International VDI Conference - Future of AI in Automotive

  • Gain insight from case studies and best practice automotive AI use cases from around the world
  • Discover the latest developments in AI to see how the path is being forged towards level 5 autonomous driving and learn how AI can be used as a tool within the enterprise
  • Discuss the regulatory and safety implications of AI and autonomous driving and learn about current and future standards
  • See how AI will influence software architecture and experience how AI algorithms accelerate and improve sensing, computer vision, imaging, perception and behavioral evaluation
  • Take your chance to engage with internationally renowned AI specialists in our interactive sessions and expand your professional network during the breaks and at the evening reception
Future of AI in Automotive

SAVE THE DATE – On December 11-12, 2019 the international VDI conference “Future of AI in Automotive” is returning to Berlin for the 2nd edition! Specifically designed for the automotive industry, the event engages with new ideas, innovations, upcoming challenges and future opportunities of automotive AI. The conference is a must for those who want to capitalize on the emerging opportunities that AI offers for the automotive sector and offers an interactive platform for open discussions to all relevant stakeholders from an international perspective.

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Fooling a Real Car with Adversarial Traffic Signs
Author: Nir Morgulis, Alexander Kreines, Shachar Mendelowitz, Yuval Weisglass; Harman International

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AI accelerating Automotive Development

AI seems to be omnipresent these days, enabling faster and more accessible innovation cycles throughout almost every industry sector. Automotive might be the one sector where the huge investments in AI are not only fundamentally transforming and accelerating development processes but are already today affecting – if not disrupting our daily lives: Experiences in and around the car are reshaped, realizing a connected and safe mobility anytime, anywhere. New use cases, business opportunities and technology concepts open up every day. By means of integrating AI with in-vehicle systems immense quantities of sensor data are easily managed, making sure the huge volumes of data are intelligently distributed and processed. Redefined technology concepts will change system architectures, software platforms, ADAS and principal requirements on the way towards full autonomy.

Artificial Intelligence for All: I am AI – Are You?

To stay on top of these developments and to retain your competitive advantage, you need to engage with the newest developments in the automotive AI market, hear what the most promising new start-ups have to say and exchange ideas with key industry stakeholders. The VDI Future of AI in Automotive conference is the ideal opportunity to get an update on how AI is transforming the automotive sector, its opportunities for future applications and the challenges to come.

Conference Topics & Agenda

Participants will profit from innovative ideas, best practice examples, case studies, tech presentations and interactive discussion rounds and a Start-Up poster session! You can download the finalized agenda here!

Have a look at the focus topics in 2019:

  • AI transforming Automotive – Status Quo, Future Road & Limits
  • Humanlike Intuition & Human centered Autonomy for self-driving Cars
  • Simulation, Testing & Validation of AI
  • Sensor Fusion, Computer Vision, Perception & AR Solutions
  • Trust in AI: The Regulatory & Ethical Perspective

Benefit not only from interesting presentations, but also join our interactive session formats!

If you have any questions regarding the conference program or you want to become a speaker at the next event in 2020 contact Leonie Bohnstedt.

Framework Program of the Conference

All participants are invited to join the evening event on the first conference day as a perfect networking opportunity to establish new contacts. Get in touch with international automotive AI experts, business partners and specialists. At the end of the first conference day, we will come together in a relaxed environment for even more networking, food & drinks and maybe even thrilling table soccer match!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address

Dr. Florian Baumann, CTO, Dell EMC, Germany

I. AI transforming Automotive – Status Quo, Future Road & Limits of AI


Challenges of AI in the Automotive Industry

  • AI in automotive on a large scale
  • Challenges of AI in the automotive industry
  • Use cases and best practice examples

Dr. Florian Baumann, CTO, Dell EMC, Germany


Towards autonomous automotive Engineering

  • AI helps to speed up automotive development, e.g. through ML models
  • Future applications of AI in automotive engineering
  • From AI-aided design to self-calibrating systems

Dr. Christian Drescher, Artificial Intelligence Research, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development, Daimler AG, Germany


Building intelligent Autonomous Driving Systems out of Silicon Blocks - Keynote

  • Where does the intelligence reside in an autonomous system?
  • Requirements and constraints on the hardware
  • Expectations for the software enablement
  • How does safety and security get factored in?

Ali Osman Ors, Director AI Strategy and Strategic Partnerships Automotive, NXP Semiconductors, USA


The Data and AI Ecosystem for Autonomous Driving

  • Autonomous driving development requires huge amounts of data
  • Specific requirements for AV‘s due to high data rates
  • Creation of a data ecosystem as the basis for statistical validation and AI

Dr.-Ing. Boris Schauerte, Autonomous Driving Product Domain Owner, Data Science Technologies, BMW Group, Germany



II. Simulation, Testing & Validation of AI


Cloud-based Toolchain for validating AI Algorithms

  • Central cloud-based database handling petabytes driving scenes
  • Organizing, using and reusing huge amounts of training data
  • Inference engines: From data ingest to edge device deployment and evaluation

Stefan Pruisken, Director, Business Development Software Platform & Automated Driving, Elektrobit, Germany


Physically based Simulation for Perception Systems

  • Closing the loop from the real world through simulation
  • Physics based approach: Convincing humans and machine vision systems
  • Accelerating development through increased levels of virtualisation
  • Engineering AI to ensure future customer approval

tba, rFpro, UK


Interactive World Café Session (Exemplary Topics)

