Design Thinking hands-on: HMI Entwicklung einer mobilen Arbeitsmaschine

Designing HMI for mobile machinery with design thinking | VDI workshop

The VDI-Workshop “Design Thinking Hands-on: HMI Development for Off-Highway Machines” is entirely unique and has never been seen before in this form. It combines the three areas of design thinking, human machine interface (HMI) and mobile machinery and includes a wide variety of exercises performed together with experienced designers. The workshop is completely practice-oriented and user-centered. You will take part in hands-on conceptualization and development of an HMI prototype for mobile machinery during the workshop and validate it with user tests.

How the design thinking approach works in practice

When it comes to the development of user-centered solutions, the design thinking innovation method has been all the rage for the last several years. This workshop will give you practical insight into the method in the context of HMI for Off-Highway Machines. The user is always the focus of these developments. Early testing of prototypes shows whether users like the product and whether they can work with the human-machine interface at an initial stage. User feedback forms a basis for further, iterative improvement steps.

The VDI-Workshop “Design Thinking Hands-on: HMI Development for Off-Highway Machines” shows  the latest trends and how to develop new HMI solutions for mobile machinery. You’ll also learn how to keep an eye on the economic viability of your innovations at the same time. While mostly focusing on practical exercises, this workshop also provides a theoretical basis in the field.

The workshop takes place after the VDI-Conference “HMI for Off-Highway Machines” in Ulm, Germany. You can profit from a substantially reduced combination price if you book both events together.

Content of the Workshop

The VDI-Workshop “Design Thinking Hands-on: HMI Development for Off-Highway Machines” is a bilingual event in English and German. Amongst others, it will consider the following themes:

  • The newest HMI trends for mobile machinery, future scenarios
  • How to: what is needed to successfully embed design thinking in your corporate practice?
  • How to: what is the right problem? Meaning and methods for identification
  • How do I get to new HMI solutions?
  • How I enable creativity: methods and process
  • Hands-on: idea generation and iteration

Target Audience for the Workshop

The workshop is geared towards professionals and management in vehicle technology and technical designers who would like to learn about how to use design thinking for the development of HMI for mobile machinery in a practical way.

2 Consultants from Gofore GmbH will run the workshop

Jonna Iljin, Service Design Lead and Coach and Christopher Klose, UX & HMI Engineer both work for Gofore GmbH in Munich, Gremany. Gofore supports organizations in digital transformation to help them stay innovative in a constantly changing market and take advantage of new opportunities in the best possible way.

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You’d like to find out how the design thinking method can help you develop an HMI prototype for a mobile machine in a practical way? You want to engage in an exchange and connect with others who are interested in the field? Then secure your space at the VDI Design Thinking Hands-on: HMI Development in a Mobile Machine.

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