Innovative Navigation and Mapping Technologies for Automated Vehicles Workshop

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Innovative Navigation and Mapping Technologies for Automated Vehicles

The VDI Workshop “Innovative Navigation and Mapping Technologies for Automated Vehicles” is specifically designed to help participants understand how different parts of a navigation system work and why current technology is not yet appropriate for automated driving. This interactive workshop is ideal for those wanting to gain insight into current and future developments and to exchange and network with professional peers.

The road to the automotive future

Automotive navigation and mapping technology is developing at a rapid speed. Keep pace with the current strengths and weaknesses of systems for automated driving and hear about how developments in mapping, GNSS, car sensors and Car2Car technology will change the way we drive in the future. The VDI Workshop “Innovative Navigation and Mapping Technologies for Automated Vehicles” will allow you to:

  • Understand how different parts of navigation systems work
  • Learn more about strength and weaknesses of current navigation systems for automated driving
  • Find out about requirements related to data acquisition and storage
  • Discover the best and optimal routes and how to update map material
  • Discuss your individual questions with our expert
  • Exchange experiences with your Peers

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1. Day 09:00 to 17:00/ 2. Day 09:00 to 16:00

ADAS and the requirements on digital mapping

  • A short history of navigation Systems
  • State-of-the-art
  • Automotive requirements
  • Future challenges

Development of GNSS 

  • Overview: GPS, Glonass, Galileo
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of GNSS Systems
  • Approved precision Differential GNSS
  • Almost HD: Latest developments in software algorithms

HD GNSS and HD Maps as main preconditions 

  • Why standalone GNSS will never be appropriate
  • Why current map material is not appropriate
  • Sensor and map Fusion
  • Data formats and storage

Car-related Sensors and Data 

  • Overview of car-related sensors
  • Total monitoring – sensor positions 
  • Context related data
  • Human vs. machine learning

Influences of C2C and C2I

  • Overview of C2C technology
  • C2C: helpful but not necessary
  • C2I: Autonomous cars vs. networked cars
  • Collective intelligence

Automated Navigation

  • Best vs. optimal routes
  • How to update local map material
  • Offline and online data
  • Unexpected Situations
  • Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

Expectations and side effects

  • Stakeholders – Different groups with different interests
  • ADAS – Current status and the future
  • Automated drive – Different views from different peer Groups
  • Side view: Algorithms and Ethics

Who is this workshop for?

This international workshop is of interest to engineers and automotive experts from around the world. Given the technical nature, it is ideal for engineers, designers and specialists from OEMs as well as suppliers, particularly those working in:

  • Electronics
  • Navigation and digital maps
  • ADAS/Driver Assistance
  • Driver Information Systems
  • Connectivity/Connected Vehicles
  • Software and Car-IT

Steering the event – Dipl.-Ing. Frank Brennecke

Frank Brennecke is Managing Director at OECON Products & Services GmbH. He is currently responsible for financial and marketing strategies, product definition, development and launch as well as the management of eCall Deployment for the European Commission Project “I_HeERO”.

Previously, he was Senior Expert for GNSS applications and in charge of industrial and R&D projects for different positioning technologies (GNSS, WiFi, NFC), a member of management of the eCall Deployment for the European Commission Project “HeERO” and Assistant Chairman of “Logistikportal Niedersachsen e.V.”

Secure your seat on the path to the automotive future

The VDI Workshop “Innovative Navigation and Mapping Technologies for Automated Vehicles” will give you the technical insights you need to understand current and future technology and developments in this fast moving and dynamic sector. Book your place now and profit from the knowledge of our expert and your Peers.

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