From Value to Technological and Cultural Innovation of Products and Services


From Value to Technological and Cultural of Products and Services

The workshop will be composed of a theoretical part on types of value and innovation and on value creation/innovation processes, and how they interconnect. There will be a demonstration of existing case studies and a practical part with team exercises to apply the software tools and others. Participants are invited to bring their own laptops to upload the software to be used during the practical exercises. They will learn how to apply the different VM and TRIZ tools and other tools in each specific situation of product or service creation and development.

Workshop Content

Contents of the workshop are:

  • Types of value and types of value based innovation
  • Types of innovation process: technological and cultural
  • Value Network Analysis and Interested Parties, and connected tangible and intangible attributes and functions
  • The new process of Function Analysis to include tangible and intangible functions, at the service and product levels
  • Applying VM and TRIZ tools, PNL, Design Thinking and others to different and specific product innovation processes
  • The use of the DynamicMAP software
  • The resulting economic value added to the business

Target Group

VA/VE specialists, PVM, TVM, R&D, Marketing, Design and Production Directors

Workshop Chair

Manuel T. Fernandes, MBA, CEO, Gestao Total Group, Samora Correia, Portugal

09.05.2017 St. Georgen available 450 €

A limited number of rooms has been reserved for the benefit of the event participants.

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