Transmissions in commercial vehicles

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  • The only event of its kind in Europe with a focus on transmissions in commercial vehicles
  • New solutions and developments for transmissions in commercial vehicles
  • Expansion of the professional network
Conference - Transmissions in commercial vehicles

Join us at the industry event for transmission experts of commercial vehicles. Attend the only conference in Europe with a focus on transmissions in commercial vehicles and learn hands-on about innovations and trends in this area. Book the conference and visit the presentations of the parallel events "Powertrains in vehicles" and "Control solutions for transmissions" free-of-charge.

Learn about current developments and solutions for transmissions in commercial vehicles

CO 2 reduction, networking and automation are not only megatrends in the passenger car sector, but also occupy the commercial vehicle industry intensively. How can the commercial vehicle industry respond to the growing challenges arising from these trends and how might solutions, which comply with the requirements of the commercial vehicle development, look? The 5 th International VDI Conference "Transmissions in commercial vehicles" explores these questions and discusses possible solutions.

At the conference, learn how the current market developments affect engineering and which developments are available in terms of the different drive and transmission concepts as well as transmission control. Components such as couplings or retarders and different operating strategies will also be discussed. The VDI Wissensforum is supported in determining the content of the event by a panel of experts made up of industry representatives from the commercial vehicle industry. The conference is under the direction of Thomas Landsherr, Vice President Engineering Powertrain Driveline, Truck & Bus, MAN Truck & Bus AG.

Top themes of the conference

  • Electrification Concepts for light and medium duty vehicles
  • Forward-looking powertrain management and monitoring to optimise cost-effective operation
  • Downspeeding: Concepts for vibration damping and clutches
  • Made as an additive in lightweight design: Manufacture of transmission components
  • “Logistics 4.0“: Opportunities and challenges faced in drive train development

Who is the conference aimed at

The conference offers all technical experts and management personnel from the commercial vehicle sector the ideal opportunity to familiarise themselves about innovations and trends and to exchange ideas with other experts. Especially addressed are specialists and leaders who are active in the following areas:

  • Transmission development
  • Powertrain development
  • Electrification
  • Component development (clutch, pumps, etc.)
  • Simulation/Sampling
  • Gear production

Book 1 conference, visit 3

The conference takes place under the umbrella of the International VDI Transmission Congress. Every year, 1,500 experts from the transmission sector meet together. Book the conference "Transmissions in commercial vehicles" and you will also receive free access to the presentations of the International VDI Congress Drivetrain for Vehicles and the parallel conference "Control solutions for transmissions".

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Mittwoch, 5. Juli 2017/Wednesday, July 5, 2017



Plenum/Plenary Session


Eröffnung des Kongresses und Begrüßung/Welcome to the congress and opening

Dr.-Ing. Harald Naunheimer, Senior Vice President Corporate R&D,
ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Friedrichshafen


Getriebene oder Antreiber? Der Wandel als Chance!/Is the change driving us or are we driving the change? How the change becomes a chance

  • Mobilität im Wandel
  • Anforderungen an den Antrieb der Zukunft
  • Herausforderungen und Chancen

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Sommer, CEO, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Friedrichshafen


Denkhilfen: Informiertes Vertrauen – Die Zukunft des autonomen
Fahrens/Food for thought: Informed trust - the future of autonomous

  • Vertrauen als zentraler Erfolgsfaktor für autonomes Fahren und
    KI-basierte Systeme
  • Herausforderungen im Aufbau von Vertrauen
  • Designmerkmale vertrauenswürdiger Systeme

Alexander Mankowsky, Future, Human & Technology Social Scientist,
Daimler AG, Stuttgart


Kaffeepause und Besuch der Ausstellung/Coffee break and visit to the exhibition


Elektrischer Fahrzeugantrieb für individuelle Mobilität/Electric Vehicle Propulsion for individual mobility

  • Car fleet regulatory requirements and restricted zones: Stimulation
    for transformation of propulsion
  • Enthusing drive quality and pollutant-free operation to win over
    technical and commercial challenges

