International VDI Conference - Future of AI in Automotive

  • Discover the newest developments in AI and see how the path is being forged towards level 5 autonomous driving
  • Learn how AI can be used as a tool within the enterprise to handle complex processes
  • Discuss the regulatory and safety implications of AI and autonomous driving and learn about current and future standards
  • Gain insight from case studies and best practice automotive AI use cases from around the world
  • See how AI will influence software architecture and experience how AI algorithms accelerate and improve computer vision, imaging, perception and behavioral evaluation
  • Find out which roles sensor systems play in AI and autonomous driving, as well as the how AI can be validated and certified
  • Take your chance to engage with internationally renowned AI specialists in our interactive sessions and expand your professional network during the breaks and at the evening reception
Future of AI in Automotive | VDI conference

The VDI Future of AI in Automotive conference will bring together a wide variety of industry experts, specialists and stakeholders in one unique event. Specifically designed for the automotive industry, this conference will engage with new ideas and technological innovations in artificial intelligence based on auto-related real-world examples and best practice from around the world. From AI algorithms and their uses in driver assistance systems and simulation, testing and validation to ethical and legal questions and the transformation of existing business models, this conference is a must for those who want to expand their competitive edge and capitalize on the emerging opportunities that AI offers for the automotive sector.

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How to make AI verifiable and certifiable
Author: Dr. Houssem Abdellatif, TÜV SÜD

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Artificial Intelligence for All

The future of mobility is coming and it will be different from anything we have seen before. Artificial intelligence will play a big part in turning that future into reality and is already making headway in changing how the automotive industry works today. Cars and vehicles are getting increasingly intelligent and developments in algorithms, sensor systems, safety components, deep and machine learning, imaging and perception and more are steadily moving us towards level 5 autonomous driving. AI also can be used as a tool to simplify industrial processes and optimize manufacturing.

The automotive sector will change immensely in the years to come. To stay on top of these developments and to retain your competitive advantage, you need to engage with the newest developments in the market, hear what the most promising new start-ups have to say and exchange ideas with key industry stakeholders. The VDI Future of AI in Automotive conference is the ideal opportunity to get an update on how AI is transforming the automotive sector, its opportunities for future applications and the challenges to come.

Conference Topics & Agenda

The main themes of the international “Future of AI in Automotive” conference include:

  • The AI powered Enterprise: AI as a Tool for industrial Applications and Processes
  • AI & ML Technologies for Automated Driving & Autonomous Vehicles
    • Quality Assurance & Dealing with Uncertainty
    • Data Security, Data Management & Synthetic Data
    • Simulation, Testing and Validation of AI
    • Sensor Models & Sensor Fusion
    • HW / SW Architecture
    • Safety & Security
    • Computer Vision, Perception & Traffic Conditions: Environmental Modeling and Path Planning
  • AI-based digital Companions in the Car: Chatbots & virtual Assistants
  • Ethical & legal Requirements: Societal Acceptance, Ethical Framework & Regulations for future AI Applications in the Car

The agenda will boast of presentations given by internationally renowned experts and has been put together with the help of our conference chairmen:

  • Prof. Dr. Philipp Slusallek, Scientific Director Research lab Agents and Simulated Reality
  • Dr. Christian Müller, Head of Team Autonomous Driving ASR &Competence Center for Autonomous Driving (CCAD) both from DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)

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Program of the Conference

Tuesday, December 11


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address

Prof. Dr. Philipp Slusallek, Scientific Director Research Lab Agents and Simulated Reality and Dr.-Ing. Christian Müller, Deputy Head of Research Department Agents & Simulated Reality, both: DFKI, Germany

I. AI Transforming Automotive


Opportunities and Limits of AI in Automotive - The Case of autonomous Driving

  • Application of ML and neuronal networks in automotive and mobility
  • Who owns intelligence, smart connected products and mobility services?
  • AI - Black box with limited generalization and problems with open ended inference?
  • Vision 2020: When will AV’s be available in mass transportation?
  • What OEMs need to do to excel in an “AI-first”-world?