  • How to create impact with AI? - From project ideas to viable products - from invention to innovation - Gülce Cesur, Volkswagen Data:Lab, Germany
  • Certification and validation of AI
  • Next Evolution of Al for Automotive

Dr. Henrik J. Putzer, fortiss GmbH & cogitron GmbH, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break

III. Human centered Autonomy for self-driving Cars


Building Autonomous Driving Brains

  • Creating multi-level AD technology with mass-market sensors
  • Closed loop strategy: Efficient use and generation of data
  • Training and algorithm improvement processes as a basis for AD development

Michael Schuerdt, General Manager Europe,, China


When Cars heal themselves – The Realization of self-healing Software

  • Observing software behavior to learn when problems arise and fix the car
  • Responding to (future) vehicle software architectures, processes and services
  • Line-Of-Code maintenance technology and AI algorithms as basis of in-vehicle software management solution
  • Reliable and cost-effective rollouts and validation of new automotive features

Zohar Fox, CEO & Co-Founder, Aurora Labs, Israel


Predicting Pedestrian Behaviour for natural Interactions between future Mobility and People

  • Improving human interaction with AV‘s
  • Human-centered tools: How autonomous systems interact with people
  • Creating a pedestrian intent prediction platform

Raunaq Bose, CTO, Humanising Autonomy, UK


End of Conference Day One


At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers

Thursday, December 12, 2019

IV. Sensor Fusion, Computer Vision, Perception & AR Solutions


Time-Critical AI Perception, Planning and Action - Morning Keynote

  • AD requires continuous perception and planning by the vehicle
  • In conflict scenarios the available time to act is highly compressed
  • The sooner a potential conflict is perceived, the more time there is to decide
  • Embedded AI systems for autonomy that handle time-critical decisions

David Atkinson, Head Systems & Technology and Chief Research Scientist - Artificial Intelligence Chassis and Safety Division, Silicon Valley Research & Development Center, Continental Automotive Systems, USA


Adversarial Factory: Robust Attacks on Car Perception Systems

  • An adversary can generate an image that is misclassified by neural networks
  • Developing a robust pipeline for reproducible production of adversarial traffic signs that can fool a wide range of classifiers
  • Checking efficiency of the attacks with neural-network-based classifiers and legacy computer vision systems
  • Confirming efficiency in drive-by experiments

Dr. Alexander Kreines, Sr. Data Scientist, Automotive Cybersecurity BU, co-authors: Nir Morgulis, Shachar Mendelowitz & Yuval Weisglass, all: HARMAN, Israel


Augmented Reality Solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance

  • Challenges of real-time augmented reality in dynamic outdoor environments
  • Recent achievements in embedded ML, sensor fusion and GPU computing
  • Software solutions for real-time augmented navigation and driver safety assistance

Sergii Bykov, Technical Lead R&D, Apostera GmbH, Ukraine


Autonomous Driving: Useful vs. Safe

  • A purely test oriented approach to safety is not commercially viable
  • Sensor fusion and path planning offer opportunities to lower the sample complexity needed to validate AD and ADAS systems
  • Tradeoffs between cautiousness and agility at all levels of the stack
  • New perception features that make the AD car more agile

Robert Krutsch, Chief Architect, Zenuity, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break


AI in racing – A Best Practice Study

  • Innovative implementation of high-performance ML algorithms from race vehicles to future mobility
  • Combination of ML and racing allows to rapidly test radical ideas
  • Uncovering new approaches in AI for safer roads

Dr. Marc Hilbert, Team Lead ML for Engineering and Production Technologies, Volkswagen Data:Lab, Germany

V. Start Up (Poster-) Session


Short Presentations, Discussion & Poster Showcasing

You are interested in new collaborations or curious about innovative ideas and technologies? Meet automotive AI start-ups at our interactive start-up session and directly discuss their ideas and your questions in a subsequent round table poster session.

Confirmed Start Ups:

  • DataProphet, South Africa
  • Brighter AI, Germany


VI. Trust in AI: The Regulatory & Ethical Perspective


Overcoming ethical and regulatory Challenges for AV‘s

  • The race for regulatory implementation for autonomous systems is dominated by a biased perception of risk and safety
  • Risk is evaluated mostly by subjective opinions and emotional considerations
  • How can society overcome challenges when implementing autonomy?
  • Finding a globally accepted moral compass for AI decision making?

Christian Janke, Assistant Professor, College of Aeronautics Program Chair, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA


Slot reserverd for Inrupt

Davi Ottenheimer, Trust and Digital Ethics Technologist, Security, Inrupt, USA


Closing Panel Discussion

Hype meets reality, opportunities meet ethics: Do we need a morality framework for AI enabled cars and what is really possible?


Conference Chair‘s closing Remarks


End of Conference

Who should attend the Conference?

This VDI conference is designed for all stakeholders in the cognitive vehicles sector, who work in AI and deep learning for automotive applications, computer vision and sensor fusion technology, for example.

It is ideal for decision makers, engineers and specialists working at or with:

  • OEMs
  • Tier 1 & Tier 2 supplier
  • Semi conductor industry
  • Vendors & technology-, solution- and service providers
  • Software provider & developer
  • AI Start Ups

This conference will also be of interest scientific and research institutes focusing on AI.

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