Drones: Industrial Applications 2017 - Increasing Efficiency and reducing Costs

  • Receive practical information about drones in industry from the business, politics and research fields.
  • Learn about current legal developments from representatives from institutions such as Drone Manufacturers Alliance and EASA.
  • Find out how and where drones are successfully used by well-known companies such as Airbus Defense and Space, Altametris, ICL Fertilizers and Lufthansa Technik.
  • Examine best practice examples from the field of inspections and (intra) logistics.
Drones - Industrial Applications Conference

The international “Drones: Industrial Applications” conference will give you an overview of current applications of drones in inspections and intra logistics, present regulations and future markets . You will learn how you can implement drones in your company and how to maintain them.

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Emerging Technologies for Emerging Economies: Drones Shaping a Better Future for All
Author: Alexander El Adl

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Save costs by using drones for inspections and intra logistics

Drones have become a trending theme in industrial fields. This is evidenced by the number of start-up companies built around this future-oriented technology. Nevertheless, many companies are still unsure of how drones can and cannot be utilized in practice.

The “Drones: Industrial Applications” conference will show you which possibilities drones offer to companies and how you can apply them in your own business. The focus is on inspection and (intra) logistics applications. Find out about current developments in international markets and learn about current and aspired legal frameworks . Discuss issues such as safety and data protection with leading experts and see how and where drones have already been successfully utilized.

The accompanying program for the conference

As a “Drones: Industrial Applications” conference participant you can also take part in two other conferences running at the same time at no additional cost: “Maintenance” and “Smart Construction Equipment”. This gives you the opportunity to engage in a cross-industry exchange. It is also possible to visit the Accentures IIoT Innovation Center in Garching.

A particular highlight is the keynote from Jana Rosenmann, Head of Unmanned Aerial Systems at Airbus Defense and Space Netherlands B.V. Furthermore, Yakov Kahlon, CEO of ICL Group will explain how they implemented drones at ICL Fertilizers and Jonathan Ledgard will present his Droneport project in Africa.

The agenda boasts of presentations of internationally renowned experts and has been put together by our supporting Experts of the VDI Conference “Drones: Industrial Applications”

  • Olaf Ronsdorf Lufthansa Technik AG / Frankfurt
  • Marc Bachmann BITKOM e.V. / Berlin
  • Christian Janke Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide / Daytona Beach
  • Frank Wernecke DroneMasters GmbH / Berlin 

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Registration & welcome coffee


Chair’s welcome and opening address
Conference chair: Olaf Ronsdorf
, Lufthansa Technik AG, Germany


How Drones revolutionize Industries
Jana Rosenmann
, Senior Vice President, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, Germany

I. International Regulations


Development of EU regulatory Framework for Drones

  • Presentation of the notice of proposed amendment for open and specific categories
  • Next steps for rulemaking
  • EASA Drones certification and cooperation activities
  • EASA research and safety promotion activities
  • Outlook: Autonomous drones and flying taxis

EASA, France


Creating a single Market for Drones in Europe

  • Presentation of key elements needed to create a single market for drones in Europe
  • Manufacturers role in drone safety
  • What uses for drones – Case studies

Paula Iwaniuk, Director, Drone Manufacturers Alliance Europe (DMAE), Belgium


Networking & coffee break


What Regulations are needed to facilitate the  industrial Use of Drones?

Moderator: Dr. Mark Azzam, DLR e.V.
Matthias Beldzik
, Intel Deutschland GmbH, Germany
Christian Struwe, DJI, The Netherlands
EASA, France
France Alexander El Adl, Student, Researcher & Entrepreur, USA



II. Best Practices in Inspections


Why commercial Drones have an Infrastructure Problem

  • Commercial drone market: Origin and future
  • Drone applications today
  • What it means to operate drones effectively and efficiently
  • How an eco-system must look like to use the full potential
  • General Outlook

Dipl.-Ing. Kay Wackwitz, Founder & CEO, Drone Industry Insights UG, Germany


Blade Inspection 2.0: How automated Flight and Analytics are impacting Wind Park Operation and Maintenance

  • Current challenges and focusses on wind park O&M
  • How and why UAV automation is the key factor for reliability, scalability and safety
  • Why drone data collection is not enough to deliver value in industry
  • Data analytics and extracting insights into asset health
  • What the industry roadmap looks like and expected future developments

André Croft, B.Sc., Founder & CEO, Pro-Drone S.A., Portugal


Automating Inspection using Drones, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

  • What is being done with the drone data itself?
  • Efficiencies for infrastructure owners to maintain their assets in a predictive manner using cloud and artificial intelligence technologies
  • Benefits of changing drone data into actionable information
  • Computer vision applied to fault detection of industrial infrastructure
  • Case study of automatic corrosion analysis on an offshore wind farm and solar farm thermal analysis from raw drone data

