International VDI Conference - Autonomous Trucks 2017

Autonomous Trucks Conference

Autonomous trucks are not a topic of the distant future any longer. Truck Platooning attracted great attention in Europe and pointed out that the truck industry is undergoing a substantial transformation. Autonomous trucks are able to offer immense advantages in road safety, traffic congestion and especially in terms of cost structures. Nonetheless there is as always another side to the coin. Public awareness, the societal impact as well as security issues need to be discussed in this context.

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Technology is on the advance- What about the acceptance?

Currently it is only possible to drive autonomously when being in an isolated environment. Urban areas with road signs, further vehicles and crowds of people still constitute huge challenges for the technology. Nevertheless the first solutions with sensors, cameras, radar or LIDAR are on the advance and an autonomous future is perfectly imaginable.

Hence, the question arises whether there are also solutions for the problems in terms of public awareness and societal impact. The “Autonomous Trucks” Conference takes on the central challenges of the truck industry and offers existing use cases to attendees. Learn more about the technology, the necessary regulations or about how the autonomous truck influences the job profile of the truck driver. You can also find out about cost saving opportunities which are highly important in this context.

Your benefits: 

  •       Find out about the current state of truck technology.
  •       Listen to potential ideas of how to solve major challenges in the truck industry
  •       Exchange ideas with international experts on the topic of "Autonomous Trucks"
  •       Register for the “Autonomous Trucks” conference and visit our parallel conferences “Connected Off-Highway Machines” and “Smart Farming” free of extra charge 

Who should attend the conference?

The "Autonomous Trucks" Conference is aimed at the management:

  • of truck manufacturers
  • of major suppliers (brake systems, sensors, environmental perception, software and others)
  • of automotive IT companies
  • of startup companies focused on autonomous trucks

In addition, truck research institutes are addressed as well.

Take the opportunity to exchange technical expertise

The conference offers you a unique platform to exchange ideas with international experts from all over the world. The conference “Autonomous Trucks” will offer a wide mixture of technical presentations from major OEMs, suppliers, research institutes as well as interesting customers to analyse the topic from different perspectives! The most important aim is to generate a worldwide picture and not to have a unilateral focus on one country only. 

Secure yourself a place

Do you want to find out about chances and challenges in the area of "Autonomous Trucks"? Would you like to learn about existing use cases and potential regulations for autonomous driving in the truck industry? Then reserve a place at the "Autonomous Trucks" Conference now. As well benefit from our parallel conferences on “Connected Off-Highway Machines” and “Smart Farming" free of extra charge. Also visit our workshop on "IT Security for Connected/Autonomous Trucks".