International VDI Conference - Energy and Materials from Waste

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  • Find out more about current innovations and obtain strategic insights for your company.
  • Exchange experiences with experts and colleagues.
  • Inspect the new Indaver plant.
  • Visit the "Sewage Sludge Treatment" conference held in parallel, free of charge.
Conference - Energy and Materials from Waste

In 2019 the conference "Energy and Materials from Waste" is held for the 5th time. Use the event to discuss the innovations in circular economy, innovative technologies, projects and markets and current developments in the Waste-to-Energy sector with other experts.

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Industry Barometer Waste-to-Energy 2018
Author: Mark Döing, ecoprog GmbH

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Understanding and exploiting waste as a resource

Due to new technologies and innovations, waste continues to evolve from troublesome garbage to a valuable commodity. In addition, the landfilling of waste without treatment is now only allowed in a few exceptional cases. Other options of waste disposal are therefore becoming a major topic.

The "Energy and Materials from Waste" conference provides you with information about innovations and trends as well as the current legal position on waste disposal. Among other, find out more about:

  • The thermal exploitation of waste
  • Waste-to-Energy in the context of European legislation
  • International projects and markets in the Waste-to-Energy sector
  • Energy generation from waste
  • New trends in recycling and the utilisation of bottom ash from waste incineration
  • Innovative technologies for the reduction of emissions
  • Plastics recycling

The conference is the only Waste-to-Energy event which considers recycling as a complementary path for the treatment of waste.

As a special highlight, you can also look forward to a keynote by Indaver’s CEO Paul de Bruycker.

The event is supported by the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP).

Supporting program of the conference

On the day prior to the conference, you have the opportunity to intensify your knowledge in a workshop on "Digital Transformation in the Recycling Industry". By booking the workshop with the conference, you benefit from the reduced combination price. During a joint evening event, you also have the chance to expand your professional network. A visit at the new Indaver plant rounds off the program. In addition, as a participant of the conference "Energy and Materials from Waste", you can visit the accompanying conference "Sewage Sludge Treatment" free of charge.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Welcome and opening address

Chair: Prof. Peter Quicker, Chairholder, RWTH Aachen - Unit of Technologies of Fuels, Germany; Dr.-Ing. Ragnar Warnecke, Managing Director, GKS - Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Schweinfurt GmbH, Germany

I. Legislation, Policy and Legal Implications for international Projects


EU Legislation on Energy and Materials from Waste

  • Recycling: Quantity vs. quality?
  • How to achieve a non-toxic environment?
  • Diversion from landfills
  • Boosting recovery from bottom ash

Dr. Ella Stengler, Managing Director, CEWEP, Belgium


Implementing EU Waste Rules and Recycling Goals

  • Sources of EU waste legislation & control and procedure by the EU
  • Main targets, time horizon 2020 and 2030
  • Current implementation in member countries
  • Investments and markets

Mark Döing, General Manager, ecoprog GmbH, Germany


Pursuing Energy from Waste Projects: Structures and recent Developments in the Middle Eastern and North African Region

  • Market overview and driver
  • Regulatory framework on selected countries 
  • Case studies: Kuwait, Dubai and Oman
  • Legal pitfalls and considerations

Dr. Tobias Faber, Lawyer/Partner, Hogan Lovell, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break

II. Perspectives on Emerging and Established Markets


The future Role of WtE in the Circular Economy

  • Sustainability and value creation through CE
  • Residual waste produced within CE and how to deal with it throught WtE
  • Double role of WtE: Use of residual waste & keeping circles safe and clean
  • WtE as an enabler to make CE happen
  • The need of further investments to achieve CE package goals

Paul De Bruycker, CEO, Indaver NV, Belgium


Emerging Countries and Markets for Waste-to-Energy 

  • Global waste development, EfW market overview
  • Importance of value chain
  • Alternative waste management strategies
  • Dynamic of selected „Waste-to-Energy“ emerging markets

Amedeo Vaccani, Managing Director, A.Vaccani&Partner, Switzerland


The Role of Product Regulations and Standards in the Circular Economy

  • Revisiting the concept of end-of-waste and its function in a circular economy 
  • How “circular” are existing product regulations and standards?
  • How to deal with the absence of (circular) product regulations and standards? 
  • Contribution of product regulations and standards to secondary products and raw materials movement in the internal market

Emiel de Bruijne, Consultant, co-author: Ferdinand Zotz, both: Resource and Waste Management Department, Ramboll, Germany


What‘s happening on both Sides of the Channel for Waste-to-Energy?

