2. International VDI Conference - Digitalization in the Process Industry 2018

  • Benefit from the contributions by leading experts from the process industry and IT companies.
  • Learn from experiences of internationally operating companies about strategies for the introduction of digital solutions which have been proven to be successful in practice.
  • Exchange ideas with colleagues and experts, and expand your Network.
Digitalization in the Process Industry | VDI conference

At the international VDI conference, you will learn from top experts about new opportunities emerging with the digital transformation for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Based on practical examples, find out how renowned international companies are already successfully applying digital solutions in the context of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). This knowledge helps you to develop own strategies for your company to benefit from the digital transformation.

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The new European: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
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Seizing the opportunities of digital transformation

In the context of the digital transformation, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry are facing significant changes. Increasing digitalization will have a decisive impact on business models of the process industry. This opens new opportunities, while simultaneously providing challenges for businesses in terms of IT security and data protection. The conference "Digitalization in the Process Industry" unites high-ranking experts from both sectors - IT and process industry - to discuss these topics and jointly develop sustainable strategies for the future.

Among other, you'll learn about the innovations involved in the digital transformation of systems construction and operation. Panel and round table discussions ensure an interactive, communicative atmosphere with many opportunities for networking.

The main topics of the conference:

  • New Business Models for the Digital Transformation
  • Learn about the trending Topic „Artificial Intelligence“
  • Recent Developments in Manufacturing and Automation
  • Strategies for Collaboration
  • Expert Discussion about legal Issues: GDPR, Data Protection
  • Use Cases and Lessons Learned from the Industry

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Program of the Conference

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Registration & welcome coffee

Conference chair: Dr. Henrik Hahn, Chief Digital Officer & CEO, Evonik Digital GmbH, Germany

I. Status Quo of the Digital Transformation


Chair‘s Welcome and Opening Address
Reality bites – Digital Transformation in the Process Industry

  • Review of last years‘ event: What is the right topic to start with?
  • How do organizations deal with analytics?
  • Which processes in the value chain are influenced by digitalization?

Dr. Henrik Hahn, Chief Digital Officer & CEO, Evonik Digital GmbH, Germany


Maturity Assessment as a Base for the Digitalization Roadmap

  • Maturity assessment and Digitalization roadmap
  • Rollout concept for digitalization

Dr. Niels Kiupel, Head of Automation/Industry 4.0, Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH, Germany


Leading a Digital Transformation

  • Industry 4.0 - Roadmap
  • Digital Community & Digital Backbone 
  • Building Digital Lighthouses

Dr. Dirk Holbach, Corporate Senior Vice President, Henkel Global Supply Chain B.V., The Netherlands


Continuous Improvement 4.0 - Process Optimization in the Age of Digitalization

  • Current challenges in continuously improving operational excellence
  • Advantages of the DMAIC cycle approach for data driven improvement projects
  • Execution of continuous improvement projects without being a data wizard
  • Practical examples how self-service industrial analytics fuels the DMAIC cycle
  • Enabling higher operational excellence and profitability by Improvement 4.0

Bram Bamps, Customer Success Engineer, TrendMinder, Belgium


How and where to win with Digitalization?

  • Step changes in operations, hyperintimacy and New Business Models
  • Digital Culture eats strategy for breakfast
  • How to engineer the wise pivot
  • Building and managing the ecosystem

Götz Erhardt, Managing Director, Client Service Group Resources Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Accenture, Germany


Panel Discussion

„Realizing Digital Transformation – Concepts, Challenges, Chances and             Conclusions“




Digitalization within the Chemical Industry - The Role of Innovation on European Level

  • Chemical Industry - Are we digital already?
  • The SPIRE Public Private Partnership in the context of digitalization
  • Examples from European projects and EC activities in the field of digitalization

Dr. Martin Winter, Innovation Manager/ Innovation Policy, Cefic, Belgium


Driving the right Behaviour in the future Digital Workplace

  • How should technology, business, people and organizations work together
  • Inspiration from the brain on how we run our business
  • Tips for the future workplace - agile, lean, culture

Yuval Dvir M.Sc., M.BA., Head of Online Partnerships, Google, UK


Networking & Coffee break

II. Round Table Session


Round Table Discussions in small groups on different topics

  1. The systematic Highway from Data to Value? Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Froese, atlan-tec Systems GmbH
  2. Artificial Intelligence and its (future) Influence on the Process Industry Femke De Jager, Accenture
  3. Embracing Industry 4.0 in the Chemical and Plastics Industry - Digichem Project Leentje Croes, Catalisti; Sander De Vrieze, Centexbel;

III. Artificial Intelligence


AI for Process Industries: A few Myths, a lot of Hype and some real Success Stories

  • Dispelling the myths around AI and Machine Learning 
  • Machine Learning etracts value beyond data analytics
  • Use cases: Yield maximization in complex process, spalling scheduling for uptime optimization

