International VDI Conference - Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility

  • Engage with international experts and hear high-quality presentations about intelligent charging and power solutions.
  • Learn how new developments in charging infrastructure affect cities, power networks and cars around the world.
  • Network with international experts, researchers and entrepreneurs from a wide variety of fields in and around electromobility and energy production.
  • See how things are done in other parts of the world and exchange experiences and practices with professional participants from countries such as the USA, the UK, China, Sweden, Portugal, the Netherlands, Switzerland, etc.
Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility | VDI Conference

The VDI Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility conference is primarily concerned with how to intelligently build an energy-efficient electricity and charging network that gives electromobility users easy access to power. Profit from the experiences gained in projects around the world – from China’s networked cities and the UK’s charging stations to case studies from the USA, Sweden, Portugal and Finland to name just a few.

The road to the future.

We are seeing more and more electric vehicles on our roads every day. But as opposed to their fossil fuel-powered cousins, the infrastructure needed to keep them on the road isn’t nearly as well developed. On the one hand, this means that energy providers are under pressure from drivers to expand their networks and adapt their business models to accommodate these new vehicles.

And on the other hand, automobile manufacturers are becoming dependent upon easy and efficient charging infrastructure to be able to sell their vehicles to consumers. The solutions to the challenges presented by the emergence of electric vehicles are diverse. All around the world, countries and cities are developing intelligent infrastructure to equip themselves for the future and the focus is on integrating charging stations with power grids.

At the VDI Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility conference, international experts will present their experiences gained in projects across the globe and you’ll have the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t as well as what your colleagues and competitors are currently working on.

Be at the forefront of electromobility

The “Autonomous & Electric Buses” conference is also taking place at the same time. Use your ticket for Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility to access the other event and profit from a wide range of insights and professional presentations at the cutting edge of this growing industry. There will also be an evening get-together with participants from both conferences.

Program of the Conference

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Registration & welcome coffee


Chair‘s welcome and opening address

Dr. Kotub Uddin, Head of Research, Ovo Energy, UK

I. Challenges and Opportunities in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
Development and Deployment


Overcoming Power Constraints: The Role of Static Energy Storage for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

  • Necessity of more charging infrastructure
  • Charging supply issues for busses and taxis
  • Road electrification for heavy freight vehicles
  • Avoiding expensive reinforcement by deploying static battery storage systems

Professor Richard McMahon, Professor, WMG Warwick University, UK


Using EVs as Battery Storage - The Benefits and Opportunities

  • Review of the motivation for EV uptake in the UK and globally - Why do/why will we have so much spare capacity driving around?
  • What technology can we use to access this?
  • What is the market opportunity in doing this?
  • How can EV8 Technologies help?

Dr. Rebecca Gough, Head of Solutions, EV8 Technologies, UK


Networking & Coffee break


Lessons learned in the setup of high-power charging stations in Europe and USA

Johan Peeters, Global VP Sales & Marketing, ABB, The Netherlands


The Electric (shared) Vehicle as Part of the sustainable Energy Grid

  • The success of shared electric vehicles as solution in urban and rural areas in The Netherlands
  • Electric vehicles as part of the energy grid, some current Dutch projects
  • Smart charging combined with photovoltaic, local storage and shared electric vehicles = FUTURE???!!!

Edwin Bestebreurtje, Partner & Senior Consultant, Fier Automotive & Mobility, The Netherlands




Challenge of Charging in City Centres

  • 56% of European city dwellers do not have off street parking
  • Car battery sizes are increasing
  • Inadequate infrastructure - Planning and optimizing
  • Battery storage to take unused overnight energy and support the local grid
  • Future proofing the solution

Clive Southwell, Manager UK, Allego Charging Limited, UK


Blockchain 2.0: From Automotive 4.0 to Mobility 3.0

  • Blockchain use cases in Automotive industry
  • Mercedes Mobility Hackathon and New Protocol
  • Protocol Code Name: Adrienne
  • Blockchain use cases for Electromobility

