From small to smart - How Data Usage can improve Value Creation

Improving value creation with data usage - Workshop

The VDI workshop “From small to smart – how data usage can improve value creation” deals with questions around data usage through the value chain and how to address associated challenges. On the basis of best practice examples and directly applicable cases, participants will learn how to implement data driven improvements in their companies’ products.

Paving the way for Industry 4.0

Digital Operations, or Industry 4.0 as it is also known, is one of the fastest growing and most visible trends in manufacturing and logistics. From shop floor management and the handling of goods to value chain optimization, most aspects of modern manufacturing and logistics businesses will be affected by the utilization of intelligent data. These approaches will take operational efficiency and quality to the next level.

In other industries, data-driven operations and logistics have not taken as strong of a hold, thanks not least to other highly optimized processes such as Lean, Six, Sigma, etc. The challenge is to build effective initiatives on top of existing data and infrastructure that quickly demonstrate the benefits in cost and quality.

Workshop Content

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14. December 2017

The data chain in production creation

  • From concept to individually created and delivered products
  • Data sources and the necessary infrastructure

Case studies and dealing with challenges in implementation

  • Two cases: from small data to smart data
  • Challenges in data acquisition, handling, analysis and “the user”

Industry insights – multinational vs. mid-sized business

  • Discussion with practitioners on data project experiences
  • Global truck OEM vs. aviation supplier perspective

Legal aspects for data utilization in B2B interfaces in the value chain

  • Legal baselines for industrial data usage
  • How to deal with risks

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop “From small to smart – how data usage can improve value creation”, led by Dr.-Ing. Stefan Waitzinger, Head of Digital Operation, P3 Group, is ideal for managers and professionals responsible for processes and production in, amongst others, electronics, manufacturing and supply. It will be of great interest to:

  • Heads of Production
  • Senior Directors of Production
  • Quality Managers
  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Heads of IT Operation
  • Product Managers

Extra benefits

The workshop “From small to smart – how data usage can improve value creation” is part of VDI’s Big Data Conference. A special combination price is available to all participants booking both the conference and workshop. The workshop takes place the day before the conference. Book your ticket now.

14.12.2017 Düsseldorf available 850 €

A limited number of rooms has been reserved for the benefit of the event participants.

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