  • What‘s the WtE market status in France? 
  • What‘s the story of WtE success in UK?
  • What‘s the evolution of alternative thermal treatment in UK?
  • Some case studies of projects and realization in both countries

Christophe Cord‘homme, Business & Products Development Director, CNIM Group, France



III. Status Quo of Sewage Sludge Treatment


Treatment of Sewage Sludge – Introduction and Overview 

  • Disposal structures, quantities and capacities 
  • Treatment and disposal options for sewage sludge
  • Thermal treatment technologies

Prof. Peter Quicker, Chairholder, RWTH Aachen - Unit of Technologies of Fuels, Germany


Incineration Technologies for Sewage Sludge

  • Co-combustion and Mono-combustion 
  • Overview of P-recovery processes

Dipl.-Phys. Edmund Fleck, Managing Director, KÜTTNER MARTIN Technology GmbH, Germany


Alternative Techniques for thermal Treatment of Sewage Sludge from medium sized Sewage Treatment Plants

  • Technical framework for the use of pyrolysis and gasification processes for the treatment of municipal sewage sludge
  • First experiences from two projects with alternative treatment techniques in Linz-Unkel and Renningen
  • Outlook on the use of alternative thermal processes taking into account the recovery of phosphorus or the use of treatment residues as fertilizer

Markus Gleis, Scientific Staff, German Environment Agency, Germany


Excursion to INDAVER and SLECO:Waste-to-Energy Plant ECLUSE

The visit is included in the registration fee. Due to organizational reasons we kindly ask our participants to register for the tour in advance. Please see the registration form on the last page. Limited Places!



At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

IV. Developments in Metals and Minerals Recovery from IBA


Experiences with Carbon Capture at a CFB wood fired Boiler 

  • Aim (CCU) and Design 
  • Startups & Experiences 
  • Flue gas and captured CO2 qualities 
  • Business case

Dr. Jan-Peter Born, Manager Business Development WtE, N.V. HVC, Netherlands


MSWI BA Utilization in Finland – Field Experiences

  • MSWI BA utilization in Finland - Latest improvements
  • MSWI BA utilization in civil engineering - Road construction and concrete products
  • Presenting field experiences through different types of case studies

PhD, Annika Sormunen, R&D Manager, Suomen Erityisjäte Oy, Finland


Innovative Recycling of Metal Sludges – For a higher Resource Efficiency in the stainless and special Steel Industry

  • Status quo of metal sludge disposal 
  • The process of vacuum distillation 
  • From waste to resource: Increasing resource efficiency in the industry

Dr. Filipe Manjolinho Costa, CEO, CRONIMET Envirotec GmbH, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break


Solvent-based Recycling of mixed Plastics and multilayer Packaging

  • Miss-Management of packaging and insufficient recycling as global problem
  • Increasing recycling quotas in Europe and Germany require new, innovative recycling solutions
  • Limits of conventional recycling processes
  • Newcycling® - High-Value recycling of mixed plastics from post consumer and multilayer packaging
  • Applications of regranulates from Newcycling®

Hagen Hanel, Head of Plastics Recycling Innovation Center, APK AG, Germany


Using community Waste to fuel local Energy for your Town

  • Damage that plastic waste causes and the truth about plastic pollution and its benefits
  • CTEC energy has the ability to execute a sustainable small scale Waste-toEnergy system, unlike no other
  • Unique gasification technology developed by CTEC energy with ultra-clean emissions and high efficiency

Mike Burns, Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director, Clean Thermodynamic Energy Conversion Ltd., United Kingdom


Innovative technologies in IBA processing - compliant solutions for WTE Industry

  • Dry and wet materials recovery solutions for IBA
  • Risk management
  • Disposal cost mitigation
  • Using valuable resources in a sustainable and liable way

André Dammschröder, Sales Manager, Inashco B.V., The Netherlands



V. Plant Optimization


Possible upgrades for Flue Gas Treatment Systems to follow the new Waste Incineration BREF

  • Expected emission limits – WI BREF
  • Examples on upgrades to meet new WI BREF
  • Combination with flue gas condensation for enhanced energy recovery
  • ADIOX for increased dioxin removal and minimise risk of “dioxin memory effect”
  • Mercox for improved mercury removal

Sven Brantebäck, Area Sales Manager, Babcock Wilcox Vølund AB, Sweden


Steam from Waste Heat with a Qpinch chemical Heat Transformer

  • Reduction of CO2
  • Turn waste heat into useful heat
  • How to integrate in an industrial plant
  • Low OPEX & high asset effectiveness

ir. Wouter Ducheyne, CTO & COO, Qpinch, co-author: Prof. Dr. ir. Christian Stevens, FRSC, Dep .of Green Chemistry & Technology, Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University, both: Belgium


Networking & Coffee Break


More than 20 year‘s Experience in very high end Mercury Capture from Sewage Sludge Incineration

  • Trends of mercury and dioxins/furans regulation in the US and Europe - towards the more stringent
  • Very high end mercury and dioxins/furans removal experience
  • Lessons learned over 25 years of operation of kombisorbon processes

Dr. Karim Mati, R&D / Product Manager, CPPE S.A., Luxembourg


State-of-the-Art Refractory Linings for W-t-E Plants - An Overview

  • Advantages and disadvantages of refractory lining systems in use for WtE plants
  • SiC tile and monolithic systems
  • Rapid turnaround

Dr.-Ing. Tim Schmedders, Technical Manager, co-author: Dipl.-Ing., Viktor Klaus, Managing Director, Dipl.-Ing., Denis Boskovic, Project Manager, all: Züblin Chimney and Refractory GmbH, Germany


Conference chair‘s closing remarks


End of conference

Who should participate?

The conference addresses the following professional groups:

  • International experts
  • Research analysts
  • Business development managers
  • Plant engineers and operators in the thermal waste disposal sector

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