Antonio Ferreira, CEO, TechHQ, Portugal


Networking & Coffee break

II. Trends and Possibilities of Short Distance Traffic


Data-driven Charging Network Planning

  • Current & required market data
  • Existing geo-planning and prognosis tools
  • Data-driven charging network planning potential
  • Accelerating the transition towards sustainable mobility

Pjotr Sillekens, Consultant Sustainable Mobility, EVConsult, The Netherlands


A Glimpse into the Future: E-mobility in Norway

  • The Norwegian electrical vehicle policy
  • Current status of EV-adoption
  • Key success factors for public charging services in an early mass market

Benjamin Rinner, International Business Development, Fortum Charge & Drive, Finland


End of conference day one


At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

III. Business Models and Economic Viability


Delivering Future Proof Energy Structure

  • Role of flexible technologies in the future electricity system
  • Operation and planning of future electricity infrastructure
  • Improving current commercial and regulatory arrangements
  • Increased risk and complexity of new smart technologies

Professor Goran Strbac, Chair of Electrical Energy Systems, Imperial College London, UK


Trends in EV Charging

  • High Power Charging and Power level based on use case
  • Wireless charging
  • E-Buses
  • VGI (vehicle grid integration): V2G, storage, load management

Pedro Domingues, Efacec Electric Mobility, Portugal


Networking & Coffee break


EVs as Grid Resources at Scale

  • The majority of EV charging contexts involve flexibility
  • Smart charging is a commercial reality now, V2G will become commercial
  • Flexible aggregation, optimization software and partnership models are needed in order to unlock the value of flexibility in each market

Vincent Schachter, Senior Vice President Energy Services, eMotorWerks, an Enel Group Company, France


The Global Outlook for Plug-in Vehicles

  • Regional and global view of EV adoption rates, following the adoption curve
  • Push and Pull factors for electric vehicles and the battery development
  • Subsidies and taxation and national targets
  • Performance and convenience and TCO Parity

Viktor Irle, Market Analyst, EV-Volumes, Sweden




From Amsterdam to the World: rEVolution

  • How the Netherlands became the world leader in EV charging
  • Matching charging infrastructure with user needs
  • Mobilizing investment by creating dynamic EV charging markets
  • Partnering to electrify the world

Bjørn Utgard, Director of New Markets, EV-Box, The Netherlands

 IV. Emerging Technologies, Future Visions and Innovation


The Role of residential Flexibility in supporting the Decarbonisation of Power, Transport and Heat

  • The challenges posed by the increasingly complex supply and demand on the power grid
  • The role storage plays in supporting the grid
  • Value of flexibility

Toby Ferenczi, Director of Strategy, Ovo Energy, UK


Comparte-moto Project, Innovation in E-mobility and valuable Takeaways for City Managers

  • Charging e-scooters in municipal premises using renewables in Murcia
  • Can we predict and be able to adapt to the new challenges are coming in the mobility sector?
  • Innovation is crucial when it comes to encourage our citizens to shift to the electric vehicleIt
  • Valuable takeaways for city managers for building an e-mobility strategy

Jaime Ruiz Huescar, E-mobility manager and Smart City project coordinator. Energy & Climate Change Agency - City of Murcia, Spain


Networking & Coffee break


Proving the Value of Vehicle-to-Grid

  • How UK government support is dramatically accelerating the V2G agenda
  • The value propositions for all parties
  • Profiles of the diverse array of UK demonstrator projects in this area

Dr. Marco Landi, Innovation Lead – Vehicle-to-Grid & EV Charging, Innovate, UK


Conference chair‘s closing remarks


End of conference

Who is this conference for?

The VDI Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility conference is ideal for professionals and management working in fields related to electromobility. Amongst others, the target audience includes:

  • Distribution network Operators
  • Medium voltage network operators
  • Energy providers / public works companies with e-mobility
  • Measurement service providers
  • Providers of billing platforms and roaming
  • Automotive manufacturers active in electromobility
  • Electromobility OEMs and suppliers
  • Performance electronics companies
  • Residential construction companies
  • City planners

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