International VDI Workshop - Collaboration through Design


This VDI workshop will look at how various software, data, infotainment and other digital systems can help improve the Human Machine Interface (HMI) in vehicles. Learn about superior design can make user experiences better and how data analytics and OTA can increase trust in connected vehicles. You’ll also have the opportunity to network and discuss current challenges and future trends with a specialist group of participants.

In semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles, trust is key

Things are changing fast in the automotive world. What seemed almost like far-fetched science fiction only a decade ago is quickly becoming reality, with ‘smart’, connected vehicles hitting the streets in ever-greater numbers. This will most likely eventually lead to full automation and will be seeing substantial changes in how we as drivers and passengers interact with machines. This makes optimizing and improving user experience as well as using data, analytics and software to build trust on the part of drivers all the more important.

This VDI workshop will allow you to learn how industry experts and leaders design HMI and what factors and potential challenges you will need to consider in your own business. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to network with other specialists in the field and discuss best practice with participants and speakers. This workshop is a must for those working in HMI, automotive design and other digital spheres who are interested in the future of mobility and want to prepare for the challenges and opportunities changes will bring.

Content of the Workshop

The VDI Building In-Vehicle Trust, Collaboration and Experience through Effective Design and OTA Workshop will cover the following themes:

  • Leveraging data and software to increase trust
  • User experience and infotainment design in connected vehicles
  • The benefits of data analytics and OTA

September 26, 2019, 09:00 - 16:00

Introduction to HMI, infotainment, OTA and UX design

Man vs. Machine, in automotive

Building a collaborative intelligence: Exercise

The use of data and A/B testing to fine-tune experiences

Main findings of the workshop day

Outlook into the future

Target audience for the workshop

The VDI Workshop  on Building In-Vehicle Trust, Collaboration and Experience through Effective Design and OTA is designed for managers, departmental heads, senior executives, software engineers, HMI experts, connected services and mobility service program managers. It is also ideal for professionals and management interested in mobility services in general, software development and digital cockpits as well as those involved in designing infotainment systems and connected car programs.

Your Workshop Chair

Hadas Topor Cohen is Senior Director for Product Management and Quality, Over the Air and Automotive Cloud (Core) software platforms at HARMAN. Topor Cohen has over 20 years of experience in software development, product management, marketing and strategy. She started her career in the software development unit of the Israeli Defence Force, where she held several software development and management roles during her seven years of service. Topor Cohen has also held managing positions at Amdocs and TTI and has a degree in engineering from Bar-Ilan University and an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from Tel-Aviv University.

Tom Wellings is Principal Designer, User Experience at Huemen Design Agency, Harman International, Belgium. Tom lives HMI and breathes UX. A Royal College of Art alumnus specialising in automotive UX and human factors for the last 15 years, he has worked at the University of Warwick, Jaguar Land Rover and since 2014, Harman International. He is a senior member of Huemen’s Mobility UX/UI team, with responsibility for infotainment and digital cockpit projects. As a designer, engineer and researcher, Tom works at the intersection of these domains and is constantly striving to improve the interaction experiences that clients and customers demand. His work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, books, conference proceedings, industry reports and, of course, cars.

Accompanying Conference

The VDI Workshop on Building In-Vehicle Trust, Collaboration and Experience through Effective Design and OTA is the ideal accompaniment to the Automotive HMI & Connectivity Conference. This conference will cover fascinating and highly relevant topics such as using 5G to develop connected automated mobility, transforming vehicle HMI with new technologies, external HMI and communication between vehicles and vulnerable road users as well as the role of UX now and in the future. Both the conference and this workshop are a must for those who want to be at the cutting edge of vehicle design and leverage the opportunities presented by vast technological change.

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