Gas Turbines - Strategies in Times of Renewable Energy

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Your benefits

  • Visit the only international event discussing gas turbines in connection with renewable energies.
  • Meet representatives of key players such as Siemens or General Electric.
  • Obtain strategic insights for your company.
  • Exchange experiences with colleagues and experts and find out what competitors and the industry are working on.
Gas Turbines 2017 - International VDI Conference

The conference "Gas Turbines - Strategies in Times of Renewable Energy" focusses on gas turbines as a transition technology for the change in energy policy on a technical as well as a strategic level. The conference provides a unique platform for energy-providers and network suppliers to engage in cross-exchange and networking.

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Gas turbines as key technology for the change in energy policy

Gas turbines are much more stable in generating energy than renewable energies while simultaneously being cleaner than steam turbines. Thus, they represent the ideal option for the stabilisation of electricity grids in times of energy transition. The "Gas turbines - Strategies in Times of Renewable Energy" conference looks at the specific strategic and technical challenges arising from this new role. Visit the conference to obtain learn about subjects such as:

  • The current and future role of gas turbines for the energy market
  • The optimisation of gas turbines in view of technical flexibility
  • The perspective of network providers
  • Innovations in the turbine technology
  • International best practices
  • The transfer of insights from the aviation industry

In the course of a panel discussion, a comparison is also made between gas engine power plants and Combined Cycle power plants.

Supporting program of the conference

The Workshop "Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for Power Plants" one day prior to the conference provides you with information on the implementation of digital solutions in power plants. By simultaneously booking both conference and workshop, you will receive a reduced combination price. In the context of a joint evening event, you also have the opportunity of extensive networking.

Who should attend?

The conference is aimed at both strategists and technicians in the gas turbine sector. It also addresses:

  • International Experts
  • Business Development Managers
  • Research Analysts
  • Project Engineers
  • CCGT Managers

Head of the conference: Prof. Dr. Jörg Seume

Prof. Dr. Jörg Seume is a renowned expert and Professor for Fluid Dynamic Machines and Fluid Mechanics at the Hanover University.

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Would you like to exchange opinions on the current and future position of gas turbines in times of energy transition among a circle of colleagues and experts? Would you like to discuss the specific technological challenges for gas turbines as a transition technology? Register now for the "Gas Turbines - Strategies in Times of Renewable Energy" conference. Benefit from the combined booking discount when booking both conference and the workshop "Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for Power Plants".

25.10 - 26.10.2017 Amsterdam available 1590 €

A limited number of rooms has been reserved for the benefit of the event participants.

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