International VDI Workshop - Designing On-Demand Transport Services

Designing On-Demand Transport Services | VDI Workshop

The VDI Workshop Designing On-Demand Transport Services will consider the vehicles, software and services currently available on the market. In a series of breakout sessions, you will have the opportunity to join other participants and design the various aspects of an on-demand transport service together. This will be supported by informative and useful learning materials as well as additional resources to expand your knowledge and put it into practice.

Making mobility work for everyone

Demand for public transport is on the rise across the board. And we should be supportive of a mobility solution that can be better for the environment and more efficient. However, the concept of large vehicles traveling regularly on fixed routes in fixed intervals is not necessarily an effective concept to meet future mobility demands.

On-demand services are emerging as modern, agile and efficient alternatives to our legacy transport solutions and will gain a large amount of traction in the future. From autonomous and non-autonomous driving to public and private mobility providers, the various options and combinations will transform the way people travel through urban and rural environments.

This interactive VDI workshop will look at the diversity of solutions and consider the current situation on the market. As a participant, you will be able to work in small groups and design an on-demand transport service and learn about the challenges and opportunities in the process. You’ll also benefit from an introduction into Design Thinking and User Experience Strategy and how they can optimize transport services and solutions. This workshop is ideal for those who have a stake in the mobility of the future.


We are currently preparing the final program for you. You will soon be able to download it here.

Your Workshop Chair

Steffen Schaefer, New Mobility / Smart Cities Advisor

Target Audience for the Workshop

The VDI Workshop Designing On-Demand Transport Services is ideal for mobility providers and transport operators planning to roll out a service as well as vehicle manufacturers who would like to gain an understanding of how their products may be used in future mobility solutions. It will also be useful for innovation managers who want to learn more about on-demand transport and mobility.

Combination with other events

The VDI Designing On-Demand Transport Services Workshop is an ideal accompaniment to the Future of Buses Conference taking place at the same time in the same venue. You can profit from a reduced combination price if you book both events together.

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