Dipl.-Ing. Arnold Paluch, General Director Global Transmission &
Electrification, Europe and Global Manual Tranmission Engineering,
Co-Autoren: Dr. Peter Ramminger, Roland Matthé, alle Adam Opel AG,


StreetScooter: Urbane e-Mobilität/StreetScooter: urban e-Mobility

  • Leichte Nutzfahrzeuge
  • Letzte Meile Logistik

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Kampker, MBA, Geschäftsführer, StreetScooter
GmbH, Aachen


Risikoorientierte Security/Risk-oriented security

  • Cyber-Security im Fahrzeug
  • Safety und Security
  • Praxis: Security im Lebenszyklus
  • Trends

Prof. Christoph Ebert, Geschäftsführer, Vector Consulting Services GmbH,


Mittagspause und Besuch der Fachausstellung/Lunch and visit to the exhibition


Eröffnung der Fachkonferenz und Begrüßung/Welcome to the conference and opening

Thomas Landsherr, Vice President, Engineering Powertrain Driveline,
MAN Truck & Bus AG, München


Zukunftsszenarien in der Logistik – Anforderungen und Herausforderungen
an Nutzfahrzeuge aus Sicht der Logistikdienstleister/Customer requirements: Future scenarios on logistics and the requirements on the commercial vehicle manufacturers

  • Manuelle Prozesse als Basis der Logistik
  • Logistik 4.0 als integraler Bestandteil von Industrie 4.0
  • Garantie von nahtlosen Prozessen durch die gemeinsame Entwicklung
    von Lösungen
  • Kooperation von DB Schenker und MAN bei der Erprobung von
    Platooning und autonomen LKWs

Dr. Chung Anh Tran, Project Manager, Strategic Division Programs –
Practice Transport and Logistics, Deutsche Bahn AG, Frankfurt a. M.

Konzepte für konventionelle Antriebe/Concepts for conventional drivetrains


ZF TraXon Getriebesystem: Wege in die Zukunft/ZF TraXon transmission system: paths into the future

  • Entwicklungshintergründe sowie Zukunftschancen im Kontext
    „Zuverlässigkeit und TCO“
  • TraXon im aktuellen E-Mobility Umfeld

Dr.-Ing. Martin Lamke, Head of Design Transmission Development
CV, Co-Autoren: Dr.-Ing. Christoph Rüchardt, Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Raeder,
alle ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Friedrichshafen


Entwicklung hochfunktionaler Doppelkupplungsgetriebe für
zukünftige Nutzfahrzeuge/Development of highly functional dual-clutch transmissions for
future commercial vehicles

  • Auswirkungen zukünftiger Antriebsstrangtrends auf das Getriebe
  • Methodischer Entwicklungsprozess zur Definition optimaler
  • Lösungen hochfunktionaler Doppelkupplungsgetriebe
  • Vergleich mit anderen Getriebetechnologien

Dr.-Ing. Jörg Müller, Head of Hardware Development of Transmission,
Hybrid and eDrive, Co-Autor: Dipl.-Ing. Rico Resch, beide IAV GmbH,


8-Gang Automatikgetriebe für mittelschwere LKW und Busse
8-speed AT for MD trucks and buses

  • Konzeptstudie – neues Getriebekonzept für mittelschwere LKW
    und Busse
  • Vorgehensweise
  • Spezifische Anforderungen für die Segmente mittelschwere LKW
    und Busse
  • Wirtschaftlichkeit und Leistungsfähigkeit der Getriebereihe ZF Powerline

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Sauter, Senior Manager Design Engineering
Automatic Transmissions, Co-Autor: Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Mozer, beide
ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Friedrichshafen


Kaffeepause und Besuch der Fachausstellung/Coffee break and visit to the exhibition

Komponenten für einen optimierten Antriebsstrang/Components for an optimized powertrain design


