International VDI Workshop - Blockchain Technologies for Automotive Applications

Blockchain Technologies - International VDI-Workshop

Blockchain Technology is ready for exploration by automotive key players such as suppliers, manufacturers, regulators or finance providers. Although the disruptive technology is one of the major trends across industries it is still a long way until Blockchain applications will be fully adopted and implemented by enterprises and thus will be changing value chains. This workshop will introduce the exciting new technology and with the help of real life use cases from the automotive industry the workshop chair will encourage the participants to actively discuss and share their ideas and thoughts around Blockchain Technology for automotive applications.

Blockchain Technology Revolutionizing the Automotive Sector?

In the era of digital transformation the automotive industry is already facing fundamental challenges. New business models emerge, long established working processes have to be redefined and new, disruptive technologies have to be implemented. Amongst these, Blockchain Technology can certainly be ranked as one of the essential and groundbreaking transformative technologies on the edge towards the adaption as an integral business application. Blockchain, functioning as a distributed system technology, enables safer, more efficient and transparent transactions.

Especially the Automotive industry will be impacted by Blockchain Technology. Given the evolution towards connected cars and autonomous driving, the possibility to combine automation with trustable transactions gives room for new concepts and services around the car. Whereas most approaches are yet in the concept phase, some solutions are ready to be implemented.

The IBM experts will introduce real life automotive use cases and will encourage the discussion on how the technology can and will be adopted for the automotive industry in the near and not so distant future to let the participants gain a deeper understanding of the key aspects behind the technology. As an attendee you are welcome to hand in your questions prior to the workshop. The workshop chair will include your individual topics into the discussion during the event.

Who should attend this international Workshop?

This international workshop on Blockchain Technologies for Automotive Applications is directed at

  • Digital Innovators
  • Technology Leaders and Consultants
  • Mobility Experts

from car manufacturers, suppliers and technology providers who are engaged in areas responsible for the introduction of Blockchain Technology solutions for the automotive industry. Amongst others these include:

  • R&D
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Digital Transformation and Digital Operations
  • Consulting

Also, any other Blockchain enthusiasts and futurists who are interested in Blockchain and its possible automotive applications are welcome to attend.

Your Chairmen

The Workshop will be held by Matthew Jones, Blockchain Leader at the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense Global Center of Competence of IBM Global Business Services and Hardy Groeger, Executive Architect and Client Technical Leader, Automotive at IBM Global Markets.

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