International VDI Workshop - Integrated Road Tunnel Safety Management

Integrated Road Tunnel Safety Management | VDI Workshop

Improving the interactions between operators, officials and rescue services increases road tunnel safety. The VDI Integrated Road Safety Management workshop will show that an integrated approach, based on EU tunnel guidelines, is necessary to achieve this. Furthermore, this workshop will make you aware of the roles and tasks of the various organizations that work on safety in road tunnels. This will make successful cooperation easier and also increase safety at the same time.

Learn about and integrate integrated safety concepts

Safety in road tunnels is not just a question of technical equipment. It’s much more about an integrated approach, which must become part of the company culture in the authorities and companies responsible. Seamless cooperation over the entire lifetime of the tunnel can only be guaranteed when all stakeholders, from operators and authorities to emergency and rescue services, know how each organization works together.

The VDI Integrated Road Tunnel Safety Management workshop will give you an overview of the fundamental safety concepts and present you with the relevant standards, guidelines and laws. You’ll find out about which test mechanisms have been proven when commissioning tunnels, what you need to consider during operation and how to prepare for and manage emergencies. Discussing various actual examples of emergency scenarios will make up a substantial proportion of the workshop. This knowledge will help you to optimize your safety management of road tunnels.

This workshop will take place one day before the international VDI Tunnel Construction conference. Profit from a reduced combination price when booking both events together.

Workshop Chair

Han Admiraal, Managing Director, Construction & Development,
Enprodes Management Consultancy BV, The Netherlands

Workshop program

The VDI Integrated Road Tunnel Safety Management workshop comprises the following topics:

  • Organizing for road tunnel safety
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Operational control and testing
  • Emergency response in road tunnels
  • Hands-on: scenario analysis
  • Summary: keep your tunnel safe


We are currently preparing the final program for you. You will soon be able to download it here.

Target audience

The VDI Integrated Road Tunnel Safety Management workshop is designed for professionals and management involved with the safety of tunnels. The following individuals are addressed in particular:

  • Members of construction companies
  • Engineers and planners
  • Suppliers
  • General contractions
  • Tunnel operators
  • Emergency and rescue service providers
  • Relevant authorities

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