Dämpfungssysteme für Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles/Damping systems for medium & heavy commercial vehicles

  • Drehschwingungsdämpfer
  • Fliehkraftpendel (FKP)
  • FKP auf EMS (Einmassenschwungrad)
  • Simulationstechnik

Dipl.-Ing. Tino Cassiani, Director Product Group Heavy Clutches, LuK
GmbH & Co. KG, Bühl


Clutch NVH performances to answer engine down speeding trends

  • Engine downspeeding - by reduction of the rotational speed of the
    engine to reach maximum torque
  • At lower engine speed - one of the solutions that can apply to have
    more efficient engines
  • Development of simulation tools in parallel with the experimental
    approach based on vehicle testing to answer to the growing NVH
    requirements of the commercial vehicles market
  • Innovation by long travel damper, pendulum absorber developed
    for CV applications, or dual mass flywheel
  • Performance assessment of those dampening solutions with the
    help of the double combined approach of simulation and vehicle

Stephan Gaude, System Department Manager for Manuel Transmission
Clutch Systems Product Line, Co-Autoren: Laurent Lefolle, Clément
Derville-Helluin, alle VALEO, Amiens, France


Disengageabel Retarder: The only way to completely avoid the slip

  • The mechanism of slip losses from a retarder
  • Loss reduction methods
  • Challenges making the retarder disengageable (freewheeling)

Mikael Sannelius, Ph.D., Expert Engineer, R&D, Scania CV AB,
Södertälje, Sweden


Abendveranstaltung im alten Deutschen Bundestag/Evening reception in the former German Parliament

Erleben Sie deutsche Geschichte hautnah! Besuchen Sie den
Plenarsaal des alten Deutschen Bundestages. Genießen Sie bei gutem
Essen und Musik den Ausblick auf den sommerlichen Rhein! Knüpfen
Sie im informellen Rahmen neue Kontakte und treffen Sie alte
Kollegen und Freunde!

Evening Speech im alten Plenarsaal/Evening Speech in the old plenary hall


Mobility for tomorrow - Zukunft braucht Herkunft/The future needs the past

Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Schaeffler, Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender der
Schaeffler AG, Gesellschafter der INA-Holding Schaeffler GmbH & Co. KG

Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017/Thursday, July 6, 2017


ZF Zukunftsstudie „Die letzte Meile“/ZF study on the future „The last mile“

  • Der Endkunde und seine Anforderungen
  • Das Umfeld der letzten Meile
  • Die technischen Trends und ihr Einfluss auf die letzte Meile
  • Entscheidungsbedarfe für Gesellschaft, Politik und Logistik

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Clausen, Director Logistics, Traffic and Environment,
Fraunhofer-Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik, Dortmund

Konzepte für den elektrifizierten Antrieb/Concepts for electrified drivetrains


Anwendung der Elektromobilität im Nutzfahrzeugbereich/Application on e-mobility in commercial vehicle

  • Elektrobus und elektronische Verteiler
  • Vergleich unterschiedlicher elektrischer Antriebe
  • Ausblick auf Fernverkehrsanwendung

Dr.-Ing. Götz Freiherr von Esebeck, Vice President Engineering Powertrain
Alternative Drivetrain (EPA), MAN Truck & Bus AG, München


MAGNA battery electric distributor truck concept BEDT – Highest
suitability for daily use through optimum powertrain configuration

  • Typical use cases of an 18t distribution truck (e.g. for the fresh
    service or local distribution) transport incl. their energy demand
  • BEDT powertrain & chassis concept
  • Electrification portfolio & powertrain topology
  • Intelligent thermal management

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Lugmayr, Senior Manager Vehicle Systems,
Magna Powertrain Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co. KG,
St. Valentin, Austria


Kaffeepause und Besuch der Fachausstellung/Coffee break and visit to the exhibition


Integrierte elektrische Achse für LKW/Integrated electric axle for trucks

  • Integrierte Antriebsstrang-Architekturen
  • Repräsentative Lastfälle
  • Modulare Antriebs-Familie
  • Verbrauchssimulation elektrischer Energie

