International VDI Workshop - Digital Strategies in Small Scale Plant Operations

Digital Strategies in Small Scale Plant Operations | VDI Workshop

The VDI workshop “Digital Strategies in Small Scale Plant Operations” is a hands-on event that will give participants practical insights into digitalization technologies and opportunities, as well as business development ideas specifically for small-scale energy producers and operators. Given the rapid growth of innovative and disruptive technologies in the B2C sector, the B2B area is set to see major changes and new opportunities to profit from. Learn about lean strategies and basic AI that will help you make the most of future digital transformations in the energy business.

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The well-known points about the new digital economy are telling: As has been said before, Uber is the world’s largest taxi company, yet doesn’t own any taxis. Facebook is the world’s most popular media owner, but creates no content. Alibaba is the most valuable retailer, but has no inventory. Up until now, most of these disruptive companies have transformed B2C markets.

But it’s only a matter of time before major upheavals start to come to B2B markets as well. In the energy business, there has not been a great deal of digitalization yet, but things are changing and it is imperative to prepare for what is to come.

The VDI workshop “Digital Strategies in Small Scale Plant Operations” will provide practical insights into business development and digital opportunities. Furthermore, this workshop is the ideal accompaniment to the VDI conference “Biomass for Industrial Applications”, as it is tailored to smaller businesses and digitalization.

Workshop themes

  • Development strategies for increasing profitability of heating plants  
  • Digitalization in biomass logistics 
  • AI-based development opportunities in plant efficiency monitoring 
  • Digitalization for small-scale heating plant operators
  • Artificial intelligence in plant monitoring
  • Strategy development & teamwork in the energy business


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