FAST – a support of innovation in theory and practice

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FAST – a support of innovation in theory and practice

The seminar will deliver a practical knowledge and capability for using Function Analysis System Technique (FAST) in workshops and will outline the differences and similarities with using Function Trees.



Workshop Description

The seminar includes team exercises to learn from practicing the application of the function modeling techniques. Learn why FAST is used by a large number of VE experts around the world and how it can be utilized to power innovative thinking.

Workshop Content

Contents of the seminar are:

  • History and Evolution of Function Modeling Techniques
  • Benefits of FAST
  • FAST Fundamentals & Rules
  • Adding Dimensions to FAST Models
  • Innovative Thinking & Levels of Abstraction
  • Team Practice Exercises

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Target Group

VA/VE specialist, PVM, TVM, CVS, Users and interested people in techniques for function analysis

Workshop Chair

Craig L. Squires, CVS (Certified Value Specialist), is globally recognized as an expert in FAST and who is a Past President of SAVE International and Managing Partner of