6th International VDI Conference - Connected Off-Highway Machines

  • Learn more about the impact of the Digital Transformation on the Off-Highway Industry 
  • Find out about current developments in the area of Connectivity and Data Management, as well as Remote Monitoring and Autonomy
  • Meet peers from the agricultural, mining and construction Industry and discuss latest findings and trends
International Conference Connected Off-highway machines

SAVE THE DATE – On May 19 and 20, 2021 our 6th international conference on “Connected Off-Highway Machines” will return to Düsseldorf to discuss new technologies revolutionizing the industry. In the Off-Highway Industry mobile machines become increasingly connected and drive (semi-) autonomously already. They increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and making working conditions in harsh environments safer. Our international VDI conference offers an ideal platform to discuss latest technology trends with international experts.

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Machines meet Radio Technology
Author: Heikki Keränen, Solution Manager, SATEL

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Smart Future for the Off-Highway Industry?

All major players of the Off-Highway Industry are working on smart technologies and solutions. Automation, connectivity and digital processes have many benefits. However, there are still many challenges and questions ahead: How do connectivity and automation impact business models? How to really benefit from Big Data? How to integrate artificial intelligence in Off-Highway Machines? When and how will fully Autonomous Off-Highway Machines become a reality? How does the role of the worker change?


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Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address:
Michael Gomes, Vice President, Topcon Agriculture, USA

I. Connected Vehicle Technology


Opening Keynote

A Bold View on the Future of Connected Off-Highway Machines

  • Taking the ecosystem perspective
  • Fight for the digital layer
  • Developing new business opportunities
  • Outlook and key takeaways

Andreas Baier, Partner Industrial Goods & Services & Oliver Dolny, Manager Industrial Goods & Services, both: Porsche Consulting GmbH, Germany


Perspectives of a Connected and Automated Construction Site

  • Wireless communication systems for construction sites: Comprehensive data flow between machines, assets and a central management instance
  • Key requirements for automated machine operation and construction work driven by digital models
  • Research project “Bauen 4.0“ – from simple asset tracking devices to machine on-board systems up to site planning and management software

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Will & Volker Waurich, both: Stiftungsprofessur für Baumaschinen, TU Dresden, Germany


Why the Process Is the Best Interface between Connected Machines

  • Lean construction & smart equipment
  • Human machine interaction
  • Data driven continuous improvement

Dr. Lucas J Winter, Managing Director, CONTAKT GmbH, Austria


Solving Connectivity Challenges for a Remote Controlled Excavator

  • Remote control – a step towards the autonomy
  • Varying data use cases and their throughput, delay requirememets: Control, sensors, video
  • Real life connectivity implementation solving the issues

M.Sc.Eng Heikki Keränen, Head of Technology, Satel, Finland



II. The Future of Autonomous Mobile Machines


Hardware and Software Platforms for Autonomous Operations

  • Advanced automation and autonomy pose new challenges for hard- and software developers
  • Higher performance requirements are emerging together with the need for increased safety levels 1st day
  • The adoption of new technologies will re-define the collaboration between the operator and the machine

Dipl. Ing. Andreas Locatelli, Senior Product Manager, TTControl GmbH, Austria


Environmental Sensing for Connected Off-Highway Machines

  • From assistant systems to autonomous solutions for off-highway
  • Use case overview in off-highway
  • Environmental sensing

Dr.-Ing. Lars Thielke, Business Development Manager, Continental Automotive GmbH, Germany


Digital Transformation of Earthmoving: Keep the Distance by Digital Assistance

  • Assisted automation in the movement of earth and measurement of terrain
  • Digital transformation: From data to knowledge
  • Digital twinning of processes and remote jobsite management

Karsten Elles, Smart Construction Market Development Manager & Ian De Dobbelaere, Smart Construction, both: Komatsu Europe International, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break

III. Data Management & Data Privacy


Data Platform Serving Multiple Stakeholders

  • What defines a ”data platform serving multiple stakeholders” and what are decision criteria for choosing the right platform?
  • Why do IoT initiatives fail and what challenges do customers face in IoT projects?
  • Ready made IoT solutions for customers within a powerful IoT platform environment

Ralf Parfuss, Founder and CEO, t-matix solutions GmbH, Austria


Governments are Catching Up: Requirements & Impact on Connected Machinery

  • Data Governance rules in the EU
  • OEMs must balance data privacy, data sharing, cybersecurity

Vik Vandecaveye, Cybersecurity & IoT Regulatory Compliance, CNH Industrial, Belgium


Identifying the Correlation Between Functional Software Changes and Regulated Vehicle Functions

  • What is regulated? The software or the software functionality?
  • Validation requirements by WP29 and type approval regulations
  • Does updated software necessarily affect the type approval?
  • Speaking the same language – how to report the effect of the software update
  • How can software change validation verify warranty eligibility?