Axel Schmidt, Managing Director and Global Lead Automotive Industry, co-author: Dr. Gabriel Seiberth, both: Accenture GmbH, Germany


AI as a Game Changer in the Automotive Industry

  • AI revolutionizes products and the way of working
  • ML as one of the key technologies for applying AI
  • AI operating model: Data, technology, people and skills, organization
  • AI use cases distributed over the product development process
  • Value creation: An assistant for suggesting the next best action in CAD

Dr. Siegmar Haasis, CIO R&D Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler AG, Germany


Where is AI leading to – Intelligent Mobility of Tomorrow

  • Highly automated driving: Challenges for sensing, fusion and path planning
  • AI in the past and today: How AI will change mobility
  • Introduction to AI and DL and examples for AI based functions
  • Automated driving in the city using AI

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Schrepfer, Head of Driving Assistance Research, co-authors: Dr. Stefan Milz and Harald Barth, all: Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH, Germany


Wake up Panel: Hype vs. Reality in AI Applications and Research

Moderator: Patrick van der Smagt, Director of AI Research, Volkswagen


Ulli Waltinger, Siemens; Oliver Grau, Intel; Serkan Arslan, NVIDIA; Axel Schmidt, Accenture



II. Simulation, Testing & Validation of AI


Scalable Learning from synthetic Data

  • AI methods for systematic generation of synthetic data
  • Vulnerable road users: Creating data from intention to motion
  • Assessing and modifying criticality of scenarios through reasoning
  • Example application: Prediction of pedestrian behavior

Prof. Dr. Philipp Slusallek, Scientific Director Research Lab Agents and Simulated Reality, DFKI, Germany


AI enabling the Future of autonomous Mobility in virtual and real Worlds

  • AI accelerates the Disruption of Mobility and Transportation with AV’s
  • Big Data for Deep Learning is the fuel for intelligent cities and vehicles
  • Cloud-2-Car computing for self-learning development, simulation, validation of AV’s

Serkan Arslan, Director of Automotive Ecosystem, NVIDIA, EMEA


Physically simulating the Real-World for autonomous Testing

  • Physically simulating the vehicle‘s interaction with the real-world
  • Use of COTS hardware clusters to scale simulation massively
  • Roadmap to legislative approval

Chris Hoyle, Technical Director, rfPro, UK


AI Engines for highly autonomous Driving Systems

  • AI based autonomous driving
  • Data science platform for automotive applications
  • From synthetic data to real-world AI systems

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sorin Grigorescu, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Elektrobit Automotive, Romania


Start-Up Session

  • botconnect GmbH: Rami Akkad, Co-Founder / COO, Germany
  • iMotion Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.: Calvin Lu, CTO, China
  • Mapillary AB: Emil Dautovic, M.Sc., VP Automotive, Sweden
  • Phantasma Labs Ltd.: Ramakrishna Nanjundaiah, CEO, Germany
  • What3Words: Geordie Palmer, Local Markets Programme Director, UK

Networking & Coffee Break

III. Sensor Fusion, Computer Vision & Perception


Going Door-to-Door with End-to-End Training

  • End-to-end learned navigation: End-to-end training of a deep network to turn input into driving decisions
  • Exploiting panoramic vision for better decision taking
  • Fusing map information with camera input to follow the planned trajectory

Dr. Dengxin Dai, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Machine Learning and its Impact on Sensor Fusion

  • Traditional sensor fusion world
  • Additional dimensionality from ML
  • Impact and complexity due to the new dimensions
  • Processing information complexity

Bharanidhar Duraisamy, Development Engineer, Daimler AG, Germany


End of Conference Day One

Get Together

At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Wednesday, December 12

IV. Environmental Modeling & Path Planning


Safe Reinforcement Learning for autonomous Driving: Past, Present and immediate Future

  • AI for AD & beyond detecting boxes
  • Safety challenges of an autonomous system
  • RL as a general paradigm for complex decision problems in AD
  • Case study: Automatic lane change
  • Future of RL in AD

