International VDI Workshop - Cyber Security for Off-Highway Vehicles

Cyber Security for Off-Highway Vehicles | VDI Workshop

The VDI Cyber Security for Off-Highway Vehicles workshop will give you insight into the broad spectrum of challenges presented by the increased digital interconnection of agricultural and off-highway vehicles. You will gain a detailed understanding of security engineering, starting with the virtual design of a secured agricultural ECU and then progressing to further relevant topics such as key management and storage and X.509 certificates. In addition to current technology, this workshop will also consider future developments and changes to give you a broad picture of the challenges presented in securing off-highway and agricultural vehicles.

Securing vehicles by using foresight and identifying challenges

We all know that security is paramount, regardless of whether it is physical or virtual. But the introduction of new security mechanisms into existing ecosystems and product lifecycles can be fraught with challenges. That’s why security engineering needs to be an integral part of processes as early as possible, using foresight to address potential challenges and opportunities. The VDI Cyber Security for Off-Highway Vehicles workshop will consider future developments in digital connection and security as well as the state of current technology.

This workshop is an interactive event, where participants will engage with the virtual design of a secured ECU with remote data transmission capabilities and ‘software over the air’ (SOTA) as well as looking at issues like key storage, management and private key infrastructure (PKI). You will learn why we need so many various security mechanisms and how they work.

This will give you the insight and knowledge you need to make the necessary changes to manufacturing processes, consider the benefits and disadvantages of current technology, and to look toward the future to prepare for the challenges we will face tomorrow.

Workshop Key Topics

The VDI Cyber Security for Off-Highway and Agricultural Vehicles workshop will cover the following topics, amongst others:

  • Introduction to cyber security for off-highway and agricultural vehicles
  • Understanding security aspects - Virtual design of an OTA capable ECU
  • Case study example:
    Small OEMs and security requirements
    Tractor implementation management – securing automation in agriculture
  • Future outlook
  • Vehicle 2 X – Requirements to join the “network”
  • Software Over-The-Air
  • GDPR in vehicles – Privacy, authenticity, security
  • ISO 21434 - Road vehicles – Cybersecurity engineering


Target audience

The VDI Cyber Security for Off-Highway and Agricultural Vehicles workshop is ideal for professionals and management in OEMs and suppliers in the agricultural and off-highway vehicles industry involved with security. Amongst others, this workshop will be of interest to:

  • System Engineers, Developers
  • Product Managers
  • Team and Project Leaders
  • Managers

Furthermore, this event is open to all professionals with an interest in cybersecurity, who would like to discuss how current systems can be optimized and future trends can be anticipated.

Your workshop chairs

The sessions will be led by Dipl. Phys. Roland Marx, Head of the Competence Center for Embedded Security at OSB AG in Munich.

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