Roger Ordman, Executive Vice President, Aurora Labs, Israel


End of Conference Day One



Relaxed  and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations

Thursday, May 20, 2021


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair‘s Opening

IV. Maintenance & Monitoring of Connected Off-Highway Machines


Opening Keynote

The Journey from Smart Data to Smart Service

  • Fuchs digital journey
  • Integration and combination of digital services
  • The added value for all stake holders
  • Projections and visions about the next level and generation of smart service

Dominik Vierkotten, General Manager & Thomas Sandrock, Director Product Support & Quality, both: Terex Deutschland GmbH, Germany


Smart Camera AI/From Optical Perception to Intelligent Processing on the Edge

  • Smart camera AI – the intelligent key sensor in off-highway machines
  • Combining robustness, powerful artificial intelligence and machine
  • Learning features in one device local data processing, filtered data transfer to the cloud and faster decision-making right on the spot
  • Use cases: Feature extraction, people and object detection, area surveillance, predictive maintenance

Sven Salzer, Managing Director, Ark Vision Systems, Germany

V. Safety and Connencted Off-Highway Machines


Environment Detection and Safe Decision Making for Off Highway Mixed Traffic Operation of Mobile Machines

  • Environment recognition for automatic motion of mobile machines
  • None of the long range environment recognition systems available today used for guidance are functional safe
  • Sensor diversity and redundancy
  • Processing by certified PLd/Cat3 mobile safety controllers
  • Functional safe decision making basing on the available environmental sensor data and the driving situation

Dr. Christoph Mueller, CEO, MobileTronics GmbH, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break


LiDAR in Off-Road – Use Cases, Challenges and Solutions

  • Applications and uses cases in agriculture, mining and construction
  • Challenges of esthetical and reliable integration
  • Handling of contamination
  • Using AI to cover safety and automation tasks
  • Robust sensor technology and manufacturability

Karsten Bronowski, Business Development Manager, XenomatiX, Belgium


Develop Safe & Certifiable Software: Learnings from the Passenger Vehicle Industry

  • Key trends and challenges in developing the software defined off-highway vehicle of the future
  • Layered software architectures (e.g. AUTOSAR) to manage software complexity
  • Toolchain definition and integration for safety standard compliant development (e.g. ISO 26262 / ISO 25119 etc.)
  • Automated processes to reduce efforts in achieving compliance and (re-) certification

Gaurav Tomar, Automotive Industry Manager EMEA & Mohammad Abu-Alqumsan, Product Manager, IEC Certification Kit, both: MathWorks, Germany




Panel Discussion:

The Challenges of Mixed Fleet Management

  • Connectivity & communication
  • Effects of Covid-19

Panelist to be announced


Networking & Coffee Break

VI. Fleet Management & Fleet Operations


Feature-On-Demand & Fleet-On-Demand: How On-demand Solutions Conquer the Construction Site and What Effects This Has on OEM‘s

  • On-demand solutions
  • Differentiation via software
  • Smartphone on the construction site
  • Impact on OEMs

Stefan Öttl, Irdeto B.V., Director Business Development, Off-Highway, Austria


Fleet Management
Speaker to be announced


Conference Chair‘s Closing Remarks


End of Conference

Who should attend the conference?

The "Connected Off-Highway Machines" Conference is aimed at engineers, technologists, designers and specialists from mobile machine manufacturers and suppliers of the off-highway industry, in particular managers and staff from:

  • Software development
  • Mobile machine control Solutions
  • Communication technologies Departments
  • Electric and electronics systems
  • Telematics, drivers assistance Systems

This international conference provides a professional forum for all experts who are working in the fields of Connected Off-Highway Machines, Automation and IT for mobile machines to exchange experiences and ideas.

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Eventnumber: 01KO902

6th International VDI Conference - Connected Off-Highway Machines


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Take advantage of the block of rooms we have reserved for guests at the event location. Please list VDI Wissensforum as a reference when making your hotel booking.

Eventnumber: 01KO902

6th International VDI Conference - Connected Off-Highway Machines


Take advantage of the block of rooms we have reserved for guests at the event location. Please list VDI Wissensforum as a reference when making your hotel booking.

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