Colin Hickey, Head of Product, co-author: Dr. Thomas Moranduzzo, Computer Scientist, both: Sky-Futures Ltd., UK


Networking & coffee break


High Accuracy Airborne LIDAR: The next Step in Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance

  • Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) – A definition of the technology
  • Comparative analysis between LIDAR and photogrammetry
  • Validation of LIDAR use for railway application
  • Current use in French railways
  • Tomorrow inspection empowered by LIDAR usage: Which technology (drone, terrestrial…) for each use case

Dip. Eng. Flavien Viguier, Chief Technology Officer, co-author: Anthony-Victor Mehl, MBA, Business Manager, both: Altametris, France


Improving Asset Performance through Drone Thermography at Scale

  • Discover the large performance potential that assets already inspected have shown
  • Understand why drone thermography is the most effective way to inspect your assets for upside performance potential at scale
  • How can drone thermography data be integrated into the daily operation workflow effortlessly

Christian Shuster, M.Sc., Co-Founder & CEO, co-author: Marian Krüger, 
 Co-Founder & CPO, both: ucair GmbH, Germany


End of conference day one


At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

III. Intra Logistics and Logistics


Drones in Logistics – Existing Use Cases and Challenges

  • How drones fly indoors
  • Drone delivery in intra logistics
  • Inventory management indoors and outdoors
  • Benefits of flying compared to conventional methods
  • How drones will save time and expenses

Benjamin Federmann, CEO, doks. Innovation GmbH, German


Drones at ICL Fertilizers - Case Study

  • How we implemented drones in our Business
  • Why we use drones for measuring stockpiles
  • Ecological enhancements by drones
  • Future applications of drones in our business

Yakov Kahlon, CEO & Phosphate Business Unit Manager, ICL Group, Israel


Emerging Technologies for Emerging Economies:  Drones Shaping a Better Future

  • The case for drones in developing nations
  • Societal impacts of drones and necessary mentality changes
  • Convergence of technologies coming out of the lab and their applications
  • Innovate with drones to propel your industry to the future

Alexander El Adl, Student Researcher & Entrepreneur, USA


Networking & coffee break


The Invention of the Droneport and the Future of Drone Delivery

  • Prospects for drone delivery: Airframes, services, models
  • Drone delivery in emerging economies: Opportunities
  • World‘s first droneport and drone delivery route

Jonathan Ledgard, Founder, Droneport Project and Director, New Machine
Switzerland and Rwanda, Czech Republic


Autonomous Driving in the Parcel Industry: Scenarios and Perspectives

  • Strategic background: Why do we need new concepts for delivering in the city?
  • In which scenarios can Autonomous Driving be helpful for parcel services?
  • What are the main challenges for using Autonomous Driving for delivering parcels?
  • Is Autonomous Driving replacing the human delivery driver in the future?

Gerd Seber, Group Manager Sustainability and Innovation, DPD Deutschland GmbH, Germany



IV. Safety – Privacy – Data


What is UTM?

  • Why is UTM needed?
  • UTM concept
  • UTM stakeholders
  • UTM high level architecture
  • Europe (U-Space) vs USA (NASA UTM)

Andres van Swalm, Founder & COO, Unifly NV, Belgium , co-author: Ralf Heidger, Technical Project Management, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, Germany


Unlocking low-altitude Airspace

  • State of technology & regulation in the US and Europe
  • How data plays a major role in flying safe and secure
  • Examples of how UTM can help unlocking airspace

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Lamprecht, CEO, Airmap Deutschland GmbH, Germany


Increasing operational Reliability and Efficacy of UAVs through Health Condition Monitoring

  • Health condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for UAVs
  • Increasing operational reliability and reducing uncertainties
  • UAV fleet and asset management

Ulrich Hoffmann, Project Leader UAV Services Development, Lufthansa Technik AG, Germany


Industrial Espionage with UAS in Germany – Legal Aspects of Anti-Drone-Solutions

  • The legal framework
  • Legal requirements for the technical Solutions
  • Demands for legislation

Guido Morber, LL.M., Lawyer and Specialist Lawyer for Administrative Law,
co-author: Nils Langeloh, LL.M., Lawyer and Specialist Lawyer for Copyright and Media Law, both: Becker Büttner Held, Germany


Conference chair’s closing remarks


End of conference

Who should take part

This conference is addressed to

  • Managing Directors
  • Facility Managers and Technical Directors
  • Condition Monitoring Engineers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Warehouse Coordinator
  • Head of Operations
  • Product Developers
  • Business Developers
  • Head of R&D
  • Innovation Managers

Mainly in the areas of energy, chemicals, transport, retail, logistics, oil & gas, facility management, construction, insurance and healthcare.

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