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Tochtermann, Lead Engineer Design, Co-Autor:
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Ackerl, beide AVL Commercial Driveline & Tractor
Engineering GmbH, Steyr, Austria

Intelligentes Antriebsmanagement/Intelligent powertrain management


Elektrifizierung des Antriebsstrangs in Nutzfahrzeugen/Driveline electrification commercial vehicles

  • Nfz Getriebefunktionen
  • Vorausschauende Schalt- und Triebstrangregelung im Nfz (PPC)
  • Nfz Antriebssystem Optimierung
  • Nfz Elektrifizierung

Dipl.-Ing. Konstantin Neiß, Director, Engineering Powertrain
Mechatronics & Systems, Daimler AG, Stuttgart


The next generation active prediction based powertrain control

  • The Evolution of Scania’s active prediction system: Up to 7% fuel
    saving compared with normal cruise
  • Enabled by a virtual horizon containing topology information of the
    road ahead
  • The current system achieves the fuel saving by reducing the
    amount of braking together with optimization of eco-roll and gear
    selection strategies
  • The aim of the next generation system: Fuel saving by optimizing
    the torque profile of the diesel engine

Fredrik Roos, Ph.D, Expert Engineer, Powertrain Control System,
Co-Autor: Oscar Flärdh, Ph.D, beide Scania CV AB, Södertälje, Sweden


Mittagspause und Besuch der Fachausstellung/Lunch and visit to
the exhibition


Die Basis für umfassende Connectivity in der heterogenen
Logistikbranche: Eine neue Plattform/The basis for overall connectivity within the heterogeneous logistics industry: A new platform

  • Neue Ansätze zur Vernetzung im Transportwesen
  • RIO – innovative und markenunabhängige Plattform für jeden
    Akteur im Transport- & Logistikökosystem
  • Optimierungspotenziale von Logistikprozessen mit Unterstützung
    der Plattform
  • Neuartige Konzepte zur Realisierung von vorausschauender
    Wartung mit Hilfe von intelligenter Datenvernetzung

Frank Tinschert, Vice President Telematics & Digital Solutions, MAN
Truck & Bus AG, München

Herausforderung in Getriebeherstellung/Challenges in manufacturing


Light weight design, manufacture and test results of powder metal
gear transmissions

  • Powder metal gear design - How can the design be improved compared
    to traditionally cut gears?
  • Powder metal gear manufacturing –What features are available to
    compact and what tolerances are reached
  • Results from NVH, fatigue, wear and overloads based on rig tests
    of a 6 speed manual transmission

Anders Flodin Ph.D., Business Development Manager Powertrain,
Höganäs AB, Höganäs, Sweden


Additive manufacturing of high strength wear resistant materials

  • 3D-printing, additive manufacturing, freeforming
  • Wear resistant and high strength material
  • Cutting tools
  • Functional prototypes

Ulrik Beste Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer, Materials Science and
Additive Manufacturing, VBN Components AB, Uppsala, Sweden


Zusammenfassung durch den Konferenzleiter und Ende der Konferenz/Conclusion by the conference chair and end of the conference


Verleihung des Best Presentation Awards für Nachwuchsingenieure/Best Presentation Award for junior engineers


Abschlussworte im Plenum und Ende des Kongresses/Closing remarks in the plenary hall and end of the congress

Advisory Board

Pascal Hervet VALEO Powertrain Systems / Amiens

 Thomas Landsherr Thomas Landsherr MAN Truck & Bus AG / München

 Klaus LippitschDr. Klaus Lippitsch MAGNA Powertrain GmbH & Co. KG / Lannach

Dr. Magnus MackAldener Scania CV AB / Södertälje

 Klaus SteinelDipl.-Ing. Klaus Steinel ZF Friedrichshafen AG / Friedrichshafen

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Vollmar Daimler AG / Stuttgart

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