International VDI Workshop - Digital Leadership Excellence - Challenging People to Drive your Digital Transformation Successfully

The VDI “Digital Leadership Excellence” workshop will help you to understand what true digital leadership competence really means. Learn how to manage, motivate and lead teams in a digital world and develop new skills. Gain insight into repositioning your company by optimizing customer journeys. Make the most out of developments in the digital economy and increase your success in a rapidly changing environment.

Take the lead – don’t follow.

Digitalization is moving fast. And to get ahead of the competition you need to develop the right leadership skills to make the most of a rapidly changing digital economy. Digitalization is much more than just implementing or extending digital processes in your company. It’s about innovation and embracing the possibilities new technologies have to offer.

At the VDI “Digital Leadership Excellence” workshop you will learn how to manage, motivate and lead teams in a digital world. For example, by understanding mechanisms of agility and self-organizing teams, as well as the benefits of initiating performance dialogues and daily feedback you’ll be able to increase the performance of the people you work with. You’ll also be able to hone your communication skills on both an interpersonal level as well as in terms of digital forums and the exchange of information.

This workshop is ideal for those who want to be at the forefront of developments in the digital economy and want to make the most of the exciting opportunities they offer.

Who is this workshop for?

The VDI “Digital Leadership Excellence” workshop is designed for management professionals in various industries where digitalization is changing structures and methods of working. It will be of particular interest to:

  • Line Managers
  • Process Managers
  • Managers in agile Environments
  • Experts in significant network positions
  • Management Trainees

Your workshop chair: Dr.-Ing. Klaus Kindler

In 1991, Dr. Kindler started working for Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH, a subsidiary of the Mannesmann group. 10 years later, the company was taken over by the Vodafone group. During his time at Vodafone, Dr. Kindler held various management positions. He was first responsible for the technology division in Northern Germany and later took charge of the nationwide expansion of the network as Network Director at Vodafone’s German HQ in Düsseldorf, where he was responsible for 1,800 employees.

Throughout the course of his careers, Dr. Kindler had a keen interest in management excellence and high-performance leadership, which led him to move to the HR side of the business, becoming Director of Business HR in 2006.

Dr. Kindler has overseen extensive restructuring at Vodafone, including the first large change project in 2006 and the integration of subsidiary Arcor. In 2013, Dr. Kindler founded Performance & Success GmbH located in Hannover, Germany, which focuses on management excellence in medium-sized high-tech companies such as IT and telecommunications companies as well as automotive supply industries.

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November 4, 2019

Welcome & Introduction

  • VUCA-World in Tec-Industry and the Response
  • Impact of Digitalization on your Company


  • Leadership-Requirements in the Digital Economy
  • Culture-Model of Leadership
  • The 4 Basic-Competencies

Individual Behaviors – Excellence in Self-Management

  • Strength Based Leadership
  • Communication-Skills


  • Emotional Information-Exchange – Why?


  • Digital Empowerment

Hands-On Activities

Extra benefits

The workshop takes place the day before the 3rd international VDI conference Digitization in the Process Industry on November 4th, 2019 in Amsterdam. The workshop can be booked in combination with the conference for a special package price.

Take the initiative and move yourself and your business forward with digital leadership.

Do you want to learn about the leadership requirements that come with working in a digital world? Are you interested in motivating, managing and leading teams to become more successful in the digital economy? Expand your knowledge and hone your skills at the VDI “Digital Leadership Excellence” workshop and book your space now.

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