Dr. Shashank Phatak,  Architect Artificial Intelligence, Visteon Corporation


Location Intelligence for the autonomous World

  • Location intelligence as a key element to enable an autonomous world
  • Autonomous driving needs an up-to-date digital representation of the world
  • Creating and keeping the map up-to-date based on AI and ML technologies
  • Analyzing sensor data to enable novel kind of driver assistance services

Dipl.-Ing Christof Hellmis, MBA, VP Services Strategy & Innovation, HERE, Germany


Taking Automation to the next Level with HD Maps

  • Why AV‘s need HD maps
  • HD maps use cases: Localization, perception and path planning
  • How we make, deliver and maintain HD maps that are always up to date
  • How HD maps make autonomous driving safer and more comfortable

Evert Schaeffer, Regional Director Product Management, TomTom, The Netherlands


Networking & Coffee Break


Interactive World Café Session

  • Deep learning and ISO26262: Will they ever converge? - Dr.-Ing. Christian Müller, DFKI
  • How can and should AI be certified? - Dr. Houssem Abdellatif, TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH
  • AI & Autonomous Stack Architecture
  • Chatbots and virtual Assistants - Jochen Steigner, SemVox GmbH
  • Educate AI - Your Feedback


V. Trust in AI: From Ethics to hard Law


Understand AI and make it verifiable for Approval and Certification of AV‘s

  • Validation and verification of AV‘s
  • Functional safety aspects
  • Type approval and regulatory compliance
  • Introduction to project GENESIS

Dr. Houssem Abdellatif, Global Head Autonomous and Connected Driving, co-authors: Mattis Eicher, both: TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH and Dr. Christian Müller,  DFKI GmbH, all: Germany


AI in Automotive – Legal Framework and Liability

  • Regulatory framework for autonomous driving
  • HMI: Legal issues regarding hand-over points
  • Product liability and self-learning systems?
  • Managing the privacy challenge
  • International outlook

Dr. Alexander Duisberg, Lawyer, Bird & Bird LLP, Germany


Ethical Framework for automated Vehicles

  • Ethics of responsibility beyond dilemma situation
  • Ethics of culturally embedding automated vehicles
  • Building, maintaining and regaining trust

Prof. Dr. Peter Dabrock, Chair of Ethics, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen Nuremberg, Germany


Ethically aligned Design Considerations for autonomous and Intelligent Systems

  • Incorporating human values in designing intelligent systems
  • IEEE program to build consensus on “ethically aligned design”
  • Information and education will be critical to guide engineers as further intelligent systems develop
  • Application of guidance across technologies, products and applications

Rudi Schubert, Director, Industry Connections, IEEE, USA


Closing Panel: About an Ethics & Morality Framework for Emotion-Enabled Cars

Moderator: Dr.-Ing. Christian Müller, Deputy Head of Research Department, Agents & Simulated Reality, DFKI

Panelists:Dr. Alexander Duisberg, Bird & Bird;  Prof. Peter Dabrock, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen Nuremberg; Rudi Schubert, IEEE


Conference Chair‘s closing Remarks


End of Conference

If you have any questions regarding the conference program or you want to become a speaker, please contact Leonie Bohnstedt.

Framework Program of the Conference

Take part in excellent networking opportunities and meet international experts, specialists and other participants for inspiring discussions both during the networking breaks as well as at the evening event in a more relaxed atmosphere. Accompanying and complementing the conference we also offer an international workshop on“Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”. Book both events and benefit from a discounted package price.

Who is the VDI Future of AI Automotive conference for?

This VDI conference is designed for all stakeholders in the cognitive vehicles sector, who work in AI and deep learning for automotive applications, computer vision and sensor fusion technology, for example.

It is ideal for decision makers, engineers and specialists working at or with:

  • OEMs
  • Tier 1 & Tier 2 Supplier
  • Semi Conductor Industry
  • Vendors & Technology-, Solution- and Service Providers
  • Software Provider & Developer
  • AI Start Ups

This conference will also be of interest scientific and research institutes.

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