Designing the City of Tomorrow – Shaping a Smart City Scenario

Designing the City of Tomorrow | VDI Workshop

Throughout the world, digital transformation is changing the way we live, and new mobility concepts and smart mega cities are the forefront of these developments. The VDI “Designing the City of Tomorrow – Shaping a Smart City Scenario” workshop is a truly interactive, hands-on event that will give participants the opportunity to explore and apply the construct of a smart city.

Building the City of Tomorrow

The concept of a smart city is based on a cross-sector collaboration between the stakeholders in the ecosystem, such as policymakers, transport- and infrastructure providers, as well as city dwellers themselves.

Data and technology is integrated with other processes, providing for basic needs such as energy or clean air. Connectivity is the buzzword here: the huge amount of data generated by our cars, apps, transportation systems and urban infrastructure provides previously unheard of potential in terms of mobility and data management, infrastructure optimization or energy efficiency.

This interactive workshop is designed to explore the construct of a smart city from the inside. It is the ideal accompaniment to the VDI “Smart Cars & Urban Mobility” conference, which considers in detail how one of the most important aspects of future mobility evolves in a functional ecosystem.

Ask yourself: what is your vision of a smart city?

Workshop Agenda

  • Introducing the construct of a smart city, its stakeholders and industries
  • Briefing: The Smart City Model – a fictional layout
  • Role play and gamification exploring smart city 
  • Framing the window of opportunity (“The Art of the Possible”) 
  • Main findings from the workshop day 
  • Future outlook

After a brief introduction into the overall construct of a smart city and its fictional layout, as well as its stakeholders and industries, participants are guided through the interactive part. Attendees acquaint themselves with a specific role to experience the smart city from this specific perspective. The workshop team gains insights into additional elements that make up “smart city constructs” and a better understanding of how cities can be transformed into smart cities. Important topics will be elaborated upon and facilitated in breakout sessions, during which participants are invited to actively contribute, discuss and share their experiences and best practices. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of “what’s in for me” in relation to smart cities. The similarities, differences and unique positions of industries and geographic locations will also be considered.


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Your Workshop Chair

This workshop is moderated by Barbara Flügge, Founder of barbara-flügge-consulting, a thought leader in ecosystems thinking, innovations and strategy deployment.

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