5th VDI Conference - Cyber Security for Vehicles

    • Listen to expert presentations on the most up-to-date security topics
    • Interact with renowned specialists and experts from major OEMs and suppliers in our interactive sessions
    • With 1 conference ticket you get admission to 2 international conferences: “Cyber Security for Vehicles“ and “Automated Driving“
    • Extend your network during our breaks and at the evening reception
    5th VDI Conference - Cyber Security for Vehicles

    On July 09-10, 2019 our international VDI conference on Cyber Security for vehicles will return, this year located in Dusseldorf. Would you like to buy a computer online? Amazon knows you and is immediately being able to help. Would you like to find the best flight for you? Google is aware of your interests and can be very supportive! Would you like to drive your car? Soon, it will recognize your face, once you get behind the wheel. How are we assessing those changes?

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    Post-Quantum Cryptography: A Moving Target
    Author: Mathias Dehm, Steffen Reith, and Marc Stöttinger

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    The digital Age needs maximum Cyber Security

    Digitization is stopping at nothing- Not even the automotive Industry. Like in many other industries these developments offer great opportunities to OEMS, suppliers and of course to the end users. Connecting the car with its environment or with other road users share the goals of enhancing the safety of mobility, improving traffic efficiency and satisfying the need for convenience. Nevertheless connected cars, the Internet of Things, digital services or the energy turnaround are unthinkable without maximum cyber security. We have to find ways to secure the driver in his personalized car and make sure that he won’t be exposed to the greatest risks which could mean being hacked.

    The following topics will be covered in 2019:

    • Regulation, Certification & Standardization
    • Lessons Learned – Examples of Practice
    • Security Testing
    • Vehicle Security – Technology Developments
    • Future Trends

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    Tuesday, July 9, 2019


    Registration & Welcome Coffee


    Chair‘s Welcome and Opening Address
    Dr. Mathias Dehm,
    Head of Security & Privacy Research and Governance, Continental AG, Germany

    I. Regulations, Certifications & Standardization


    Future UNECE Regulations on Cyber Security and SW Updates

    • Draft requirements on cyber security and SW updates (incl. over the air)
    • Progress of test phase with some voluntary manufacturers and authorities
    • Adoption of the final regulation and implementation all over the world

    Dr.-Ing. Kai Frederik Zastrow, Master Expert Regulation Certification Standards, PSA Groupe, France


    Sticking the Bricks of Road Vehicles’ Life-Cycle together – Mapping of relevant Standards and Regulations

    • Overview of road vehicles’ life-cycle
    • Landscape of security standards for road vehicles
    • Mapping ISO/SAE 21434 to UN regulation on cyber security
    • Standardizing software updates engineering

    Dr. Markus Tschersich, Manager Security & Privacy Standardization & Regulatory Affairs, Continental AG, Germany


    Automotive Cyber Security Risk Treatment

    • Identifying and assessing cyber security risks
    • Examples for cyber security risk treatment
    • Collaboration on risk mitigation within the automotive supply chain

    Matthias Hense, Automotive Cybersecurity (Regulations & Standardization),
    BMW Group, Germany




    Considerations for regulating Vehicle Cyber Security – An US Perspective

    • How setting standards and regulating cyber security is different than traditional FMVSS
    • Evolving the traditional regulatory framework to incorporate best practice, guidance and process improvement
    • Mechanisms to better align incentives to improve the fleet‘s overall cyber security posture

    Chan. D. Lieu, Senior Legislative Advisor, Venable LLP, USA

    II. Lessons Learned – Examples of Practice


    Cyber Security Threats against the Automotive Industry

    • What are some of the top cyber security breaches and trends
    • How cant the industry work together to mitigate the threats
    • Lessons learned from the past

    Matt Summers, Vice President Engagement Management, AON, UK


    Panel: How to be compliant? Impact of regulations and certifications?
    Dr.-Ing. Kai Frederik Zastrow, PSA Groupe, France
    Dr. Markus Tschersich, Continental AG, Germany
    Jian Wang, CICV, China
    Chan. D. Lieu, Venable LLP, USA
    Dr. Evangelos Ouzounis, ENISA, Greece
    Moderated by: Beau Woods, I Am The Cavalry, USA


    Challenges & Opportunities in Forensic Analysis for Vehicles & Future Automotive Systems

    • State-of-the-art vehicles and their forensic readiness
    • Research challenges for forensoc analysis in automotive systems
    • What are we heading to with future automotive systems
    • Opportunities for forensic analysis in future vehicles

    Kevin Klaus Gomez Buquerin, Incident Responder/MSc Student, Audi AG/TU Ingolstadt, Germany


    Networking & Coffee Break


    Autonomous Vehicle Cyber Security Forensics & Threat Hunting

    • Challenges and practices
    • Advantages and drawbacks of tools, tactics and practices employed in the vehicle design stages and post production
    • Securing a better respond to cyber security events and incidents

    John Gomez, CEO, Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions, USA


    World Cafés:

