International VDI Workshop - Digital Twin

The Digital Twin – a virtual copy of a physical asset, is the epitome and key enabler of digitalization. The permanent connection throughout the complete lifecycle of a plant, machine or process enables the twins to develop a common memory. The international VDI workshop “The Digital Twin” will provide you with an introduction to the key ideas behind the concept of the Digital Twin and its practical relevance especially for product engineering and simulation. As an interactive workshop, it will allow you to get involved in the discussion and engage with relevant questions.

The Digitial Twin - A perfect look-alike

The Digital Twin offers companies great chances for better products and new business models. It is a dynamic 1:1 digital data representation that allows to understand, simulate, predict and optimize the performance of a physical product, machine, process or business over its whole lifecycle.

The roots of this concept rely on the Internet of Things which enables to collect real time data from products. The Digital Twin is synchronized with sensor information from the corresponding physical twin. Based on these insights, for example from predictive analytics, improvements in product development, production and service can be realized.
Hence, product engineers are able to learn from the product use in the field and it is possible to gather information about performance issues or if a product is used in a different way than expected.

Topics of the workshop

This VDI “Digital Twin” workshop introduces the key concepts of Digital Twins and its practical relevance especially for product engineering and simulation. Typical and practical use cases show the opportunities of the Digital Twin in an exemplary manner. The main part of the workshop consists of breakout sessions in which important topics are elaborated followed by moderated discussions. Participants are invited to actively contribute during the breakouts.

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The Workshop covers the following topics:


  • The idea behind the Digital Twin
  • Demonstration of use cases

Breakout Sessions 

  • Further identification of use cases
  • Impediments of identified use cases
  • Introduction of a Digital Twin to a company

Discussion and Conclusion

  • Main findings of the workshop day
  • Outlook into the future of Digital Twins

Who should attend this international workshop?

The “Digital Twin” workshop especially aims at people working in

  • Product Engineering and Simulation

The workshop will also be relevant for people engaged in:

  • Industrial IT-Security & Software Engineering
  • IoT & Digitalization
  • R&D
  • Robotics & Automation

Furthermore anyone interested in or affiliated to the topic is welcome to take part.

Your Workshop Chair

  • Sascha Leidig, Head of Global Competence Center PLM, T-Systems International GmbH
  • Christian Völl, Management Consultant, Detecon International GmbH

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