Tim B. Eschert M.Sc., Application Engineer, Fero Labs GmbH, Germany, Dr. Berk Birand, CEO, Fero Labs Inc., USA


End of conference day one


At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

III. Artificial Intelligence


Application of Machine Learning in Plant Construction Projects

  • BIM as basis for ML in plant construction projects
  • Challenges and opportunities of construction projects for ML application
  • Presentation of use cases

Dirk Schlüter M.Sc., Research Associate, University Duisburg-Essen and Co-Founder, BuildersMind, Germany


Augmented Reality (AR) as the new HMI

  • AR - What type of interfaces it can provide in an industrial workplace
  • AR for data visualisation and data tags
  • New worker models which are made possible
  • Integration with existing industrial systems, challenges and next steps

Paul Sweeney PhD, VP and General Manager, DAQRI International Ltd., Ireland

IV. Data Security and Cybersecurity


Network Monitoring for the Process Industry: Challenges & Benefits

  • Challenges in process industry / Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Cyber incidents in process industry
  • Network monitoring technology in process networks
  • The drive to increase productivity and reduce costs in process industry

Dr. Damiano Bolzoni PhD, CEO, SecurityMatters B.V., The Netherlands


Networking & Coffee break


Understanding Connectivity Solution to protect your IIoT Growth Strategy

  • Examples of IT and OT security profiles and connectivity at the shop floor
  • Real world examples on how to evaluate risks of edge to IT, edge to cloud connectivity in your IIoT projects
  • Differences between gateways, unidirectional ones, IT- and OT-firewalls
  • Regulations and standards related to protecting connectivity of cyber physical systems 

Jesus Molina, Director of Business Development, Waterfall Security Solutions, Israel


GDPR and its Consequences for the Chemical Industry

  • Privacy by default and design: The specific responsibilities of a processor
  • HR implications, data security and data breach reporting
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment and International Data Transfers

Emmanuel Plasschaert, Avocat, Crowell & Moring LLP, Belgium


Panel Discussion

„Specific Security Requirements of the Process Industry? Proven Solutions and Approaches“

V. Use Cases from the Industry


What do AI & VR have in common with Pipes, Columns and Heat Exchangers? 

  • Real life examples of business model innovation in EOC
  • How can digitalization help us to become better at what we do best?
  • Data challenges

Dipl.-Ing. Julien Brunel MBA, Head of Digitalisation, Engineering Devision, Linde AG, Germany




Replacing manual Measurements with connected Sensors

  • A bottom-up perspective on digital transformation
  • IIoT in the regulated environment of pressurized equipment
  • Experiences with permanently installed corrosion monitoring sensors

ir. Maarten Robers MBA, Innovator, DEKRA Materials Testing & Inspection, The Netherlands


Automating human Work with Deep Learning, including: Picking in Logistics and visual QC Inspections

  • Context of automated 3D picking (actual situation, camera’s, grippers, etc.)
  • (Order) picking of unknown items 
  • Challenges in postal; roll cages, picking from bulk on 1 m/s conveyor belt
  • Quality control and finding unknown defects 
  • Failures we made and lessons learned how to train algorithms

Herbert ten Have, CEO, FIZYR, The Netherlands


Making Science faster - Building up a Data Lab 

  • Advanced analytics as an increasingly important competitive differentiator in the process industry
  • Example projects and use cases of data science at Merck
  • Building up a data science department 
  • Managing data science skills as a strategic company asset

Dr. Helmut Linde, Global Head of Data Science & Analytics, Merck KGaA, Germany


Energy Flexibilisation – Turning Energy Price Volatility into Profit

  • Setting up an Industry 4.0 program
  • Production flexibilisation using electricity price volatility
  • Real time plant operations using digital decision making

Johan Stockmann, Director Industry 4.0, Nouryon Industrial Chemicals, The Netherlands


Digitaliziation - Solution Provider Point of View

  • How do process companies preceive digitalization? 
  • What do companies actually do regarding digitalization?
  • How to prepare for the digitalization?

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Damian Stellmach, Manager International Projects, Process Automation Solutions GmbH, Germany


Conference chair‘s closing remarks


End of conference

Who should participate

The VDI conference "Digitalization in the Process Industry" is aimed at experts and executives as well as project and process engineers of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and IT companies offering digital solutions to the process industry. The target group includes:

  • Business Development Managers
  • Project and Process Engineers
  • Data Analysts
  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Data Officers (CDOs)
  • Plant Construction Engineers from the process industry

Framework program of the conference

All participants of the conference are invited to an exclusive evening event on the first day of the conference. Use this opportunity to communicate with other experts in a relaxed atmosphere. The conference is also accompanied by a workshop on the topic "From Data to Value - Using Big Data and RTO to incese the Profit of Process Plants?". Visit conference and workshop together and benefit from a discounted package price.

Experienced conference chair and high-class speakers

Chairman of the VDI conference "Digitalization in the Process Industry" is Dr. Henrik Hahn, Chief Digital Officer of Evonik.

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