International VDI Workshop - Project Management in Technical Working Environments

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International Project Management

The VDI workshop “International Project Management in Technical Working Environments” will provide you with the skills you need to organize and structure complex projects, measure performance and success criteria, analyze and understand the relationship between project teams and stakeholders. In an environment where companies are becoming increasingly connected and international, this workshop is essential for those who want to be successful.

Make projects run perfectly

Internationalization and complexity in technical projects is steadily increasing in today’s business environments. That’s why professionals working not just in project management but also in engineering and other technical fields can benefit from learning about the most effective and efficient methods to drive success.

Complex projects require a wide variety of skills and tools. The VDI workshop “International Project Management in Technical Working Environments” will teach you how to improve make the most of your existing competencies and gain new skills and tools to make your work more effective. Take part in a detailed project simulation to learn about the newest project management methods, the relationship between teams and stakeholders, organizational structures and how to measure performance and success based on key performance indicators.

The VDI workshop “International Project Management in Technical Working Environments” will give you the knowledge you need to ensure that every project you work on is ‘on time, on spec and on budget’.

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1. Day 09:00–17:00/ 2. Day 09:00–17:00

You Will Learn How To

  • Apply best practices to create a successful project using a proven step-by-step planning process
  • Estimate and schedule task work, duration and costs
  • Implement risk management techniques
  • Understand how a project team works and monitor project progress
  • How to cope with all (key) stakeholders

Launching Your Project

  • Identifying key documents, deliverables and approvals
  • Negotiating realistic constraints for project success
  • Applying project management standards
  • Defining and authorizing the project

The Planning Process

  • Identifying and estimating the work
  • Working with project stakeholders
  • Scheduling and budgeting the work
  • Coping with project constraints
  • Identifying, securing and optimizing project resources
  • Quality and customer satisfaction
  • Managing project risks
  • Baselining the project plan

Running the Project

  • Employing project control cycle
  • Tracking and monitoring task performance Project Scope Management
  • Collect requirements & define the project scope
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Project Risk Management
  • Identifying and assessing risk (incl. counter measurements)
  • Analyze qualitative and quantitative risk

Project Time Management

  • Analyzing impact of constraints
  • Apply estimating techniques & determine project schedules

Integrate technical terms into daily project work

  • ISO 21500 - PMI® - PMBOK® Guide - British Standard® (BS 6079-2: 2000) - PRINCE2® – IPMA®, etc.
  • Statement of Work (SOW), Product Scope Statement, Project Charter, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Project Constraints, Risk Assessment, etc.

Integration of international aspects

  • Understanding the impact of culture on multiple aspects • Exploration of different working, management and communication styles
  • Managing global teams and building trust
  • Setting up an efficient global collaboration framework
  • Execute, monitor and control international projects
  • Building awareness for intercultural communication
  • Dealing with complexity in international project settings

Project Management Simulation:

  • Business game simulation of all project processes
  • The relationship between planning, implementation and control
  • Pre-project and implementation, concept and planning
  • Product design and development
  • Resource and budget planning, monitoring and controlling
  • Contract design, logistic, time and risk management, lessons learned, etc.

Who is this Workshop for?

The VDI workshop “International Project Management in technical Working Environments” is ideal for engineers working in international organizations, internal and external project participants, technical specialists and managers as well as new and experience project managers and employees from project-driven organizations.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Jürgen Rismondo,
Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart (Germany)

Jürgen Rismondo is an engineer and project manager for customer-oriented system development of automotive systems at Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany. He leads internal training in "Business Administration and project management for engineers with simulations". He has also worked internationally with clients and colleagues from throughout Europe and the United States.

Rismondo’s combination of technical and business competence gives him the ideal background to give an overview of entrepreneurial activity in general and the role project management plays in organizations.

Manage projects effectively

Do you want to develop the ability to lead and manage projects in international environments? Are you interested in identifying key stakeholders and deliverables? Do you want to strengthen your skills in project analysis, management and dealing with obstacles? Then secure your seat now at the VDI workshop “International Project Management in Technical Working Environments”.

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