engineers
  • Software developer
  • Automation specialists
  • Industrial engineers
  • Database specialists
  • System architects

 Special events and extras

On top of great opportunities to network and meet other professionals from the world of Big Data, the VDI conference ‘Big Data Technology in the Production Line’ will also host a workshop on ‘The Way from Digitalization with Advanced Analytics to APC – A journey with practical examples’.

The focus is on ‘real world’ production, where there are often not enough qualified data sets to make Big Data applications and optimize processes. Together with McKinsey project management, VDI’s Big Data Standardization Group has developed a set of best practices that are proven to work in over 1,200 projects at medium and large companies.

The possibilities for Big Data are huge. Use them to your advantage.

Book your seat at the VDI conference ‘Big Data Technology in the Production Line’ to experience how companies from all over the world gather and handle data. Learn from leading professionals in the field and secure your advantage from using Big Data.

12.12 - 13.12.2017 Düsseldorf available 1490 €

A limited number of rooms has been reserved for the benefit of the event participants.