International VDI Workshop - Corrosion protection for steel constructions

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Corrosion protection for steel constructions | Int. VDI-Workshop

The international VDI Corrosion Protection for Steel Constructions workshop provides fundamental knowledge in the areas of corrosion and the protection of steel constructions from corrosion. You will learn what part organic and inorganic coatings play in corrosion protection and the influence construction and joining techniques have on corrosion behavior. This workshop will allow you to understand the corrosion of steel constructions better and help you to judge, which protective measures make sense based on various use cases.

Tailored Strategies for Corrosion Protection

This 2-day workshop covers the basics of corrosion on steel constructions, such as cranes, masts, parking decks, factory halls, photovoltaic facilities or pipe bridges, for example. You will find out how corrosive strain is influenced by climatic, geographic and environmental factors. Based upon this knowledge, you will learn how to choose suitable corrosion protection systems based on corrosive strain factors and in accordance with EN 12944 and other relevant norms and standards.

Following the presentation of various corrosion protection systems, we will discuss the failure and breakdown mechanisms of corrosion protection systems. Further focal points of the workshop include choosing the right pre-treatment methods, various coating methods, galvanic corrosion and the influence of welding on the performance of corrosion protection systems. In particular, we ask you to contribute your own experiences to the workshop and to discuss problems or issues from your own company – either with the larger workshop audience or in a smaller circle with other contributors in between sessions.

Content of the Workshop

The 2-day international VDI Corrosion Protection for Steel Constructions workshop will cover the following areas, amongst others:

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2 Days


  • The basics of corrosion
  • The electrochemical corrosion cell
  • Morphology of corrosion

Factors that influence Corrosion Speed

  • Humidity and electrolytes
  • Norms and standards (EN ISO 12944-2-2/ISO 9223/EN 1993-1-4)
  • Galvanic corrosion

The Corrosion behavior of Steel and metallic Coatings

  • Construction steel
  • Weatherproof steel (DAST 007)
  • Stainless steel (EN 1993)
  • Zinc and zinc alloys (EN 1461)

Application of metallic Coatings

  • Continuous and batch processes
  • Pot galvanization and its variants
  • Spray methods
  • Diffusion processes
  • Galvanization
  • Coating for connecting elements

Organic Coatings

  • Properties of organic coatings
  • Delaminating
  • Surface preparation
  • Surface pre-treatment
  • Materials for organic coatings
  • Application of organic coatings
  • Film formation and connection
  • Selected systems according to EN 12944-5
  • Duplex systems

The influence of construction and joining technology

  • Construction rules for corrosion protections (according to EN 12944-3)
  • The influence of welds
  • Further joining techniques

Corrosion analysis

  • Common methods of corrosion analysis and their usage in practice
  • Analysis according to EN 12944-6

Who should take part in this workshop?

The international VDI Corrosion Protection for Steel Constructions workshop is aimed at engineers and constructors who are responsible for choosing, planning or implementing measures to protect steel constructions from corrosion. The workshop is also relevant to engineers and technical specialists as well as managers who would like to have an introduction to the corrosion behavior of iron-based metals and who would like to learn about the possibilities to protect from corrosion.

Your Workshop Chair

Prof. Dr. rer. nat Christoph Strobl teaches material science and surface technology at the Technical University of Ingolstadt. In addition to his work at the university, he works as a trainer and consultant in the areas of corrosion and corrosion protection. Before moving to the university, he was the head of the corrosion protection department at a major German car manufacturer.

Dr. Ing. Simon Oberhauser received his PhD at the Bergakademie Freiberg in the area of material sciences. Today, he is head of inncoa GmbH, a consulting company involved in the analysis of corrosion damage and the improvement of corrosion performance of components for the widest variety of industrial applications.

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