    What has to be considered when applying AI in Cyber Security? For what kind of use Cases can AI be considered? Daniel Fulger, Altran
    How to achieve a systematic Approach to Automotive Cyber Security Testing?
     Orhun Süzer, Vector Consulting Services, Germany
    IT Security and Data Protection for Electro Mobility: What Steps have to be taken? Prof. Dr. Christoph Krauß, Fraunhofer SIT, Germany
    What is needed to secure Vehicles from malicious Malware? Nathaniel Meron, c2a-security, Israel
    Security in 5G/V2X Communication – What kind of Security is necessary? Ian Smith, GSMA, UK


    End of Conference Day one

    Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    III. Security Testing


    Creating a security-aware Organization

    • Establishing a comprehensive cyber security program in global organization
    • Making security an integral part of (existing) engineering processes
    • Fostering a company-wide culture of training & awareness
    • Establishing a product security incident management and response process
    • Threat intelligence collection and collaboration with researchers

    Timo van Roermund, Director Automotive Security, NXP Semiconductors, Germany


    Verification and Validation of Security during the Vehicle Lifecycle

    • Uncovering weaknesses in the design phase by threat and risk analysis
    • Security testing during the development process
    • Catching vulnerabilities before production - Penetration testing and what makes automotive different
    • Existing penetration testing frameworks and methodologies and how they apply to the automotive world

    Dr.-Ing. Daehyun Strobel, Penetration Tester, ESCRYPT GmbH, Germany


    Better Fuzz-testing of cyber-physical Systems

    • An overview of state-of-the-art fuzzing techniques
    • The challenges specific to fuzzing cyber-physical systems
    • New approaches for more efficient fuzzing of cyber-physical systems

    Dipl.-Inform. Jan Steffan, Group Manager Security Analyses and Tests, Fraunhofer SIT, Germany


    Networking & Coffee Break

    IV. Live Hack


    Vehicle Security has a long Way to go

    • Discussion and demonstrations of the security flaws often find in IVIs, TCUs and telematics platforms
    • From rogue firmware updates to leaking of real-time GPS positions of entire vehicle fleets
    • From local exploits and unlocking premium features to remote code execution
    • Key security issues and advice how design them out of new models

    Mark Harrison, Consultant, Pen Test Partners, UK

    V. Vehicle Security – Technology Developments


    Threats and Solutions in Automotive Sensors Cyber Security

    • Vulnerabilities in automotive most common sensors and incidents analysis
    • In-depth analysis and research of automotive LiDAR and Radar vulnerabilities
    • Vulnerabilities of automotive GNSS and Satellite Navigation
    • ADAS and autonomous cyber security best practices

    Roi Mit, CMO, Regulus Cyber, Israel




    Automotive Ethernet: The Devil is in the Fragments

    • New cyber security risks and challenges posed by Automotive Ethernet
    • Deep dive into a design flaw discovered by Argus research team in ethernet packet fragmentation mechanisms
    • Protecting ECUs from exploitation in an Ethernet environment

    Shiran Ezra, Product Director, Argus Cyber Security, Israel


    Secure Service oriented Architecture (SSOA) for connected Vehicles

    • Overview of modern service oriented ECU architectures
    • Security challenges with SOA and secure concepts
    • High Performance vs. strict security
    • Future architectures

    Dionis Teshler, CTO, co-author: Idan Nadav, VP R&D, both: GuardKnox, Israel

    VI. Future Trends


    Post-Quantum Cryptography: Future Trends in Automotive

    • Introduction into the topic of post-quantum cryptography (PQC)
    • Discussion of new upcoming threats with the existence of quantum computer
    • Overview on research and standardization activities on PQC
    • Case study on PQC signature scheme in classic AUTOSAR

    Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Steffen Reith, Design Computer Science and Media, RheinMain University, Dr.-Ing. Marc Stöttinger, Senior Specialist Security & Privacy, Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, both: Germany


    And not one IOTA more! Using DLT to enable secure Car Communication, Authentication, Billing and Payment

    • Identify and authenticate vehicles, PoS and ECUs
    • Conduct secure payments
    • Validate communication content
    • Secure communication without certificates

    Markus Soppa, CEO, accessec GmbH, Germany


    The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative - How the Automotive Industry is jointly approaching Blockchain

    • What is MOBI?
    • Focus of MOBI Working Groups
    • Exploring the value of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

    Dr. Christian Köbel, Project Engineer, Honda R&D Europe GmbH, Germany


    Conference Chair‘s closing Remarks


    End of Conference

    Who should attend the Cyber Security for Vehicles conference?

    It is addressed to international experts of automotive manufacturers, tier 1+2, software and IT companies, e.g.:

    • Cyber- & IT-Security Specialists and Architects
    • Software Developers
    • Software Engineers
    • CTOs and CIOs

    Benefit from great Networking Opportunities

    Extra benefit for our participants: Register for the “Cyber Security for Vehicles“ conference and visit our parallel conference on “Automated Driving” free of extra charge.

    Meet experts as well as participants of all events during the networking breaks and our evening reception. Get in touch with experts, business partners, specialists and investors from the international automotive and IT industry in a relaxed atmosphere. Use the networking opportunities and have interesting discussions about existing possibilities and challenges in the automotive market. Do not miss out on this international automotive event in Düsseldorf!

    If you have any questions regarding the conference program or you want to become a speaker at the next event in 2020 contact Julia Basedau.

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