International VDI Workshop - ISOBUS Automation using TIM

  • Understand how ISOBUS Automation with TIM functions according to AEF specifications
  • Learn what is needed to develop TIM-ready implements
  • Find out which security and safety aspects need to be addressed and how you can develop your own internal TIM roadmap
  • Exchange experiences and insights with your peers and other experts
  • Discuss your individual questions with our expert workshop chairs
Off-Highway Machines

The VDI ISOBUS Automation using TIM workshop is designed to help you understand Tractor Implementation Management (TIM) as it is specified and certifiable by AEF. Get an overview of its implications, functions, as well as its architecture, components and various functionality options. Learn from best practice and detailed case studies and engage in an exchange with other professionals to see how ISOBUS automation using TIM can transform agricultural processes and production.

Minimizing fatigue and inefficiency – maximizing productivity and performance

In agricultural machinery, technology that makes life easier for operators while increasing efficiency at the same time is considered by many to be the Holy Grail. The specifications of Tractor Implementation Management (TIM) were just recently finalized by AEF, controlling many functions automatically, which lowers operator fatigue. The implement optimizes operation as well, which increases performance and productivity. The VDI ISOBUS Automation using TIM Workshop will look at TIM architecture and components, various functionality options as well as safety and security. Learn about best practice from detailed case studies and find out about the best hardware, software and infrastructure components needed for agricultural implements. Engage in an exchange of ideas with colleagues, experts and specialists in the field in open discussions and learn how to prepare for TIM, how to define your company-specific roadmap for TIM implementation and consider possible strategies for the next steps of TIM definition. 

This workshop is ideal for professionals working in research, development and the manufacture of agricultural machines and electronics. Be at the forefront of innovation in automation and prepare yourself and your business for the future of farming.

Content of the Workshop


  • Why do we need ISOBUS Automation? Agricultural case studies
  • Which aspects of ISOBUS Automation are covered by TIM specifications

Technical Overview

  • TIM architecture
    • Hardware / software components
    • Authentication process
    • Exchange of certificates
  • TIM specification
    • Functionalities
    • Authentication and Security
    • Key infrastructure

System Boundaries and Responsibilities

  • Security: Which aspects are covered or not covered by the specification
  • What can a manufacturer do based on their risk assessment?
  • What does a manufacturer have to address in terms of functional safety?

What is needed to get started?

  • Milestones of a TIM integration roadmap
  • Designing a system architecture
  • Availability of hardware and software components
  • Development process
  • Infrastructure for production and service

Target audience for the workshop

The VDI ISOBUS Automation using TIM Workshop is aimed at research and development managers, developers and manufacturers of agricultural machinery, specialists and experts in electronics, software architecture and ISOBUS, amongst others. It is also relevant for professionals from other sectors who are interested in how the agricultural industry is working on automation.

The number of participants is limited, so we recommend booking your tickets as soon as possible.

Your Seminar Leader

The workshop is led by Dr. Matthias Rothmund, Manager of Products and Sales and Julian Fichtner, Software Architect TIM, both from The ISOBUS Experts, OSB AG, Germany. They are supported by the AEF Project Team "ISOBUS Automation".

Further learning opportunities

This workshop is the ideal accompaniment to the VDI conferences, such as “Sensors for Off-Highway Machines”, “HMI in Off-Highway Machines” & “Automation and Robotics in Agriculture”, taking place on June 26-27, 2019 at the same venue. Profit from a reduced package price if you book a conference and the workshop.

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You’re interested in how ISOBUS Automation using TIM works and how you can optimize performance and efficiency in agricultural machines? You’d like to discuss the development and implementation of TIM, as well as the necessary software and hardware requirements? Then book your space at the VDI ISOBUS Automation using TIM Workshop now.

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