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Requirements Engineering for Automotive Software

The Online Training "Requirement Specifications for Automotive Software Projects" is part of our new Online Technical Course "Automotive Software Project Management". Learn more about this new format.

Requirement Specifications for Automotive Software Projects | TOC Automotive Software Project Management

The VDI ‘Requirements Engineering for Automotive Software’ Online Training will show you how to create requirement specifications and how to factor in the needs of the most important stakeholders in the process. You will learn why systematic requirement engineering substantially contributes to the success of software projects and you will find out at which process points classic, agile and hybrid methods can be sensibly utilized. This learning unit will allow you to identify and implement the right approach to your software project.

Requirement management as a basis for successful projects

The development of electric and electronic systems for vehicles, including the software necessary for control, connectivity and operation, is extremely complex. Various stakeholders, such as users, manufacturers, programmers and distributors, all have different requirements of the product in development. That’s why timely and systematic management of these requirements is necessary, whichleads to the creation of requirement specifications. This way possible flaws can be identified and avoided or corrected early on in the project process. The 30-minute Requirements Engineering for Automotive Software   learning unit will show you, which tools and methods you have at your disposal in order to achieve this.

The interactive online training will give you an overview of the fundamental key terms and basis of requirement management and will show you what you need to consider in surveys and documentation. You will learn what distinguishes requirement specifications from functional specification documents and what the Kano model says about various requirement types. Furthermore, you will find out how to use requirement templates to clearly structure your requirement documents, and which role iterative-incremental methods play in agile software development. In the process, you will learn about the methods and approaches that will allow you to react to uncertainties and changing requirements in a flexible way.

Combine further online training modules and become a VDI-certified Professional

‘Requirements Engineering for Automotive Software’ is a part of the Automotive Software Project Management technical online course, which consists of 10 online training modules. The course will give you an understanding and help you to professionally manage agile software projects involving connected vehicles. You will learn about relevant process models for software development and how to apply them. Once you have completed all 10 online training modules and have passed the exam, you will be awarded the VDI-Certified Professional for Automotive Software Project Management certificate.

Technical themes in the usual VDI quality – now digital and interactive!

  • Experience and learn about technical themes on the basis of practical examples and scenarios
  • Advance your personal motivation with Serious Business Gaming
  • Take advantage of short and compact learning units that can easily be integrated into your daily work

Learning objectives for Requirements Engineering for Automotive Software  

  • Development of a basic understanding of product development
  • Clarifying terms and the basics of requirement engineering
  • Collecting requirements correctly in a customer-centric fashion
  • Considering and overcoming uncertainties within the process
  • Methods to enable a more agile approach to requirement management

Who should take part?

The Automotive Software Project Management technical online course, with the Requirements Engineering for Automotive Software   learning unit, is aimed at professionals and managers in the automotive industry, who work in E/E systems and software development. In particular:

  • Professionals and managers in E/E systems
  • E/E system development engineers
  • Project leads and project managers
  • Organization developers
  • Employees in software and consulting companies

Who has created this learning unit?

Prof. Dr. Claus Hüsselmann, Head of Project and Process Management at the Department of Industrial Engineering at Mid-Hesse Technical College has designed the content of this learning unit and has worked on the concept of this Online Training. His research areas include individual project management methods in the areas of classic, agile and hybrid as well as project portfolio management.

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Requirements Engineering for Automotive Software

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Requirements Engineering for Automotive Software

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